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Previous Action Items

Status Reports


  • we now post to instead of the old one


  • Graphs to compare current method to proposed method.

Talos Changes

  • tp5[10:30] - running 30 cycles of row major tp5, ignoring the first 10
    • [Comparison table] shows we are fluctuating less, still need more data points to prove it
    • runtimes are 38-42 minutes for 30 cycles, vs 16-19 for 10 cycles. Can we afford this?
  • bug 731391 landed ignore first 10 data points
    • need to allow this to be configurable per test vs entire test file
  • bug 723571 - working on cleaning up pageloader to not auto calculate statistics
  • have raw data values going to s4n4 database, getting hole poked in IT firewall so we can do this from Pine/Try, etc..

  • bug 727711 - interpolate files referencing the talos directory with the ${talos} pattern. This will allow running of from outside of the talos directory.

Graph Server

UI Implementation

  • Added control panel that allows for selecting a collection of predefined firefox branches, talos tests, and platforms. Also built in the same "advanced options" that the current graphs website provides.
  • Added a data view that provides average, min, max, standard deviation, and population variance for a given test runs values.
  • Added generic visualization toggling. Working on "Talos Regression Hunter" thumbnail visualization in d3.js

Round Table

Action Items

  • prove why 30 cycles is required
  • blog post outlining row major testing
  • Christina's plots