Auto-tools/Projects/Signal From Noise/Meetings/2012-02-23

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Previous Action Items

  • bug 706912 - implement regression calculations - A*Team (carryover)

Status Reports


  • added some suites we dropped by mistake
  • disabled side by side for Windows/Linux


Talos Changes

  • pageloader is included in with talos now
  • row order running (-tppagecycles) is landed

Graph Server

UI Design

  • Completed a first pass of the UI proposed in the mocks, this includes the data views, page layout, controls, and signaling functionality. The data view concept is now implemented and working with data from the copy of the graph database.

Round Table

  • suggestions for a simgle number from many data points
    • sum up stddev for each page to build single number
  • [ideas] for sql to hold raw data values

Action Items