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  • <ateam> (mdas, jgriffin, ahal) - updated 10/16
    • This week:
      • Shaking out bugs in the update process with marshall_law and tchung which arose after the switch to aurora.
      • WebAPI tests just got turned on for cedar in buildbot; we're waiting for them to appear on TBPL and then will resolve any problems that show up. I hope to be able to promote them to trunk branches by end of week. Reftests and mochitests to follow.
      • We have telephony tests running again.
      • Work on mochitest-chrome is slower than anticipated, since it has never run remotely (i.e., with Fennec).
      • Need a decision on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798580; so we can alter the way that mochitests are run on B2G in order to support tests for security checks (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=780955).
      • Investigating ways to get Gaia tests in CI.
    • Last week:
      • Working on getting emulator tests running on TBPL on the cedar branch this week; WebAPI tests to be first, followed by reftests and mochitests
      • Mochitests currently broken due to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798580. We'll probably have to change the way mochitests are run on B2G.
      • Work on mochitest-chrome postponed due to the above.
      • Work on getting xpcshell tests running is progressing; https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797162, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=790677.
      • Trying to get WebAPI Telephony tests working again; https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=792647.
      • Work continues to figuring out how to deal with pandas in remote automation, particularly flashing, power cycling, and keeping the same IP address between reboots.
      • Figuring out the process we'll need to use to mirror testing changes to aurora.
      • Unagi nightly builds updated with new boot.img and backup-unagi files from mwu.
      • There is no pending update server work, AFAIK, except to support QA and the other teams as they test changes.
  • <QA team> (Geo, Jason, Tony)



    • https://github.com/geoelectric/webapi-smoke-sprint code complete, need to be able to run on current codebase (can't now because of mochitest) then can put up for review
    • https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=780955 being used as defacto tracking bug for Perms testing.
    • Working on porting existing mochitests to B2G over from several areas: alarm, device storage, power management, contacts, screen orientation
    • Apps - Nothing new to call out, but I'm planning on doing another state of the world pass on apps and investigating the new install and update api for apps. Starting payment use case analysis too to understand testing scope.
    • David clarke will be organizing a discussion with some folks on tackling performance and stability requirements. Ping him if you'd like to be involved.
    • Last week:


Mochitest Dependencies (fixes in progress, need to make their way to aurora)


    • How does the move to Aurora affect:
      • Process for checking in new tests?
      • Lag time on normal framework fixes/improvements
      • Lag time on expedited (blocker) framework fixes/improvements


    • All sanity suite code checked into https://github.com/geoelectric/webapi-smoke-sprint. Putting in minor fixes to make the tests portable within the tree, otherwise blocked on mochitest/emulator blockers above.
    • Perms meeting notes at https://etherpad.mozilla.org/permtesting-20121003. Current challenges being worked on are getting the framework running under OOP, and generating apps w/ the various permissons needed. Latter preferably would be done at runtime. Ongoing effort to get behavioral documentation from developers (ptheriault's request). Mochitest-chrome also a dependency.
    • Next project is doing targeted vetting and porting of existing CI tests to B2G, following the priority list at https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/WebAPI_Test_Plan
    • Apps - Nothing new to report
  • <product team> (Chris Lee)
    • This week:
      • User story audits happening this week.
      • We are meeting with TEF next week to review the overall program (Product, Engineering, UX, Marketing, Apps, BD, etc.)
      • Working with release management to prioritize all dogfood blockers to kick off the program asap
      • Coordinating with OEM partners on software updates
      • Working with the team on prioritizing remaining feature work
    • Last week:
  • <PMO team> (Kevin Hu, Dietrich, Michael)
    • This week:
      • Prepping for London meetup with TEF
      • Helping with user-story functionality audits
      • Dashboarding for the greater glory
    • Last week:
  • <Release Management> (Alex Keybl, Lukas Blakk, Bhavana Bajaj)
    • This week:
    • Dogfooding:
      • Blockers: http://mzl.la/dogfood-blockers -- ONLY 3 LEFT!
      • If/when the blockers are cleared up (hopefully in the morning PT) and signed off by QA we will start an initial round of deploying phones in MV tomorrow, and start large-scale flashing with stable build & preparing device shipments for TO and SF
      • EDGE only in the US/Canada, not a blocker
      • Not blocking but affects testers' experience: http://bugzil.la/802214 – Unagi phones are using an unrepresentative amount of memory, affecting testing
    • Convergence:
      • Full blocking-basecamp+ triage is continuing
      • You all should have received team emails with your basecamp blockers - it'll include instructions for priorities/landing/load balancing
        • Reply-to is accidentally b2g-release-drivers@mozilla.com instead of b2g-release-drivers@mozilla.org
      • Meeting with carriers & OEMs to start finalizing update plans for v1 this week
      • Discussing ways of unblocking crash reporting with catlee in RelEng
    • Last Week:
    • Dogfooding:

Blockers to distributing tester phones:

      • Need to provide final instructions & scripts for Desktop to start preparing the bulk of the devices for deploying to individual testers (mwu,lukas)
      • Stable updates process firmed up & making it possible for QA to do testing on the stable update channel end to end update between builds (jgriffin/tchung)
      • QA to finish vetting the Unagi hardware with B2G stable builds and shaking out any blockers (currently there is nothing that we'd block on) (tchung)
      • Updater Bugs (Marshall) http://bugzil.la/798948, http://bugzil.la/794211
      • Dogfooding Unique ID Setup Script testing (lukas)
      • Feedback App testing (lukas)
    • Convergence:
      • We're moving /all/ Gecko development/builds up to FF18 on mozilla-aurora (landing process)
      • All blocking-basecamp+ bugs will soon have a priority, LOE, and an assignee or somebody responsible for finding an assignee
      • Bug priorities: P1/P2/P3, P1 with severity:critical is basically P0 do now
      • Be on the lookout for needs-info?:you
      • Discussing with engineering managers about creation of a GitHub hook for bug # inclusion, r=, a=, etc.
    • Builds/Updates:
      • Still planning to meet with OEMs/Carriers about current proposal of OEM-owned updates
      • Risks to current proposal are basically Security bugs (0-daying ourselves), cadence of updates, and control over updating v1 to v2
  • Developer Documentation (sheppy)
    • This week:
    • Firefox OS architecture overview on MDN: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Architecture -- please review and amend as needed
    • Firefox OS security model overview on MDN: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Security/Security_model -- please review and amend as needed
    • Please keep me posted as APIs settle down and are ready to be documented
    • Scott Rowe from Google is driving WebAPI documentation; we are also bringing in a contractor to work on WebAPI documentation specifically
    • As always:
    • Don't forget to add the dev-doc-needed keyword to any bugs that even might affect developer docs (whether device integration developers, Gecko developers, or web developers). You don't have to wait until the bug is fixed. We have tools to track this, and using it will get things done faster.
    • Feel free to ping me on IRC (sheppy) or by email (eshepherd@mozilla.com) with questions, requests, or suggestions.
  • On Github, use devDocNeeded label (current open issues: http://j.mp/NTBybM )
    • For example, make sure everything API-related you talk about in these meetings have the keyword.
  • <Release Engineering> (Joduinn) - Updated on 16oct
    • Last week:
      • b2g builds on emulator-with-codecs; https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=789652. rail/armen/jgriffin working through rollout issues
      • physical panda board setup (for both and nativefennec or b2g)
      • existing 48-60 coming online in next few days
      • first batches of 400-800 arrived, rest in transit
      • test B2G-build-on-pandaboards
      • Will be primary build in test automation https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777530
      • waiting on kernel: tzimmerman/jmaher:
      • progress, but still crashes if device suspends- blocks imaging process. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=778248. Question about the kernel version. We specifically didnt rev forward to 3.5.x
      • progress on contractual details of how-to-do-updates
      • gonk vs gecko vs moz-gaia vs other-gaia updates
      • who can make source changes has consequences on who can generate updates
    • This week:
      • transition details from ateam builds to releng builds
      • wrapping up do people us to focus on 7a or 7b next?
      • panda board rollout
      • contractual details of how-to-do-updates (continued)

User Documentation & Support

  • Response from TEF on SLA was positive, no surprises for them
  • Contributing feedback to the e.me SLA
  • Took a few days off, so catching up
  • Oh, and the mobile redesign of SUMO is progressing, we're meeting again tomorrow to discuss it, if you want to watch the video of last week's meeting to see and hear about the design, see http://vreplay.mozilla.com/replay/showRecordingExternal.html?key=1Gp7Lwa18rme6jq
  • Added blocking-basecamp flag to bugs for support links below

Last week:


Status updates


APIs/Platform Work

  • Payments+Identity (Ferjm, Badida, Jedp, Caitlyn) - 10/16
  • Bluetooth support (ericchou, qDot, ginayeh) - Updated on 10/16
    • Server sockets
      • Server sockets landed and working, devices autoconnect on power up now, listen when another device is not currently connected
      • Finishing up socket bugs (Bug 800247 (landed) 800249 (in review))
      • Would like to get XPCOM wrappers going soon to get mochis on top of, but not required for v1
    • BluetoothHfpManager (meta bug: Bug 788300)
      • Landed, being tested by team now. Intermittent headset issues, tracked in bug 800484
    • BluetoothOppManager (file transfer, bug 792683)
      • GUI issues blocked on bug 800249 (identification of who just connected to phone)
    • Platform contacts - qDot (Low Level), gina (HFP (headset) + SCO (audio)), eric (OPP (file transfer))
  • Automatic updates (Marshall, Fabrice, clee) - updated on 10/16
   Currently slammed on dogfooding blockers, hope to have everything cleared up tomorrow provided no new ones pop up: http://mzl.la/dogfood-blockers. Big thanks to help from bbondy, fabrice, and cjones
   Implemented "Check Now" for forcing update checks from Settings https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798948
   Recheck for updates when the network comes online: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=794211 landed
   Update status and error messages bubble up to UI / settings https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=801742 landed
   Helped jgriffin test xpcshell for b2g devices / emulator: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797162
   Started on a patch for separate FOTA update urls last week: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=778350
   Landed (pre-10/02):
   Gaia / gonk-misc / B2G / platform_build changes necessary to get "user" (production) builds working and Gaia apps installed in /system/b2g (thanks to Fabrice for help)
  • Push notification (Thinker) - updated on 10/2
    • Bugzilla 763198 - Push Notification APIs
      • Write a test tool for discussing power consumption of singaling and messaging protocols.
      • Waiting for Chris Lee's response from the discussion with TEF.
  • OOP (Out-Of-Process) (Dave Hylands) - updated on 10/02
    • Apps which are currently black-listed (i.e. do not work OOP):
      • Browser - needs nested content process (Bug 761935)
      • Cost Control (XXX Gaia issue here)
      • Messages - Crashes (Bug 775997)
      • Screen snapshot for OOP apps doesn't work (780920)
  • Security Model (jonas, bsmith, lucas, dougt) - updated on 8/21
    • cleaning up permission names and syntax (bugs 772358, 778326)
    • permission UI events (bug 773114), patch ready for review,

See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/mozilla.dev.b2g/jakY3dMGqxk/nNvgxLlwSIcJ

  • Camera (Mike Habicher) - Updated on 10/26 - unable to attend tonight
    • This Week:
      • bug 795379: expose recorder profiles to JS (currently only records at 352x288) -- REVIEWED, need to update patch for check-in
        • gal was wondering if we need this feature, since we're a month past feature-freeze -- can project management comment? (the bug is marked blocking-basecamp+)
      • bug 795202: expose container type to JS (currently JS must supply ".3gp" extension)
        • subsumed into patch for bug 795379
      • bug 801693: NEW - need to plumb in support for reporting recorder status/error updates
      • bug 795090: limit maximum size of recorded file (current video recorder will fill your uSD card) -- blocked on bug 801693
        • daleharvey can also do this in the JS layer
      • bug 795330: configure recorder preview (currently uses default values, ignoring options from JS)
    • Last Week:
      • bug 798304: can't record video into files with paths, e.g. "100MZFFO/VID_0001.3gp" -- patch LANDED
        • camera app is still responsible for creating intermediate subfolders!
        • POTENTIAL SECURITY ISSUE: it's possible to tell the camera to record video to (e.g.) "../system/bin/b2g"
          • I can assemble and break up the path and run the folder name through realpath() to make sure its prefix matches the DeviceStorage area, but there's still a race between the realpath() and the open() call which could be exploited
    • In The Queue:
      • bug 795332: "record-size" option may be deprecated in favour of "video-size"
        • not a big issue for Otoro, since the camera hw only supports one video stream, and its properties come from "preview-size"
      • bug 789067: clean up extraneous abstract ICameraControl class
        • patch posted to bug, waiting on review
      • bug 791711: camera preview doesn't start when you open the camera from the gallery
        • still unable to reproduce, is anyone else seeing this? -- if so, please add comments to bug
      • bug 786756: exposing more camera frobs
  • Overscroll/Scroll animations (Daeken) - Updated on 10/9 [Not present this meeting]
    • This week:
      • Old overscroll animations were replaced
      • Implementing the new animations at the moment
        • Hoping to have it all wrapped up this week; new effects are simpler but require some changes
    • Last week:
      • Initial patches submitted for review
      • Scroll indicators are functional but ugly
      • Functionally complete!
      • Patches going back up for review shortly, delayed by some bugs and a security risk
      • Wrapped up WebGL prototype with Patryk from Gaia (weeks old, but leaving it here for reference)
  • RIL: Cell broadcast (Vicamo) - Updated on 10/2
    • Bug 787420 - B2G RIL - add setting for switching between 2G/3G:
      • Landed!
    • Bug 778093 - Cell Broadcast
      • Test scripts to verify event propagation & PDU parsing.
      • Testing at Rio, Brazil.
  • RIL: STK (Yoshi) - Updated on 10/2
    • Testing at Rio, Brazil.
    • Bug 791664 : B2G RIL: Revise (U)Sim Service Table : landed
    • Bug 791934 : B2G STK: Implement Profile Download : ongoing
    • Bug 795047: B2G STK: Implement 'Location Status' Envelope command: ongoing
    • Bug 792335: B2G RIL: Add a Helper to write Dialling Number: landed
    • Bug 787747: B2G RIL: Add error handling for getICCContacts : send sr?

to Jonas Sicking

    • Bug 790543: B2G STK: Support Proactive command 'SET UP EVENT LIST':

send sr? to Jonas Sicking

    • Bug 790550: B2G STK: Update MozStkResponse : send sr? to sicking
    • Bug 793137: B2G STK: Support Proactive Command 'Play Tone', 'Refresh'

and 'Poll Interval' : ongoing

    • send feedback to
      • Bug 791935 : B2G STK: Implement 'MT Call Event', 'Call Connected' and

'Call Disconnected' Envelope commands

      • Bug 791939: B2G STK: Implement 'Call Control' Envelope command
    • Need Gaia app to be ready ASAP.