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In order to make a clearer distinction between the Integration suite and the End-to-end one, here is a list which helps to define where a test belongs depending on its nature.

General considerations

Should be in Integration suite rather than in the End-to-end one:

  • Tests that don't represent a whole user story, such as boundary/edge cases, negative cases, and highly specific or unusual bug verifications.
  • Tests that perform small, isolated checks of the UI (such as a test that only verifies the sort order of a table)
  • Tests that use mocks to simulate a portion of the system
  • Tests that validate binding between the UI state and back end state
  • Tests that verify something which is invisible for an end-user (example: "Is the gaia setting 'ril.data.enabled' correctly set?"). An exception could be made for an End-to-end test if this verification is done during the setUp/tearDown phases.

Should not be in Integration suite:

  • Tests that are flaky by design (networking tests for example)
  • Tests that check a device specific issue.
  • Tests that check the behavior with an external service without being mocked (like a test which interacts with the actual Gmail).
  • Tests that takes too long to be executed.

Firefox OS current specific considerations

A test cannot currently be in the Integration suite, if the test:

  • relies on hardware which can't be currently mocked (like Camera, SIM/DSDS, FM antenna)
  • depends on external website/service which can't be mocked (as Carrier network, Firefox Account, some Email providers)
  • Is blocked by a bug in b2g desktop, (for instance: MP4/3GP not recognized, emergency dialer cannot be open)
  • Is blocked by design issues in b2g desktop:
    • Different FTUs on b2gdesktop
    • Can't set the time on b2gdesktop without changing the time on the computer
    • Some settings are hidden on b2g desktop