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Regression Hunter

These tools allow Firefox developers to quickly and efficiently find regressions in mozilla-central. Current tools in this suite include

  • mozregression - interactive regression range finder that uses mozilla's nightly builds
  • mozcommitbuilder - general purpose building and regression-hunting tool that does branch-aware bisecting and takes a condition script (allows automatic regression hunting when supplied with an automated test)

Unused / Deprecated tools include

  • moztrybuilder - client that allows a user to request [branch unaware] bisection via pushlog and that builds on try
  • moztrypusher - a server that maintains a fresh local trunk and takes changeset requests to push to tryserver for builds



  • allows a user to supply a condition script for fully automatic regression hunting
  • pulls a fresh mozilla-central trunk / supplies custom mozconfig and bisects by wrapping hg's bisect command (branch aware as of hg 1.9)
  • api allows other tools to use it to download a trunk or to perform other operations

Deprecated tools

These tools are not currently known to be in use but are still available on github.


  • Bisection build tool like mozcommitbuilder, except it builds by sending requests to moztrypusher which uses try to build (as opposed to building firefox locally)


How it works: