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The Current Status of Test Automation

Please note that currently (As of Nov. 2015), there is an effort to run Gij on device. Once this effort is complete (likely in the first half of 2016), the device test infrastructure would be migrated to using Javascript instead of Python. When that happens, this page would be substantially revised.


Please review the Automated Testing of Firefox OS section in MDN. In the Gaia Tests section, following tests are relevant to Firefox OS QA:

  • Gaia UI Tests
  • Gaia Integration tests
  • MTBF Test
  • MozCingi

This page also outlines the ideal path for getting familiar with the test automation activity.

In Practice

We have recently created a comprehensive style guide for Python Marionette tests.

Running Gij tests on Device

This page describes how to run Javascript tests on device in Gaia.

Supporting Documentation