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Talos (code, deployment)

  • deployed new talos to fix jstests reporting, start of tresize, and fixing some mobile tcheckerboard stuff
  • Need to investigate the talos regression while turning on specialpowers in bug 715588.
  • Datazilla will require oauth soon; need to fix bug 763550 (Need an answer from releng about how they want to handle the secrets)
  • A definitive if messy guide to talos test names


  • ts_places* tests are live and in side by side. need to turn off side by side
  • kraken, sunspider, v8 (version7), are live on m-c as of yesterday with proper reporting
  • new xperf tests (threadIO) coming this quarter
    • a lot of the work is done here, next week will look at integrating into talos
  • possibly more updates to a11y tests this quarter
  • bug 770718 - possibly websockets tests (connections/sec, MB/sec, packets/second) this quarter, including using stoneridge. Estimate a week of work to do this, P2 for now
  • tdhml needs an overhaul, low priority

2*PI*r Table

  • [jhammel] I've been accumulating a bunch of talos regression emails about real seeming regressions. Not sure what to do with them