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How to Write Manual Tests

It is a good idea to review following one and done tasks to get familiar with writing manual test cases

Once you are done with them, review the Test Case Writing Primer in MDN.

Where to Write Tests

The manual test cases are stored in MozTrap. MozTrap documentation is available here.

How to Search for Firefox OS Test Cases

  • Go to MozTrap, and select 'Manage' and pick 'Suites'
  • Select 'Advanced Filtering'
  • For Product, select 'Firefox OS (version number)'
  • In Name field, type the name of the component. (E.g. For Music app test cases, type 'music')

You will see the list below getting filtered as you select additional criteria. In above example, music test suite can be found as [Media]Music in the list.

Additional Information for Each Component

Refer to this page for test strategy for each component. Some sections may be out of date.

Smoke Test

Smoketest Breakdown : https://mozqa.etherpad.mozilla.org/Smoketest-Daily-Workflow

Test Run

Testrun communication how-to (with templates) : https://etherpad.mozilla.org/moztrap-testrun-howto


How to import testcases to Moztrap : https://etherpad.mozilla.org/howto-import-testcases-moztrap

How to Capture Video of Test

Please see here to learn about capturing video of the device UI during the testing.