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Previous Action Items

  • jhammel to draft SfN lessons learned by November 8th

Stoneridge + Datazilla

  • Method of execution
  • What the numbers represent?
    • are we running enough iterations?
    • are we measuring the right things?
  • UI for Datazilla
    • What top level information is needed?

WebSockets + Performance

  • are the 3 tests enough for testing?
  • on talos + stoneridge?
  • running talos tests on stoneridge?
  • What do the numbers represent?
    • are we running enough cycles?

Datazilla + Talos

  • ingestion rate
  • is the data valid?
  • missing data?
    • trends, common themes?

Action Items

  • nhurley to add replicates to stoneridge data
  • josh to push for review (scheduled Nov 2nd)
  • ateam to push forward and get websockets on talos
  • we all will revisit the usefulness of talos on stoneridge (tp5 and websockets)