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A Portal for New Firefox OS Contributors

This page targets the "new to Firefox OS" participant or potential participant.

But I Just Want to HACK NOW!!

To Device or not to Device

There are many ways to get involved with Firefox OS, and not all of them require that you have a Firefox OS mobile device.

To get a Firefox OS reference phone or tablet, head over to ....

Setting up Mozilla Accounts

Firefox OS (and most Mozilla projects) tracks issues in Bugzilla. If you don't have a Bugzilla account, you'll want to create one [right here].

Some Firefox OS development and tracking happens at GitHub. If you don't have an account, you can make one [here].

(You may also want to get set up with accounts at [MDN], [Mozillians], and [wiki.mo] while you're at it. If you're going to be around for a while, you'll eventually want them.)

Hacking Firefox OS

  • Pre-requisites
  • Getting the code
  • Building
  • Creating a Patch
  • Attaching a Patch in Bugzilla
  • Reviews

Filing bugs on Firefox OS

https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Tips_And_Tricks

Triaging incoming Firefox OS bug reports


Primary Documentation Repositories

As you get up to speed in the Firefox OS project, you're going to be navigating several sites frequently. These are the primary Mozilla-hosted documentation sources.

  • Firefox OS on MDN The Mozilla Developer Network is where you'll find XXX kinds Firefox OS documentation.
  • B2G on WikiMo B2G on the Mozilla Wiki is where you'll find XXX types of documentation.
  • Firefox OS on WikiMo Firefox OS on the Mozilla Wiki is where you'll find ...

Project Overview

The Firefox OS project is ....

Project Roadmaps

Project Management

Release Management

Firefox OS Functional Teams

  • Firefox OS Functional Teams links to a description of the Firefox OS Functional Teams. This wiki contains additional links to:
    • FT Backlogs
    • FT Etherpads
    • FT Mailing lists
    • FT Managers


Firefox OS L10n

  • FxOS L10n Planning links to the L10n roadmap and plan. It includes tables of currently supported languages per release.

Firefox OS UX

  • FxOS Haida links to information related to the Firefox OS Haida initiative.

Release Calendar