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  • Welcome to Milestone 5: Prompt, pretty and popular. Focus is on bug fixes, performance optimizations and visual completeness.
  • Daily Smoketests: Using the "smoketest" keyword. If you own a bug with that keyword, should relocate to a bunker and work on nothing else until it's fixed.



  • <ateam> (mdas, jgriffin, ahal, wlach) - updated 10/30
    • This week:
      • Emulator tests on TBPL are again unhidden!
      • ahal is working on a bunch of minor issues to help make the tests more stable.
      • mdas and jgriffin are working to help stabilize Gaia smoke test automation. Currently, they are running (but buggy) in WebQA's Jenkins CI. Our goal is to get these into TBPL by Dec 10, either running on pandas or an emulator.
      • Gaia issues that are impacting our ability to reliably automate gaia include https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=812541 (launching issues) and the fact that apps have many different ways of "hiding" elements
    • Last week:
      • Have converted update.xml generation on dogfood update server to a web app; will make it much more flexible in dealing with future changes
      • Mochitests are running reliably green on TBPL on cedar (https://tbpl.mozilla.org/?tree=Cedar ); working on moving this over to m-c and other trunk trees. ETA end-of-week.
      • WebAPI tests are running with oranges on TBPL on cedar; working on fixing up some problems; will target moving to m-c next week.
      • Work is progressing on getting reftests running on cedar; will work on getting them into m-c after that, likely next week.
      • Work to get XPCShell tests in TPBL will lag the other unit tests, likely ETA week of Nov 12
      • Work to adapt mochitest-plain so it can handle browserChrome events (bug 798580) was much more complicated than anticipated, but work is progressing and there a couple of patches for review.
      • Working on getting Gaia integration tests running daily on a panda and reporting to autolog; ETA next week. Will look at gaia unit tests after.
      • Assisting WebQA with their automation of smoke tests and configuration of a Jenkins instance for running them on an unagi
      • Working on getting Eideticker running in a "manual" mode on a daily basis on a panda.
    • This Week

BLOCKERS Builds have been full of bustage in the last 5 days, mostly gaia work, but some b2g regressions - Bustage on apps like dialer, video, gallery

    • Bug 810427 - Device storage - Add access fields to permission checks
    • Bug 813357 - nsDOMDeviceNotification doesn't give IPDL a strong reference


  • Adding more QA contractors (up to 15) to test execution, runs, and filing bugs
    • Work on increasing default privilege level of mochitests is delayed while A-Team concentrates on emulator issues in TBPL.
    • API team working on triaging existing mochitests. Areas currently being looked at are /layout, /caps, and /docshell.
    • Some permissions test work submitted at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=811141 (Suites 1 and 3 from https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/API_Permissions_Test_Plan ) Suite 2 still being debugged.
    • Note - Lots of new Gaia bug components have been created, along with bugs being migrated to those components
    • Apps - Identity ramp up done, unblocked on apps testing, trusted UI + mozPay testing first pass done

    • Last week:



    • Met w/ A-Team+Fabrice during workweek, came up with plan for mochitest framework to optionally run tests at a high privilege level to ease permissions concerns for functionality tests and centralize code for much easier maintenance.
    • Refactored permissions testing approach into three separate suites to reduce dependencies on unstable system parts: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/API_Permissions_Test_Plan -- tracking bug + patch for existing work on Suite 2 coming this week or early next.
    • Starting triage on existing mochitests to expand suite running on TBPL.
    • Fota testing this week, awaiting a good build for stable first
    • Apps
    • Updated apps test plan coming soon based on new API, gaia changes, etc
    • Definition of "blockers" for identity has been resolved and cleared up

  • <Release Engineering> (Aki) - Updated on Nov20
    • This week:
      • Multilocale builds - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=766962
      • l10n+dev desktop builds, l10n+dev unagi builds
      • Dependent on gaia build changes (Stas)
      • Dependent on gecko branding/build system decisions!
      • Gaia-smoketests-on-Pandas https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=777714
      • Haven't successfully run these on Pandas at all yet, investigating for Dec10
      • mozpool - mozharness integration for panda testing https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=810439
      • Determine with A-Team whether emulator tests are stable enough, or require emulator-repack or full emulator builds -- maybe wait to make sure the current solution is sufficient
      • continue working down this https://etherpad.mozilla.org/b2g-builds
      • Do we care about Otoro builds still? (yes, devs will be going back to primary-focus Otoro eventually)
      • Deal with current panda bustage on inbound -- new toolchain?
      • continue panda board rollout
      • continue contractual/mechanical details of how-to-do-updates (continued)
    • Last week:
      • (DONE) signed b2g mar files https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=793709
      • (DONE) b2g emulator tests were hidden due to unreliability, now better - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=812149
      • (DONE) gecko-18 branch successfully followed uplift
      • physical panda board setup (for both nativefennec or b2g)
      • 6 new racks of pandas installed (528 boards)
      • ordered 800, rest in transit
      • tracked down requirements + deliverables + open questions for Dec10 end of C2 deadline; narrowed focus to those deliverables.
      • Requested blocking-basecamp? for the appropriate bugs due Dec10; pending response
  • <product team> (Chris Lee)
    • This week:
      • v1.1 release is in the works with a short list of requirements
    • Last week:
      • User story audits happening this week.
      • We are meeting with TEF next week to review the overall program (Product, Engineering, UX, Marketing, Apps, BD, etc.)
      • Working with release management to prioritize all dogfood blockers to kick off the program asap
      • Coordinating with OEM partners on software updates
      • Working with the team on prioritizing remaining feature work
  • <PMO team> (Kevin Hu, Dietrich, Michael)
    • This week:
      • Driving open user-stories to zero for 19th
      • Partner meetings
  • <Release Management> (Alex Keybl, Lukas Blakk)
    • This week:
    • Dogfooding:
      • FOTA testing seems to be going well, starting to parse update log data to get a view of how our testers are spread out across buildIDs but so far no alarming issues
      • We have 140 more unagis to start spreading out to remote employees next week - will bring total to ~450 Test Drivers worldwide
      • Instructions for flashing (and an LDAP auth dir with just unagi_stable builds in them) will help with this expansion
      • Should be able to start driving more on people getting SIM cards and making sure all phones are regularly pinging for updates (use it or lose it)
    • Convergence:
      • C1 closed yesterday
    • Last week:
    • Dogfooding:
      • FOTA update testing with Test Drivers will begin internally once there is a stable update that we can promote
      • Expansion of test program hinges on success of internal FOTA update for our current 300 testers, NOT blocking on ZTE updates
      • Filed 811347 (access to builds in b2g via LDAP) -- any objections? [lsblakk will follow up on this with b2g-release-drivers]
    • Convergence:
      • Team has been nailing down the external update situation (security or otherwise) and FOTA over the past week
      • Up-to-date schedule: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/b2g-convergence-schedule
      • 72 remaining C1 bugs (for Nov19): http://bit.ly/X5rtBE
      • 89 C2 bugs (for Dec10), but triage into this milestone is not complete: http://bit.ly/X5rzJC
      • If a C1 bug is left unfixed on Nov 20, please be prepared to provide details for an exception including ETA, risk, alternatives, and whether there are any blockers
  • Developer Documentation (sheppy)
    • This week:
      • not in attendence

User Documentation & Support

(Michelle has a conflict today, just read the wiki)

  • Dogfooding and sending feedback summaries
  • Mobile redeisgn is landing and looking good
  • Action on the in-product links to support from Settings, thanks for the help there
  • Eveything.me will contribute help articles and forum support to SUMO per verbal agreement last week
  • TEF cancelled our meeting this week, so no new SLA progress
  • Starting training documentation outlines and scheduling
  • Based on 'second freeze' features coming in, I'd like to plan on conducting doc reviews during the last weeks of November, so we can incorporate all changes in early Dec.

Status updates


APIs/Platform Work

  • Payments+Identity (Ferjm, Badida, Jedp, Caitlyn)
    • 5 more on-device bugs to fix before ready for e2e testing
    • waiting on eta from caitlyn
  • Bluetooth support (ericchou, qDot, ginayeh) - Updated on 10/30
    • More bugfixing and cleanup mostly
    • File sending about to land
    • Still in discussions about testing
    • Platform contacts - qDot (Low Level), gina (HFP (headset) + SCO (audio)), eric (OPP (file transfer, being down with))
  • Automatic updates (Marshall, Fabrice, clee) - updated on 11/20
   First dogfood FOTA pushed out, still collecting data, but initial success rate looks good. Some bad errors have been filed, and patches are currently being worked on.
   Incremental gecko OTA update tools landed
   First successful FOTA built from code aurora AOSP, will have an incremental FOTA in hand soon
    • This week:
      • Start testing w/ incremental FOTA and gecko OTA
      • Document existing update tools and update build support
    • Previous weeks:
      • Landed update interval change in settings for gaia + gecko
      • Landed update URL support for %PRODUCT_MODEL% (i.e. "unagi1")
      • Landed initial update tools for gecko-wrapped FOTA updates. Incremental gecko OTA update support currently in pull request (need to follow up on review)
      • Setup a "fake" FOTA w/ jgriffin, verified w/ tchung. Will push out the first "real" FOTA to fix camera rotation when the next build is blessed as stable
      • Patch in progress for "nice"ing the updater process (used in both OTA and FOTA updates)
      • POC / demo for Peter La's new FOTA installing animation during the work week
      • Tons of meetings w/ OEMs / internal release drivers to figure out our overall update plan
  • Camera (Mike Habicher) - Updated on 11/20
    • This Week:
      • bug 811649 - bb+: recording video while playing audio causes camera to crash
        • unable to reproduce crash; but audio continues to play in background --> gaia?
      • bug 800627 - bb+: recording doesn't start
        • fixed with latest changes on github--outstanding legal issues with file distribution?
      • bug 809259 - bb+: camera crashes when rapidly switching between picture and video modes
        • camera driver is unable to allocate memory, memory handle is invalid, dup() call returns -1, and the driver tries to use this as a pointer
        • currently crawling through the driver code to figure out where the invalid handle is coming from
        • a hackish solution may be to limit the rate at which the user can switch modes to something like once-per-second
      • bug 813190 - bb+ - LANDED: MediaStreams hang onto last-played frame until GC
        • this alleviates one of the causes of bug 809259, but others remain
      • bug 804802 - bb+: gracefully handle failure to allocate pmem_adsp in HW decoder
        • was marked mine, but someone with decoder expertise should take this over
      • bug 813685 - bb?: lag between camera and viewfinder
        • about 1/3rd of a second lag between moving the phone and updating the viewfinder
        • doesn't appear on GB or ICS running on the same hardware
        • not sure where this is coming from (yet)
        • blocking-basecamp?
    • Previous Weeks:
      • bug 799586 - FIXED IN GAIA: camera app crashes starting video mode after taking a picture
      • bug 800203 - WONTFIX: major graphical glitch after taking a picture (on unagi only)
      • bug 801693 - LANDED: need to plumb in support for reporting recorder status/error
      • bug 806582 - LANDED: photos taken with camera have incorrect orientation data
      • bug 804741 - LANDED: need to call close() after passing video file handle to setOutputFile()
      • bug 800627 - LANDED: video recording not working on unagi
      • bug 806055 - LANDED: camera saves huge (384x512) thumbnails
      • bug 807058 - PATCH READY: expose CameraCapabilities.thumbnailSizes and CameraControl.thumbnailSize
        • not bb+
    • In The Queue:
      • bug 795332: "record-size" option may be deprecated in favour of "video-size"
        • not a big issue for Otoro, since the camera hw only supports one video stream, and its properties come from "preview-size"
      • bug 789067 - PATCH READY: clean up extraneous abstract ICameraControl class
        • patch posted to bug, still waiting on (increasingly obselete :) review
      • bug 786756 - PATCH READY: exposing more camera frobs
  • RIL: Cell broadcast (Vicamo) - Updated on 11/20
    • Bug 778093 - Cell Broadcast
      • Under review: 11 parts, 6 got review+, 2 got review-.