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Previous Action Items

  • disable tpr_responsiveness for mozilla-central and larch (khuey is landing something important on Mar. 30th)
    • done and reverted
  • resolve hosting and machines for the graph server (static databases, machines, where will they live)?
  • get graph server into a repo, graphs3.0?
    • make this easier for external contributors

Status Reports


  • enabled tprow everywhere and disable tpr_responsiveness on Friday
    • larch and mozilla-central will be disabled on Friday April 6th


Talos Changes

Graph Server


  • Implemented a side-by-side bar chart to display raw page values.
  • Cleaned up label issues on the visualizations.
  • Set up color forwarding, so colors are conserved from one data view to another.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Round Table

Action Items

  • send raw results from talos to staging graph server
  • [jeads] file bugs for machines to host the graph server and database
  • [jeads] post graphs source to github
  • [jmaher] figure out the [numbers sent to christina]
  • bug 742814 - get tp5row to show up in the graph server UI selection
  • [ctalbert] - find 6 developers to do weekly review of UI and toolchain by a*team workweek