Auto-tools/Projects/Signal From Noise/Meetings/2012-02-02

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Previous Action Items

Status Reports


  • bug 719567 [FIXED] pageloader.xpi can be specified in talos.json


  • We looked at plots
    • Even for longitudinal data, we saw large variation in time over runs given page ID
    • What is going on?
  • Propose new experiment

Talos Changes

  • updated pageloader and talos on Saturday the 28th
  • [status] since the latest landings
  • recommend not doing ignore_first for svg_opacity.
    • maybe we need more test runs here? It seems as though we have fast and really slow pageloads for the two svg_opacity files
  • configurations are getting cleaned up
    • cleanup of basetest is almost done
    • much closer to a unified set of commandline options
    • bug 722476 - need to add in a way to configure pageloader options easier via the commandline.

Graph Server

  • working on merging 1.0 and 2.0 codebases bug 721895
    • when this is done, can move writes to 2.0 prod and disable 1.0 prod bug 721884

UI Design

Round Table

Action Items