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Previous Action Items

  • [jeads] post graphs source to github
  • [jmaher] figure out the [numbers sent to christina]
    • bug 741147 - maybe get 32 bit machine reimaged (eta Friday)
  • [ctalbert] - find 3 more developers to do weekly review of UI and toolchain by a*team workweek
    • [ctalbert] - setup meeting for developers to do review of UI
  • [jhammel] - AnalyzeThis! demo + docs
  • [jeads] - decide on data retention and database usage (i.e. tokuDB)

Status Reports


  • nothing to report


Stat. Models

Talos Changes

Graph Server

  • synchronization scripts from production->staging?
    • broken by colo move, sheeri is working on it
  • pushing x+y axes scaling soon (probably next week)


  • The data view displaying the summary of all test runs was starting to take 10-20 seconds to load. To speed things up, I wrote a caching system that uses memcached to cache 7 day and 30 day test run summary data structures for all product/branch/version combinations.
  • This cache needs to persist if memcached gets rebooted so the json structures are stored in a new table in the schema.
  • Some of the individual objects cached exceeded 1MB so they had to be compressed in the memcache.
  • Also automated the construction of test collections which show up in the control panel. After discussing the application with Ed Morley this seems like a reasonable first approach.

Round Table

Action Items

  • do we need the aux data
  • do we need the json blobs
  • [jmaher] - give christina the fedora32 data
  • [christina] - present a final model for the data
  • [jhammel] - AnalyzeThis use cases/timelines and blog post
  • [jeads] - load times
  • [ctalbert] - setup meeting with 3 developers to run through new graphs UI
  • test the vm, graphs3.14 database toolchain