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  • Welcome to Milestone 5: Prompt, pretty and popular. Focus is on bug fixes, performance optimizations and visual completeness.
  • Daily Smoketests: Using the "smoketest" keyword. If you own a bug with that keyword, should relocate to a bunker and work on nothing else until it's fixed.



  • <ateam> (mdas, jgriffin, ahal, wlach) - updated 10/30
    • This week:
      • Overview: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/b2gstatus-ateam
      • Have converted update.xml generation on dogfood update server to a web app; will make it much more flexible in dealing with future changes
      • Mochitests are running reliably green on TBPL on cedar (https://tbpl.mozilla.org/?tree=Cedar ); working on moving this over to m-c and other trunk trees. ETA end-of-week.
      • WebAPI tests are running with oranges on TBPL on cedar; working on fixing up some problems; will target moving to m-c next week.
      • Work is progressing on getting reftests running on cedar; will work on getting them into m-c after that, likely next week.
      • Work to get XPCShell tests in TPBL will lag the other unit tests, likely ETA week of Nov 12
      • Work to adapt mochitest-plain so it can handle browserChrome events (bug 798580) was much more complicated than anticipated, but work is progressing and there a couple of patches for review.
      • Working on getting Gaia integration tests running daily on a panda and reporting to autolog; ETA next week. Will look at gaia unit tests after.
      • Assisting WebQA with their automation of smoke tests and configuration of a Jenkins instance for running them on an unagi
      • Working on getting Eideticker running in a "manual" mode on a daily basis on a panda.
    • Last week:
      • Shaking out bugs in the update process with marshall_law and tchung which arose after the switch to aurora.
      • WebAPI tests just got turned on for cedar in buildbot; we're waiting for them to appear on TBPL and then will resolve any problems that show up. I hope to be able to promote them to trunk branches by end of week. Reftests and mochitests to follow.
      • We have telephony tests running again.
      • Work on mochitest-chrome is slower than anticipated, since it has never run remotely (i.e., with Fennec).
      • Need a decision on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798580; so we can alter the way that mochitests are run on B2G in order to support tests for security checks (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=780955).
    • Investigating ways to get Gaia tests in CI.
  • <Release Engineering> (Joduinn) - Updated on 30oct
  • <QA team> (Geo, Jason, Tony)


      • 'smoketest' keyworded now
      • Bug 805967 - [OTA update] much of my user data blown away in today's update (fixed tomorrow's build?)
      • Bluetooth transfer work
      • video recording on gaia work
      • Signing of packaged apps - really concerned about progress here


      • reminder for devs that test on device, to pull from mozilla-aurora branch
      • Methodology being used to get around permissions on mochitest (e.g., https://github.com/geoelectric/webapi-smoke-sprint/blob/master/settings/test_launcher.html) broken by recent (valid) platform changes. Need a new way to launch these, will be working to nail a supported best practice this week.
      • Separating out API permissions testing from dependencies on app install, mochitest-chrome, etc, so we can get some substantial testing sooner. Working on a revised project plan.
      • Unblocked on apps testing, can go back to testing hosted and packaged apps
    • Last week:

BLOCKERS: [Smoketests]

    • Bug 800625 - [unagi][video] video does not show preview
    • Bug 803049 - [Gallery] Previews appear and disappear
    • Please fix assign someone to fix the two above. We'll push a update to stable today, but would like to get to green smoketests


    • Bug 803790 - Installing of packaged apps with the mini-manifest is broken
    • Use cases still not completed for payments and identity, not sure if apps cases are entirely complete
    • use 'qawanted' keyword if you need help with bug regressions and reproducibility


    • Unblocked on the mochitest sanity test suite. Currently vetting it against current codebase, putting up for review ETA tonight.
    • Perms testing on B2G still dependent on mochitest-chrome. Discussions with dougt happening about how we can move forward testing perms manager on desktop while waiting for dependencies to unblock.
    • More alarm, device storage, power management, contacts mochitests tests being finished up and due in this week.
    • Apps - Test cases defined for payments on the API side have an initial minddump. Holding off on apps testing on device until some of the rework is completed on the platform + front-end.
  • <product team> (Chris Lee)
    • This week:
      • on the way to London
    • Last week:
      • User story audits happening this week.
      • We are meeting with TEF next week to review the overall program (Product, Engineering, UX, Marketing, Apps, BD, etc.)
      • Working with release management to prioritize all dogfood blockers to kick off the program asap
      • Coordinating with OEM partners on software updates
      • Working with the team on prioritizing remaining feature work
  • <PMO team> (Kevin Hu, Dietrich, Michael)
    • This week:
      • User-story audits - both dev and scoping
      • Absolute scope representation
      • Convergence scheduling & workflow
      • Scheduling and coordination for workweek
    • Last week:
      • in London
      • in MV for PM offsite
  • <Release Management> (Alex Keybl, Lukas Blakk, Bhavana Bajaj)
    • This week:
    • Dogfooding:
      • Nailing down the bug filing pipeline for feedback
      • We've asked that users who know how to file actionable bugs help us skip the feedback collation step (taking some pressure off of SUMO/QA)
    • Convergence:
      • Working with the security team to come up with a final update proposal that keeps our users as safe as possible given OEM/Carrier requirements
      • Finalizing a convergence milestone plan
      • Crash symbols -> Socorro sounds like they're close to being done (jgriffin said bug 807005)
      • Focusing on FOTA update testing to take:
        • 802214 – Unagi phones are using an unrepresentative amount of memory, affecting testing
        • 803733 – Remove the hack around otoro orientation issue when capturing still images
    • Last Week:
    • Dogfooding:
      • Feedback coming in like crazy - over 200 entries, see them here https://b2gtestdrivers.allizom.org/comments_table
      • Bugs filed by dogfooders (60+) - will be putting a new template up removing Jonas from cc list and adding blocking-basecamp? by default -- any other requests?
      • Don't ask dogfooders "can you check in recent nightly?" - they can't - expect a certain amount of delay between when a fix is landed, uplifted to mozilla-aurora, and then gets into a stable update.
      • Stable Updates - kind of a big deal, we need 'em - focus on bugs that are reported in smoketest failures, these are blockers to getting users onto most recent stable update
      • Right now we are planning to force at least one update per week (Wednesdays, best-of-the-week) but ideally we'll get smoketests passing more often and smooth out to update every 24 hrs
    • Convergence:
      • nothing to report this week
  • Developer Documentation (sheppy)
    • This week:
      • not in attendence

User Documentation & Support

(Michelle has a conflict today, just read the wiki)

  • Dogfooding and sending feedback summaries
  • Mobile redeisgn is landing and looking good
  • Action on the in-product links to support from Settings, thanks for the help there
  • Eveything.me will contribute help articles and forum support to SUMO per verbal agreement last week
  • TEF cancelled our meeting this week, so no new SLA progress
  • Starting training documentation outlines and scheduling
  • Based on 'second freeze' features coming in, I'd like to plan on conducting doc reviews during the last weeks of November, so we can incorporate all changes in early Dec.

Status updates


APIs/Platform Work

  • Payments+Identity (Ferjm, Badida, Jedp, Caitlyn)
    • 5 more on-device bugs to fix before ready for e2e testing
    • waiting on eta from caitlyn
  • Bluetooth support (ericchou, qDot, ginayeh) - Updated on 10/30
    • More bugfixing and cleanup mostly
    • File sending about to land
    • Still in discussions about testing
    • Platform contacts - qDot (Low Level), gina (HFP (headset) + SCO (audio)), eric (OPP (file transfer, being down with))
  • Automatic updates (Marshall, Fabrice, clee) - updated on 10/16
   Currently slammed on dogfooding blockers, hope to have everything cleared up tomorrow provided no new ones pop up: http://mzl.la/dogfood-blockers. Big thanks to help from bbondy, fabrice, and cjones
   Implemented "Check Now" for forcing update checks from Settings https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798948
   Recheck for updates when the network comes online: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=794211 landed
   Update status and error messages bubble up to UI / settings https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=801742 landed
   Helped jgriffin test xpcshell for b2g devices / emulator: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797162
   Started on a patch for separate FOTA update urls last week: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=778350
   Landed (pre-10/02):
   Gaia / gonk-misc / B2G / platform_build changes necessary to get "user" (production) builds working and Gaia apps installed in /system/b2g (thanks to Fabrice for help)
  • Camera (Mike Habicher) - Updated on 10/30
    • This Week:
      • bug 799586: camera app crashes starting video mode after taking a picture
        • looks like a race condition: camera driver is still servicing takePicture() when the mode switch comes in
      • bug 800203: major graphical glitch after taking a picture on unagi
      • bug 801693: need to plumb in support for reporting recorder status/error updates
      • bug 806582 - LANDED: photos taken with camera have incorrect orientation data
        • fix landed on unagi, still needs PR acceptance on otoro
      • bug 804741 - LANDED: need to call close() after passing video file handle to setOutputFile()
      • bug 800627 - LANDED: video recording not working on unagi
        • unagi was missing libOmxVidEnc.so and proper media_profiles.xml
      • bug 806055 - PATCH READY, BUT: camera saves huge (384x512) thumbnails
        • tried to make camera default to smallest non-0x0 thumbnail size, but
        • the camera driver is ignoring the settings
        • I can shrink the thumbnail sizes by reducing the quality (1% = 4.5KiB at 384x512) but the thumbnails look like something out of an Atari 2600
      • bug 807058 - PATCH READY: expose CameraCapabilities.thumbnailSizes and CameraControl.thumbnailSize
    • Last Week:
      • bug 795379 - LANDED: expose recorder profiles to JS (currently only records at 352x288)
      • bug 804359: need to expose runtime-detected recorder profiles without relying on constants defined in media/MediaProfiles.h
        • vendor implementations can and have diverged from the AOSP headers we build against
        • conflicting profiles are currently disabled
        • lower priority, since v1 doesn't need to record at high resolutions
      • bug 804802: recording in 800x480 mode can cause the camera to hang
        • if an 800x480 recording is started on a fresh camera app start, recorder works fine
        • if an 800x480 recording is starting after any other recording, the DSP fails to allocate memory and the recorder and camera hang
        • high-res recording not required for v1
      • bug 795090: limit maximum size of recorded file (else video recorder will fill your uSD card)
        • blocked on bug 801693
        • this can probably be done more intelligently in the JS layer
    • In The Queue:
      • bug 795332: "record-size" option may be deprecated in favour of "video-size"
        • not a big issue for Otoro, since the camera hw only supports one video stream, and its properties come from "preview-size"
      • bug 789067: clean up extraneous abstract ICameraControl class
        • patch posted to bug, still waiting on (increasingly obselete :) review
      • bug 786756: exposing more camera frobs
  • RIL: Cell broadcast (Vicamo) - Updated on 10/30
    • Bug 778093 - Cell Broadcast
      • Have to fix Gaia permission, and cooperate with WIP patch in bug 802121. (jaoo)
      • Update Gaia fixed previous permission problem.
  • RIL: STK (Yoshi) - Updated on 10/31
    • Bug 802977 - B2G RIL : Update comments in SimToolKit.idl: landed.
    • Test Stk features on partner's nsIRadioInterfaceLayer.
    • Bug 791664 : B2G RIL: Revise (U)Sim Service Table : landed.
    • Bug 791934 : B2G STK: Implement Profile Download : ongoing.
    • Bug 795047: B2G STK: Implement 'Location Status' Envelope command: landed.
    • Bug 792335: B2G RIL: Add a Helper to write Dialling Number: landed.
    • Bug 787747: B2G RIL: Add error handling for getICCContacts : Resolved.
    • Bug 790543: B2G STK: Support Proactive command 'SET UP EVENT LIST': landed.
    • Bug 790550: B2G STK: Update MozStkResponse : landed.
    • Bug 793137: B2G STK: Support Proactive Command 'Play Tone', 'Refresh' and 'Poll Interval' : landed.
    • Bug 791935 : B2G STK: Implement 'MT Call Event', 'Call Connected' and 'Call Disconnected' Envelope commands: landed.