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Previous Action Items

Status Reports



Talos Changes

  • tp5[10:30] - running 30 cycles of row major tp5, ignoring the first 10
    • [Comparison table] shows we are fluctuating less, still need more data points to prove it
    • please look at the graphs on this, we observe a fix that landed for Firefox and our new numbers trend down with it, sometimes even better.
  • bug 723571 - pageloader shouldn't calculate statistics - DONE
  • talos slaves can send data to s4n4 database
    • should we land this patch to have all slaves post?

Graph Server

UI Implementation

Completed the talos test chart grid to visualize the mean, std deviation, and threshold for all branch/test/platform combinations for all test runs.

Round Table

  • steps required to get tp5[10:30] live
    • post to dev.platform with announcement of change from column major->row major
    • next week add new tp5 test names and changes to talos
    • deploy talos and buildbot changes to turn on for side by side staging.
    • need to define success criteria?
  • can we visit tdhtml and tsvg next?

Action Items

  • file bug to look into bi-model
  • [post to dev.platforms] for column vs row
  • decide on drop 5 run 25 (drop 5 keep 20, this runs in 26-29 minutes)
  • gather a sample group of developers who can give feedback on new graph server ui
  • send raw values from pine
  • define a variance (noise) measurement