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B2G Weekly Meeting

  • Date: 2016-06-07
  • Host: Ben Francis
  • Notes copied to the wiki each week B2G/Meeting
  • Meeting time: Tuesday, 9am Pacific


Status Updates

Code Transition

  • Upgrading to C++11 so we can keep B2G building
    • Bug 1276927 - Build B2G with modern C++11 compiler and STL
  • Remaining blockers preventing pine merge into m-c (hoping to land them today)
    • Bug 1274295 - Meta blockers for merging pine to m-c
    • Bug 1252482 - Testing / Build Related Tasks


  • Fairphone 2 build still blocked, Novski need some help to apply the patch
  • Jovan worked on b2g installer signing bugs, 1 is currently reviewed
    • (thanks Jovan !)
  • WIP port for Xperia Z2 tablet
  • Ownership status of https://github.com/cm-b2g is in pending.



  • Alberto Pastor was appointed as a new dialer peer
  • Started updating & pruning the modules list


  • Call for contribution now translated in 6 languages, with the addition of Korean last week
    • Spanish translation almost done
  • A list of translators is (almost) done - to easily contact them later if needed B2G/Transition_Project/Working_Groups
  • Manifesto: [Lapineige] I still have to write my proposal


  • Dialer can make and receive calls, but only if the dialer is open
    • Bug 1277836 - Incoming calls are not received if the Dialer is not open

Smart TV




Round Table

  • question from telegram group (Sai Karthik Karra): who holds the admin rights for github.com/cm-b2g
    • Maybe ask gerard-majax on IRC? Or Adam?
  • Do we want to support more CM ports?
    • Yes. Has some breakage, need people to work on this
  • Who is now working on the telephony porting? I would like to help
  • (Final) Monthly transition meeting: Thursday the 9th