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Talos (code, deployment)

  • Documentation push on Talos
  • Resolved V8 reporting, now to get it checked in and turned on
  • Introduced a talos regression while turning on specialpowers in bug 715588, backed out. Should have a lot of regressions to be found in everything.


  • new xperf tests coming this quarter
  • possibly more updates to a11y tests this quarter
  • possibly websockets tests this quarter, including using stoneridge
  • sunspider, v8, kraken are almost ready to turn on
  • tdhml needs an overhaul, low priority
  • dirty tests awaiting IT bug 772083 to deploy graph server bits to production

2*PI*r Table

  • investigate other tests?
  • developer meetings, follow up work
  • worth gathering mbrubeck's (and other human beings) regressions emails and putting their URLs somewhere? where? (And please don't say a wiki page)