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Previous Action Items

  • land a talos.json on the pine branch
    • armenzg to deploy a change to except the try server

Status Reports


  • bug 719859 side by side for ignore_first enabled on Monday 23rd
    • we had to disable a couple of tests that were double posting (ts_paint:tpaint)
    • there are some graphs-new issues wrt to selecting tests from the menu


  • More brainstorming:
    • How to minimize error
    • How to measure regression
    • How to maximize the use of all data points
    • Visualization methods

Talos Changes

  • need to deploy updated pageloader!

Graph Server

  • jmaher and jeads should have graphserver staging access now - bug 719187
  • webkit graphserver port deployed -
    • got some useful features/refactoring patches from
    • uses their own backend on appengine, might be able to opensource it
      • if we go with a key/value store, could collaborate a bit

UI Design

  • Mockup ideas are complete, collected feedback. Next steps will be convert mocks into a functional specification with a Q1 delivery date.

Round Table

Action Items