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Previous Action Items

  • [jhammel] write bugs for
    • script for running talos locally to detect regressions identically to the manner done via graphserver
    • script for running talos via e.g. try + etc identically to the manner done via graphserver


  • [jeads] - Ran into an issue with some test replicates generating a 0 standard deviation
  • [jeads] - Add robust handling for application level errors that get logged in a database table.

Regression/Improvement Auto Detection

Talos (code, deployment)

  • need to add talos commands to mach (i.e. 'mach talos dromaeojs')
    • consider using mozharness as the setup/runner


  • some new graphics/canvas benchmarks in the works
  • tp5n for windows with accessibility turned on
  • possibly more updates to a11y tests this quarter
  • bug 770718 - possibly websockets tests (connections/sec, MB/sec, packets/second) this quarter, including using stoneridge. Estimate a week of work to do this, P2 for now
  • tdhml needs an overhaul, low priority

Round Table

  • A talos delegate is needed in the Snappy meetings

Action Items

  • consider pulling tests out which have a zero std deviation
    • either turned off
    • measured differently
    • follow up with developers if the pages are useful