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Previous Action Items

Status Reports



  • Clarifications on DOE.

Talos Changes

ignore first pageload instead of max value: ETA for mozilla-central is Monday.

Other changes to do in the short term:

  • cleanup the config files and options to make it easier to support SfN changes
  • pageloader option to load each page x times vs all pages in a loop
  • option to start/stop the browser for each cycle
  • make use of the pine branch, specifically with custom talos bits (need to work with releng on this)

Graph Server

  • bug 715983 is preventing new tests from being picked up right now
  • bug 719187 filed to give jmaher/jhammel access to graphs-new staging
  • installed redis and python-redis on graphs-new staging \o/
    • working with IT to resolve mozilla repo problems, so elasticsearch can be installed too
  • webkit looking at adopting graphs.m.o frontend
    • rniwa has already contributed some useful features and refactoring

UI Design

Round Table

Action Items

  • land a talos.json on the pine branch
    • armenzg to deploy a change to except the try server
    • FIXED in bug 719544