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Previous Action Items

  • ttest data: ensure we drop the first 5, find a bad changset, view the python code
  • determine failed page threshold. If we have 1 page regressed, do we call the push failed?
  • [jmaher] talos branch names and operating systems to match tbpl, etc...


a production system slurping up data from talos deployed

Metrics for determining page-centric "did my test pass or not" for at least one suite dromaeo and ts_paint

    • Owner: Christina/Jeads
    • Next steps: Iterate on the development data. We're going to go ahead with the ~26 "good" pages in tp5. It's going to be awhile before we have representative data for dromaeo and wading in on ts_paint could introduce a whole new set of variables that send us into the talos briar patch.
      • [jeads] Build SQL queries to pull out representative data for the ~26 "good" pages in tp5
      • [christina and jeads] Develop the input data set for analysis in R
      • [christina and jeads] Identify an outlier that is outside an allowable range
      • [christina] Develop an allowable range for a test result for each of the ~26 pages
      • [christina] Determine a score for a changeset across the entire test suite. This could be as simple as 0 or 1 for each page, that gets added up across all pages and platforms. So 24/26 would indicate 24 pages were in the allowable range 2 were not for one platform. We will not know the best way to do this until we wade into the data.
      • [everyone] Determine a way to convert the test suite score into a pass, fail, or undetermined result for a given changeset.

a stage tbpl system mocking the Yes/No/Maybe interaction

    • Owner: jmaher/jhammel - eta: after we are side by side staging
    • Next steps: assert we can mock up tbpl to gather data post test completion, will mozilla be ok with that?
      • tbpl can do this: POST {'changeset': 31415926535, 'testname': 'dromaeo', 'platform': 'win7'}
      • and recieve this: {'result':'PASS', 'tests': {'passed': 98, 'failed': 0, 'maybe': 2}, 'details': [{'': {'actual': 2.71, 'expected': [2.75, 3.21]}, {'': {'actual': 99, 'expected': [88, 98]}]}

Round Table

  • ctablert side note related to

Action Items

  • [jmaher] - work with metrics to get tsvg going
  • [jmaher] - build list of talos tests and find dev contacts
    • [jmaher] - ensure the dev contacts think the tests are useful and up to date or disable!
  • [ctalbert] - set up developer meeting for July 10th at 2pm PDT
  • [jeads] - get jmaher a list of os/branches/platforms that have been uploaded
    • [jmaher] - work with that list to ensure we can match up with tbpl, recommend adjustments as necessary
  • [jhammel] - own the documentation effort!
  • [j*] - talos oauth 1.57 or something support for authentication to datazilla