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V2.2 Highlight & Risk

  • Pending tasks

V2.2 Milestone

  • 2015/02/23 V2.2 FL
  • 2015/04/06 V2.2 FC
  • QA Shared calendar
    • You can add it to your Google Calendar view by clicking on this link and then clicking on the small blue "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom, right hand of the screen.
    • If you are signed in with your @mozilla.com account, you can also access it this way:
      • In Google Calendar, you should go to Other calendars > Browse Interesting Calendars > More > Resources for mozilla.com > Public (9) > Public - FxOS QA Schedule > Subscribe

V2.2 Testing Scope

V2.2 Testing by Type

Smoke Testing

Flame-KK On Track

  • Existing Bugs Breaking the Smoketests: Flame-KK
    • [Disabled] test_setup_and_send_active_sync_email.py - Bug 1028192 - Problems with ActiveSync accounts
    • [Disabled] test_receive_active_sync_email.py - Bug 1028192 - Problems with ActiveSync accounts
    • [Disabled] test_cost_control_data_alert_mobile.py - Bug 1061698 - Need ability to work in the shadow root/shadow DOM
    • [Disabled] test_call_log_all_calls.py - Bug 1096385 - Investigate failure in test_call_log_all_calls.py, call log is displayed erroneously

Nexus-5-L On Track

  • Will start from 3/3/2015

Functional Testing


Exploratory Testing

Flame-KK On Track

  • 203 bugs found - includes every bug in bugzilla affecting v2.2, not limited to the bugs after branch day.
  • Regression

Performance Testing

Flame-KK Yellow

  • will be on soon, link (VPN required)
    • Target platforms - flame-KK, flame-L

Stability Testing

Flame-KK Red

  • Flame-kk MTBF - less than 10 hours.

Nexus-5-L Red

V2.2 Test Case Creation

On Track

Test Case Creation WIP

Test Case Creation DONE

  • [2.2-feature-qa+] & in-moztrap+ (19 bugs) --> WORK DONE
  • feature-b2g=2.2+ & in-moztrap+ (78 bugs) --> WORK DONE

V2.2 Testing Verification Status

Overall Verification Summary

Need Verification

Full Query
ID Qa contact Status Resolution Component Assigned to Summary
987532 No-Jun Park [:njpark] RESOLVED WORKSFORME Performance Jerry Shih[:jerry] (UTC+8) (inactive) [meta] Project Silk on B2G.
1018320 RESOLVED FIXED DOM: Core & HTML Andrea Marchesini [:baku] Implement RequestSync API for FirefoxOS
1020757 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Settings EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [FDN] Enable/Disable FDN asks to enter PUK if the enable/disable FDN failed
1043558 RESOLVED FIXED Graphics Sotaro Ikeda [:sotaro] Use gralloc buffers for WebRTC local camera preview
1061130 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Dialer Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] (PTO) [STK] 3GPP TS 22.030 6.6.4 An abbreviated dialling code shall be able to be read using the following procedure: N(N)(N)#
1068963 RESOLVED INCOMPLETE Audio/Video Blake Wu [:bwu][:blakewu] Frame drops during end-to-end playback
1071484 RESOLVED FIXED Audio/Video Bobby Chien [Meta][User story] Support *.mkv container format
1073419 RESOLVED WONTFIX General [ALA] All gecko code needed to support adjustable location accuracy
1082268 Edward Chen[:edchen] RESOLVED WORKSFORME Gaia::Music Bobby Chien [meta] Music app launch latency is worse compared to Android on quad core 1 GB device
1082290 RESOLVED FIXED Performance Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Implement cgroup swappiness feature for low memory target (256 MB)
1083953 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia marta [META] Privacy Panel move from dev_apps to apps
1086963 Edward Chen[:edchen] RESOLVED WORKSFORME Gaia::Gallery Bobby Chien [meta] Gallery app launch latency is worse than Android on quad core device
1092427 Eric Chang [:ericcc] [:echang] RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Dialer Tamara Hills [:thills] Dialer app should follow text selection pattern.
1092437 Eric Chang [:ericcc] [:echang] RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::SMS Messages app should follow text selection pattern
1092960 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Camera Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] Camera app to follow text selection pattern
1092966 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::FMRadio Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] FM Radio app to follow text selection pattern
1092967 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Gallery Punam Dahiya [:pdahiya] Gallery app to follow text selection pattern
1092969 Eric Chang [:ericcc] [:echang] RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Music Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] Music app to follow text selection pattern
1092972 RESOLVED FIXED Gaia::Video Russ Nicoletti [:russn] Video app to follow text selection pattern
1094121 RESOLVED FIXED General Steven Yang [:styang] [meta] Android L 5.0 Porting for B2G
1097865 Shing Lyu [:shinglyu] RESOLVED WONTFIX Gaia::System Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] [Telemetry] Collect metrics for voice call info
1098970 RESOLVED FIXED GonkIntegration Boris Chiou [:boris] [lollipop] Porting NativeWindow from LL to gonk
1099076 Shing Lyu [:shinglyu] RESOLVED WONTFIX WebRTC Screen sharing support on B2G
1099079 RESOLVED WONTFIX Gaia Implement permission dialog for screen sharing
1107291 RESOLVED FIXED MTP/UMS viral [:viralwang] SD/Storage (fuse) for L on Nexus 5
1107296 RESOLVED WORKSFORME General Jamin Liu [:jaliu][:Jamin] [meta] GPS Android L Porting
1107298 RESOLVED FIXED General viral [:viralwang] [meta] Sensors Android L Porting
1107305 RESOLVED FIXED General Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [gonk-l] the error message: could not load library "libsigchain.so" from LD_PRELOAD
1109422 Shing Lyu [:shinglyu] RESOLVED FIXED General Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] AppUsage Metric collection enhancements for MonthlyActiveUsers computation
1115356 RESOLVED INVALID Gaia::Settings Josh Cheng [:josh] [meta]Privacy Bugs Meta

30 Total; 0 Open (0%); 30 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Verification Done

Full Query
ID Qa contact Status Resolution Component Assigned to Summary
1107304 VERIFIED DUPLICATE General [meta] BT Android L Porting

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 1 Verified (100%);