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Previous Action Items

  • file bug to look into bi-model
  • [post to dev.platforms] for column vs row
  • decide on drop 5 run 25 (drop 5 keep 20, this runs in 26-29 minutes)
  • gather a sample group of developers who can give feedback on new graph server ui
  • send raw values from pine
  • define a variance (noise) measurement

Status Reports


  • adding tp5row side by side on mozilla-central
  • refactoring some code to allow adding tp5row everywhere by reducing the # of builders
    • we are hitting a buildbot MAX on number of builders


    • Request for 60 replicates of data sets (30 column major and 30 row major)
    • Looked at coefficient of variation / signal to noise ratio for current given data sets

Talos Changes

  • tp5[5:25] - is updated, ran out of builders

Graph Server

UI Implementation

Round Table

  • postmortem
    • end of the quarter is next week, did we do good or bad?
    • what worked what didn't?
      • talos difficulties: even after all of our work, I would estimate that most of my work is spent working against long-term difficulties vs against manifesting intent
        • configuration: configuration is mostly awful
        • staging: difficult, intermittent and time-consuming to stage locally on android; try server is wonderful
        • mozbase: many bugs could be completely avoided using mozbase vs maintaining separate code paths
  • ideas for next quarter (this was planned as a two quarter project)
    • tdhtml, tsvg, tp6?
    • tool to calculate variance for future work
    • filters/test or filters/page
    • graph server up and running
    • raw numbers reporting to live server
    • easier to turn on/off suites from talos.json
    • consider mobile tests?
    • compare-talos tool(s)

Action Items