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Many edge cases exist, please read our FAQ to learn more about how we triage and categorize intermittent failures and bugs.

Who can I ping for test-verify failures?

  • Usually test-verify failures can be ignored by triage, because test-verify only runs against any given test when that test is modified. So when a test is modified and fails test-verify, many failures are reported on that push, but failures then stop, and will not occur again until/unless the test is modified again.
  • Example of test-verify bug:
    • bug 1413485 Perma test-verify devtools/shim/aboutdevtools/test/browser_aboutdevtools_reuse_existing.js | Uncaught exception - at chrome://mochitests/content/browser/devtools/shim/aboutdevtools/test/browser_aboutdevtools_reuse_existing.js:61
  • If in doubt, ping :gbrown.

Who can I ping for leak bugs?

  • Examples of leak bugs:
    • bug 1401883 Intermittent leakcheck | default process: 176 bytes leaked (Mutex, nsBaseAppShell)
    • bug 1414673 Intermittent browser/extensions/screenshots/test/browser/browser_screenshots_ui_check.js | leaked 1 docShell(s) until shutdown
  • If a leak bug needs attention, please ping :mccr8.