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Previous Action Items

  • [jmaher] - give christina the fedora32 data
  • [christina] - present a final model for the data
  • [jeads] - load times
  • [ctalbert] - setup meeting with 3 developers to run through new graphs UI
  • test the vm, graphs3.14 database toolchain

Status Reports



Talos Changes

  • unified config-- bug 704654 : this will unblock a lot of changes
  • issue with android tests having a product of 'undefined' instead of 'fennec'

Graph Server

  • prod server moving to VMs in new datacenter
    • avoids tree closure \o/
    • just needs testing from talos, jmaher helping


Round Table

Action Items

  • [ctalbert,carljm,jhammel,jmaher] - look at datazilla VM
  • [jmaher] - identify tp5 tests that hit the internet, give christina set of numbers with those pages missing
  • [christina] - analyze reduced pageset for SfN metric