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There are many things you can do to make a bug more actionable.

Bugzilla Flags

  • priority
  • whiteboard
  • component
  • needinfo
  • status

Bugzilla History

  • existing patches
  • real comments (ignore orange factor robot comments)
  • look at the dates and see when failures occurred or stopped
  • recent activity in the last week from humans?
  • blocks/depends/see_also - these links to bugs are useful as a fix might be on one of those bugs

Orange Factor Data

  • most recent data for last 7 days
  • most recent data for last 7 days
  • did the failure increase in frequency at a specific point in time (should be obvious if so)
  • is this on a single platform or config? narrow it down as much as possible for 95% of the cases
  • is the last 2 days showing a lower rate of failures (maybe it is fixed)

source code

  • was the file changed recently
  • is the test disabled on certain configurations (look at the manifest usually)
  • link to the line where the failure is if possible

recent failure logs

  • link to a recent log
  • link to a screenshot || reftest analyzer
  • take recent data from the failure and paste it into the bug (10-20 lines, i.e. +- 5 lines from failure)
  • call out any related failures that look odd

bugzilla hunting

  • are there similar failures on different bugs
  • does this test case fail in other ways?