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New tasks

ID Assigned to Summary Priority Whiteboard Resolution Flags
910216 Tests get slower unless you restart the device between each one. P4 [c=automation p= s= u=] unittest
962700 [meta] Tracking bug for [auto?] submitting, and potentially being able to list, crashes, while running Gaia UI Tests --
970434 Add UI-tests for forceAuthentication P3 [fxa4fxos2.0]
980757 Alison Shiue [dsds] Location of SIM Security for DSDS --
987046 [Gaia-ui-tests] Discussion of Gaia-ui-tests/marionette restruct P3
1028192 Problems with ActiveSync accounts P1 [xfail]
1039816 Investigate whether/how we can integrate Gaia UI Tests'/gaiatest's crash reporting into the HTML Reports we publish -- [affects=b2g][affects=gaia]
1042843 How to verify whether video playback is going on from video playback gaiatest script? -- [mentor=zac][lang=py]
1056001 Hide the logcat dump in the HTML report after marionette client has detected a crash --
1059703 [Dolphin] After gaia-ui-test the phone get stuck, physical keys are not available,adb can connect --
1060528 Add a simple end-to-end overdraw and HWC test --
1066309 Figure out how to name the phones so on logcat we see our name rather then serial --
1073436 Update launch atom to work for apps that use hash in the src --
1081470 [Flame][v2.0][Camera] Need to modify function - "camera.tap_switch_source()" after patch of Bug 1066885 lands on v2.0 --
1085652 set_time in gaia_test.py sets time incorrectly for some region --
1097492 Failed running gaia-ui-test on device --
1102838 unlock tests should wake the screen before sliding to unlock. --
1105168 Update insert_call_entry method to remove time.sleep() --
1107205 Get Gip on linux64 debug green and visible on Treeherder --
1107920 [v2.2] Investigate test_capture_multiple_shots failure --
1108576 Zac C (:zac) Experiment with methods to speed up the keyboard's send() method --
1110102 [v2.2] Add test to verify that the video recording stops immediately when going to homescreen --
1111068 Add a setTimeout checker for Gaia integration tests to help catch intermittent failures --
1112146 Intermittent test_browser_bookmark.py TestBrowserBookmark.test_browser_bookmark | ElementNotVisibleException: ElementNotVisibleException: Element is not currently visible and may not be manipulated and a bunch more afterwards --
1113928 Naoki Hirata :nhirata (please use needinfo instead of cc) Browser UI Tests --
1115774 create a check of the Bookmark before deleting bookmark test --
1115799 [Browser] Check the menu window to verify that the Add to Homescreen option no longer exists after adding a bookmark to the homescreen --
1116744 [v2.2] Investigate test_toggle_bluetooth_settings intermittent failure on Jenkins --
1117804 Investigate test_call_log_groups failure -- [xfail]
1118537 html5_player::HTML5Player::is_playing() is incomplete per HTML5 Video spec --
1125759 Intermitent unit test TestKill_test_kill_multiple --
1126736 [Flame][v2.0] Investigate test_browser_tabs.py timeout issue --
1126775 Investigate test_browser_save_image failure -- Array
1128557 Investigate false positive in test_unlock_to_homescreen_with_passcode --
1129019 test_IMAP_email_notification.py is failing intermittently, email notification is not received before timeout --
1129952 Investigate failure in test_homescreen_delete_app_packaged.py, packaged app fails to install --
1132465 Parametrize marionette desired capabilities for Gaia UI tests. --
1133810 test_fmradio_frequency_dialer failing to scroll/flick --
1138337 [Flame][Settings]Device will restart, then still display black page when device runs non_smoke automatication test. --
1138505 Improve failure analysis tool to add time-based analysis --
1138513 Draft of Gaia UI Test harness behavior --
1138569 Possible issues catching Gaia UI test crashes --
1139215 test_launch_l10n.py:test_launch_by_localised_name consistently fails on-device --
1139422 Intermittent test_killall.py TestKillAll.test_kill_all_twice | ScriptTimeoutException: ScriptTimeoutException: timed out --
1140017 test_dialer_clear_miss_call_notification.py is timing out after receiving the missed call. --
1140190 [meta] Reset Gaia UI Test results back to green --
1140276 test_dialer_receive_call_with_contact_photo.py failure --
1140277 test_dialer_clear_miss_call_notification.py failed because caller number is withheld --
1140278 test_dialer_miss_call_from_known_contact_notification.py failed because caller number is withheld --
1142621 test_import_edit_export_contact.py failed with AssertionError: u'Name2129' != u'Name2129 New' --
1142622 test_sms_notification.py failed with IOError: Connection to Marionette server is lost. Check gecko.log (desktop firefox) or logcat (b2g) for errors. --
1144686 test_settings_change_time_format consistently failing, seems to revert the time set -- [3.0-Daily-Testing]
1146280 Enable intermittent: test_music_share_ringtone.py TestMusicShareRingtone.test_music_share_ringtone | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds --
1146997 [Meta] Disable GIP tests that overlap with the existing GIJ --
1147851 Disable test_clear_phone_number.py on Treeherder --
1147852 Disable test_ftu_skip_tour_desktopb2g.py --
1147854 Disable test_gallery_crop_photo.py on Treeherder --
1147855 Disable test_gallery_delete_image.py on Treeherder --
1147856 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Disable test_gallery_edit_photo.py on Treeherder --
1148267 Provide wrap function for system app features --
1151696 [v2.2] Investigate test_sms_with_attachments.py failure --
1152802 Intermittent test_play_ogv_video.py TestPlayOgvVideo.test_play_ogv_video | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 20.3 seconds with message: Video files found on device: [{u'name': u'VID_0001.ogv', u'size': 691218}] --
1155746 Update all usage of HTMLElement.size and HTMLElement.location to use marionette.rect in tests --
1156843 Create PoC for Gaia Acceptance suite based on MarionetteJS --
1160112 [Dolphine 7715EA] test_settings_media_storage.py - AssertionError: u'0 B' != '120 KB' --
1160997 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]test_sync_facebook_contacts.py:"TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 59.9 seconds" --
1161000 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]test_unlink_facebook.py:"TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 60.2 seconds" --
1161047 Intermittent test_cards_view_with_two_apps.py TestCardsView.test_that_app_can_be_launched_from_cards_view | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Connection timed out --
1161300 Intermittent test_cards_view_kill_apps_with_two_apps.py TestCardsViewTwoApps.test_kill_app_from_cards_view | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Connection timed out --
1161445 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]Device enter white-screens, becomes unresponsive, and spams computer (if connected) with 6 device folders when device run non-smoketest. --
1162404 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]The tap_menu() in Email app.py:"NoSuchElementException: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: #cardContainer .card.center .fld-nav-toolbar" --
1162406 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]The tap_settings() in Email app.py: "TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.5 seconds" --
1163747 show_controls() and controls_visible() in html5_player.py returns false positive -- fbimage
1165937 Create set of sanity tests to qualify device/envs for MarionetteJS acceptance tests --
1167518 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]test_settings_wifi.py: "ElementNotVisibleException: ElementNotVisibleException: Element is not visible" --
1171231 test_setup_and_send_imap_email.py: assert self.device.is_online AssertionError --
1172618 test_sms_notification.py: " TimeoutException: Timed out after 300.1 seconds with message: Notification did not appear. " --
1173416 Failing to flash devices when building adhoc.bitbar runs: "FATAL: Device session is null" --
1174282 test_dialer tests involving phone calls: "NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: .handled-call.incoming" --
1174449 Intermittent test_homescreen_column_layout.py TestHomescreenLayout.test_homescreen_column_layout | ElementNotVisibleException: ElementNotVisibleException: Element is not currently visible and may not be manipulated --
1176279 test_lockscreen_unlock_to_camera_with_passcode.py: "NameError: global name 'GaiaTestCase' is not defined" --
1176806 [v2.2][Gaia::UI Tests]test_setup_and_send_imap_email.py:"TypeError: setup_IMAP_email() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)" --
1181769 Flame: marketplace update notification banner is shown even when webapps update is disabled in the pref --
1183726 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [Bugzilla Lite] Testing Dashboard Navigation(Assigned,Flagged,Filed) in Bugzilla Lite --
1184154 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [Bugzilla Lite] Testing Search in Bugzilla Lite --
1184415 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [Bugzilla Lite] Testing fill new Bug in Bugzilla Lite --
1185274 Peter Bylenga [:PBylenga] Create a new test for taking a photo with front facing camera --
1186075 [v18d_v4] Gaiatests sometimes hangs when restarting b2g --
1186388 Make a PEP8 linter run on every commit --
1186835 Jenkins intermittently fails to save report due to a stack overflow on bitbar jobs --
1188080 test_rocketbar_offline_behavior.py: "NoSuchWindowException: None" -- [319MB-Flame-Support]
1188360 [Meta] Sort out Jenkins to get at least a couple of green builds back --
1189279 Factorize the Jenkins jobs --
1189468 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [RTL] Test script for Contacts --
1189747 Stop using |skip-if = device == "desktop"| if we have another way to filter out a test against a desktop build --
1190883 Bitbar: Failed to contact device, due to time out. --
1191248 Spark job executes the test but fails to post the results to treeherder --
1194001 Oliver Nelson [:oliverthor] Create a new test for Airplane Mode Functionality with WiFi, Data Connection, Bluetooth, and NFC --
1194167 [v2.5][Gaia::UI Tests]test_homescreen_status_bar_icons_visibility.py: "AssertionError: False is not true" --
1196316 [meta] Automate the dogfood suite --
1196888 Automated Test [FxA] Better cleanup on FxA Mock server failures --
1197148 importing gaiatest package is throwing AttributeError --
1200837 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [BuddyUP] Testing Create Account in BuddyUp App --
1201880 Music Player test function is inconsistent --
1203527 Make PageRegion accept locators --
1203600 test_email_one_header_displayed.py: TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.3 seconds --
1204314 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] [Dogfood] [Settings] SIM Manager options display and functionality --
1204911 test_wifi_multiple_connect.py:AssertionError --
1205312 test_dialer_miss_call_from_known_contact_notification.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.4 seconds --
1209573 test_music_artist_mp3.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.2 seconds --
1211325 gaiatest 0.34 change list --
1212602 test_settings_dsds_cell_data.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.6 seconds --
1212838 Create an end-to-end automated test suite to make sure that gaiatest doesn't regress --
1215351 Remove distinction between the Search app and Browser app --
1217404 Manel Rhaiem [:manel] Delete test_browser_bookmark and its leftovers as it's already covered by Gij --
1217826 Create a decorator to facilitate the use of switch_to_shadow_root() --
1218461 test_sms_with_attachments.py : NoSuchElementException: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: .test-confirm-select --
1218906 test_marketplace_packaged_app.py : NoSuchElementException: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: gaia-app-icon[data-identifier="https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/9b628257-c986-47aa-bdb9-a654ec355108/manifest.webapp"] --
1219290 Migrate the Jenkins download jobs to TaskCluster --
1219348 test_browser_first_run.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 30.1 seconds --
1222975 Delete the Python tests that are already running in Gij and not testing more than the integration between Gecko and Gaia -- [gip-to-gij]
1223427 test_settings_bluetooth.py : JavascriptException: JavascriptException: TypeError: GaiaDataLayer.getBluetoothDefaultAdapter(...) is undefined --
1223511 test_dialer_miss_call_from_known_contact_notification.py  : NoSuchElementException: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: .handled-call.incoming --
1225535 test_marketplace_addon.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds - --
1226572 Intermittent: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: .handled-call.incoming -- [fromTaskcluster]
1226577 Intermittent NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: img -- [fromTreeherder]
1226578 Intermittent: MarionetteException: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIMessageSender.sendAsyncMessage]" nsresult: "0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://marionette/conte -- [fromTreeherder]
1228303 Fix jshint errors --
1229322 test_cost_control_data_alert_mobile.py intermittently fails: The data limit notification appears before we wait on it --
1234262 test_sms_with_attachments.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 306.3 seconds --
1236934 Intermittent: TimeoutException: Timed out after 306.6 seconds on test_sms.py --
1240869 test_sms_notification_removed_when_sms_deleted.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 300.1 seconds --
1242623 test_cost_control_data_alert_mobile.py : ScriptTimeoutException: ScriptTimeoutException: timed out --
1242637 test_add_to_an_existing_contact_from_messages.py : ScriptTimeoutException: ScriptTimeoutException: timed out --
1242654 test_sms_report.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 120.0 seconds --
1245535 test_call_log_all_calls.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.0 seconds --
1245541 test_cost_control_data_alert_mobile.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 180.1 seconds --
1245543 test_dialer_receive_call.py : NoSuchElementException: NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element: .handled-call.incoming --
1245620 test_add_and_call_ice_contact.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds --
1245622 test_add_to_new_contact_from_messages.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 306.5 seconds --
1245626 test_sms_report.py: TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 306.7 seconds --
1247674 test_browser_first_run.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.2 seconds --
1250239 test_clock_set_alarm.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds --
1250252 lockscreen/test_lockscreen_unlock_to_homescreen.py : TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds --
1250479 Set up 2 DSDS devices and a DSDS job in MTV --
1251371 Michael Bryant (uber) We need an Inventory of the devices in the QA Lab for tracking purposes --

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ID Assigned to Summary Priority Whiteboard Resolution Flags

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Automation requested

ID Assigned to Summary Priority Whiteboard Resolution Flags
674741 Garner Lee WebNFC (near-field communication) -- [tech-p1][FT:RIL] FIXED Array
704121 Uncaught Exception (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) @ nsIDOMWindowUtils.displayDPI P4 strwanted
709564 [meta] B2G SMS --
710729 Add a UI to handle the offline cache notification in b2g/ -- DUPLICATE
713309 In gaia browser: "This document cannot be displayed unless you install the Personal Security Manager (PSM)" -- FIXED
713350 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Make packager.pm missing file warnings fatal on B2G --
715205 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) b2g application can't run Gaia's browser-chrome tests -- [inbound] FIXED
715696 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Don't assume the display backlight is already on at boot -- [inbound] FIXED
715781 Tracking: Platform work for b2g "developer phone", milestone 1 -- FIXED
715782 Tracking: Platform work for b2g "demo phone", milestone 2 -- FIXED
715784 Tracking: Platform work for b2g "product phone" (version 1!), milestone 3 -- WORKSFORME
715816 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Tracking: Automatic updates of b2g "userspace" (gecko, built-in apps and dependencies; not third-party apps) -- [B2GTest:Blocker] FIXED
715824 Eitan Isaacson [:eeejay] A11y in B2G -- [tech-p1]
715941 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Use port 6666 for httpd.js as 7777 can't start -- FIXED
716327 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Turn off the screen off a timeout -- FIXED
716447 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Remove setCapture() from touch.js as it interfere with mouse events -- [inbound] FIXED
716704 Ensure alert/prompt/etc are tab-modal by default -- [qa+] FIXED
717532 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Temporarily set pref("layout.frame_rate.precise", true) while bug 710563 is sorted out -- [inbound] FIXED
717844 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) implement scrolling for B2G -- FIXED
718651 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Add B2GComponents,manifest/xpt to b2g/installer/package.manifest -- FIXED
718652 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Send a sleep event on the homescreen window when the screen is turned on/off -- FIXED
718903 Make sure behavior of active states for Data call with Android RIL -- [qa+] FIXED
720455 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Package RadioInterfaceLayer component -- DUPLICATE
720555 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Provide a way to have device-specific code in gecko -- INVALID
720767 [Gonk] mozVibrate does not vibrate for full duration after sleep/awake cycle if device is not plugged in --
721004 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Load webapi+apps.js inside as a frame script instead of having to copy it to all applications -- FIXED
721459 Matt Brubeck (:mbrubeck) Enable WebSMS by default in B2G builds -- [has patch] FIXED
721711 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Implement DOM full-screen for b2g -- FIXED
722031 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Move mozKeyboard from shell.js to webapi.js -- FIXED
722812 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Don't send fake touch events on Gonk -- FIXED
722841 Albert [:albert] WebTelephony: implement navigator.mozTelephony.sendTones() -- FIXED
723148 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré b2g build broken since Bug 721741 landed -- FIXED
723169 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré port Bug 671634 (new UA string) to b2g -- FIXED
723356 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] Make `console` output show up in logcat -- FIXED
723373 Experiment a better panning algorithm for B2G -- DUPLICATE
723391 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Add a simple remote JS console to b2g -- FIXED
723902 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Change the b2g/ boilerplate to MPL 2.0 -- FIXED
723963 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Add the clock application to the pre-installed list of webapps -- FIXED
725010 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Web API hooks not added for pages without /apps/ in path -- [inbound] FIXED
725123 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Wire up the "MENU" button -- [inbound] FIXED
725215 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Add magic shortcut to enable debugging features -- FIXED
725521 add webapp manifest for a Video app to webapps.js -- WONTFIX
725533 webapps.js looks leaky -- DUPLICATE
725602 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré B2G UA is wrong -- FIXED
725796 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Make <iframe mozbrowser> a window.{top,parent,frameElement} barrier to script -- FIXED
725935 Avoid to check Java SDK for Gonk -- FIXED
726098 [meta] RIL CDMA support --
726233 [meta] B2G RIL: akami support -- FIXED
726245 Andreas Gal :gal Tearing in gonk widget backend with GL layers -- FIXED
726528 Andreas Gal :gal remove unnecessary webapis from chrome code -- FIXED
726529 Andreas Gal :gal remove app cache refresh handling from b2g chrome code -- FIXED
726532 [b2g] Turn the screen on when any of the hw button is pressed (except sleep button) -- INVALID
726534 [b2g] Fire sleep event when the screen is turn off due to a timeout -- INVALID
727287 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Battery support for akami devices -- FIXED
727443 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Do not fire a click when the user stops the kinetic panning by touching the screen -- FIXED
727728 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Support volume change -- FIXED
727789 Losing details in backgrounds after sleep/awake cycle -- FIXED
727795 [B2G] Impossible to create a DB with more than one index in Akami handset -- INVALID
728128 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Make behavior of the "hardware" buttons configurable -- FIXED
728373 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Ensure the xul window handle keypress when the screen goes fullscreen -- FIXED
728695 Andreas Gal :gal drop httpd.js because it can't handle large files (reads the whole file into memory) -- FIXED
728890 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] B2G: Update permission prefs after internal HTTP server port change -- FIXED
728894 [B2G] Don't expose the Firefox patch level (13.X.Y) in the UA string, only show the major version (13.X) -- fixed by bug 728831 FIXED
729428 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) B2G cancel click event -- FIXED
729441 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Add back the httpd daemon for desktop build -- FIXED
729623 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Selecting readonly input element launches the keyboard -- FIXED
729898 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Make better error indicator pages P4 visual design FIXED
730176 Volume buttons don't control call volume -- DUPLICATE
730206 Michael Wu [:mwu] Avoid flash of white at startup -- FIXED
730229 debug builds failure at startup --
730230 Enabling dom.send_after_paint_to_content in B2G -- FIXED
730296 Dão Gottwald [::dao] Don't obscure the homescreen browser's initial source -- FIXED
730323 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Adding missing white listed application for mozTelephony -- FIXED
730363 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré startup slowdown waiting for batteryinfo -- FIXED
730434 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) chrome/content/shell.js: remove 'home' event and other non-standard event types -- FIXED
730591 Andreas Gal :gal turn on disk cache for gonk and point it to the /cache partition -- FIXED
730944 Eric Chou [:ericchou] [:echou] nsIAudioManager: Support for voice volume -- DUPLICATE
730968 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré b2g build broken since Bug 716544 landed -- FIXED
731005 Investigate possible pressure sensitivity issues in touch events -- [OEM issue] WORKSFORME
731006 Fluff out tappable regions to a minimum value -- DUPLICATE
731498 Oleg Romashin (:romaxa) Make b2g work on minimal ubuntu/debian linux image --
731656 build broken since bug 728912 landed -- FIXED
731855 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] ContactService.jsm not found at chrome/content/shell.js:19 when running desktop b2g client -- FIXED
732179 b2g does not work on non-honk gecko port's -- DUPLICATE
732350 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [b2] Cancel the click event sooner when panning has started to prevent unexpected clicks -- FIXED
732467 Desktop b2g client startup crash when building with llvm-gcc-4.2 -- DUPLICATE
732770 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [b2g] Cancel the active state on the current target when a pan actio has started -- FIXED
732774 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [b2] Cancel the click event when a panning action is running only if the touch happens on the panned area -- FIXED
733032 Enabling mozContacts for B2G -- INVALID
733099 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time in-tree mozconfigs for b2g CI builds -- FIXED
733331 Samael Wang [:freesamael] B2G SMS: configurable GSM national languages -- [grooming] FIXED Array
733573 Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] Expose a client TCP socket API to web applications P1 [sec-assigned:ptheriault] FIXED Array
733615 Provide a per-sensor key to switch sensor --
733943 Image error on Boot 2 Gecko page --
734951 Fixing the dom.telephony.app.phone.url -- FIXED
735172 [meta] B2G tethering --
735547 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Support Wifi/USB Tethering P2 FIXED
735769 Edwin Flores [inactive from 2016-12-01] [:eflores] [:edwin] Texturing of <video> elements in WebGL broken by bug 714408 (Video cube demo got broken after adding omx-plugin) -- FIXED
735947 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré support the desktop notifications API in b2g -- FIXED
736113 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Can't get camera stream when camera app served from subdomain -- FIXED
736193 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Use the offline cache to load applications -- FIXED
736312 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré navigator.mozApps support on b2g -- FIXED
736628 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Move mozKeyboard to a distinct xpcom component -- FIXED
736632 Use the mozChromeEvent/mozContentEvent mechanism for nsBrowserAccess -- WONTFIX
736688 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Re-implement <iframe mozbrowser> in JS -- FIXED
736691 Boot2Gecko is a full OS: therefore a full OS security model is required -- INVALID
736701 B2G SMS: Support TP-Reply-Path(TP-RP) -- [grooming]
736708 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] B2G SMS: Support Replace Short Message Type -- FIXED Array
736713 B2G SMS: Support Enhanced Voice Mail Information --
736901 ICS Gonk support -- FIXED
736939 StevenLee[:slee] Headphone support -- FIXED
737308 Add Gaia localhost to dom.power.whitelist -- FIXED
737368 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Re-use existing updater support for updating Gecko in b2g -- FIXED
737403 Concerns about B2G privacy --
737432 Jim Straus Add permission prompt to b2g -- DUPLICATE
737598 Tracking: Prompts and interaction for gecko updates -- FIXED
737601 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Require users to opt-in to downloading updates while on a billed connection (e.g. 3g network) P2 [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P3] WORKSFORME
737616 add support for mozApps.install() -- FIXED
737748 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Add a preference for controlling automatic screen orientation -- INVALID
737878 Default mozconfig shouldn't include --with-ccache -- INVALID
737881 Install script should look for heimdall before calling it -- INVALID
738020 Doug Turner (:dougt) add geolocation to the list of permissions that we autogrant -- FIXED
738449 make distclean in a m-c tree deletes source code in ipc/app/ -- WONTFIX
738529 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Check "screen" wake lock in power manager -- FIXED
738530 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Move PowerManager from shell.js to gaia -- FIXED
738724 fix build bustage in mozglue/gonk -- DUPLICATE
738802 Ben Francis [:benfrancis] Make B2G load Gaia from gaiamobile.org -- FIXED
738876 [b2g] Virtual Keyboard gets pushed back on the browser for Google's "classic" version -- INVALID
739003 Andreas Gal :gal fix mozglue/gonk/Makefile.in comment style -- FIXED
739019 New wake lock code generating "JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: [Exception... "The operation is insecure." code: "18" nsresult: "0x80530012 (SecurityError)"" -- FIXED
739121 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Nonblocking IO handling error in RIL.cpp -- FIXED
739136 segfault in B2G on desktop -- DUPLICATE
739137 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Force-kill b2g if it hangs while shutting down -- FIXED
739143 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] [meta] B2G SMS: Support SMS Storage Full event --
739145 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Enable b2g updates -- FIXED
739476 Emulator goes to sleep too quickly; interferes with automated tests -- FIXED
739500 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Use settings API to get screen timeout -- FIXED
739521 can't make config-galaxy-s2 because of error in copy_file -- INVALID
739536 Andreas Gal :gal mozSettings files missing from package manifest -- FIXED
739780 Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] Switch Telephony.cpp to use nsTArrayHelpers.h implementation of nsTArrayToJSArray -- FIXED
740028 Desktop b2g client startup crash -- WORKSFORME
740231 B2G RIL: Missing SIM card isn't properly reported on the SGS2 --
740479 You can get around <iframe mozbrowser> window.top/parent/frameElement sandboxing via window.prototype -- [sg:critical][no-esr] FIXED
740481 You can get around <iframe mozbrowser> window.top/parent/frameElement sandboxing via Components.lookupMethod -- [sg:critical][no-esr] FIXED
740720 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] B2G Updates: Show users a prompt to defer applying a Gecko update P2 FIXED
740722 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Initiate an "apply update" confirmation off a long-ish idle timer P2 [LOE:S] FIXED
740968 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Cleanup SettingsManager.js -- FIXED
740997 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) ICS camera support -- FIXED
741272 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Implement a wrapper around raise() for Android and Gonk -- FIXED
741337 Desktop b2g client startup crash because of using null pointer -- DUPLICATE
741560 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Pin apps in b2g -- FIXED
741587 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Browser API: Handle alert/prompt/confirm in <iframe mozbrowser> -- FIXED
741720 B2G should build with the arm-linux-androideabi toolchain -- WORKSFORME
741745 Colors of some pages are inverted -- FIXED
741837 Cody Brocious [:Daeken] Hook up OMTC for Gonk -- FIXED
742092 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Bridge the permission prompt to the content using the homescreen messaging API -- FIXED
742448 <iframe mozbrowser> returns xray-waived objects, but shouldn't -- FIXED
742596 window.open in a web page causes an error --
742717 [Desktop Build]B2G Desktop graphics problems on Ubuntu -- b2g-desktop-builds
742761 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Remove some warnings in b2g/ -- FIXED
742944 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Handle window.open in <iframe mozbrowser> -- FIXED
743064 Gene Lian (I already quit Mozilla) Shutdown FramebufferWatcher thread gracefully -- FIXED
743229 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Return 'number' instead of 'text' for input type='number' element in the showime event -- FIXED
743368 B2G RIL: Inserting a SIM doesn't work until reboot -- DUPLICATE
743567 b2g crashes -- WORKSFORME
743852 Power button no longer controls screen -- INVALID
744238 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Lock screen sticks when using OMTC -- WONTFIX
744300 B2G SMS database initialization freezes I/O thread --
744451 Handle window.open in <iframe mozapp> -- DUPLICATE
744684 [meta] B2G MMS --
744703 Apps cannot be lauched on B2G desktop because of a typo -- DUPLICATE
744989 Formal mechanism to disable B2G updates in development builds -- WONTFIX
745078 StevenLee[:slee] Get switch device states at any time -- FIXED
745118 Notification bar can be pulled down underneath the lock screen -- INVALID
745468 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] B2G Wifi: Support EAP-PEAP and EAP-TTLS without private key -- FIXED
746121 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Updating the DirectoryProvider to look for user.js in /data/local on B2G phones -- FIXED
746429 Michael Wu [:mwu] Make failure to set master volume non-fatal to startup -- FIXED
746754 Jim Straus Show prompts when checking for updates and downloading updates -- INVALID
746886 B2G telephony: Error handling for dropped calls -- [SUMO-b2g] WORKSFORME
747798 [meta] Copy'n'paste support -- [FT:System-Platform][tech-p1] DUPLICATE Array
748004 Boot2Gecko needs another name -- INVALID
748077 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Remove some leaks in b2g/ -- FIXED
748394 B2G: Dialer should have an option to not be the "real" tones. -- INVALID
748886 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Map the language setting to intl.accept_languages to reflect the choice of mozSettings -- FIXED
749018 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Make OOP <iframe mozbrowser> pass current browser frame tests -- FIXED
749882 B2G UI implementation for Camera API feature -- [getUserMedia], [blocking-gum-]
750314 build error on external/gtest -- FIXED
750466 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Pre-Populate SettingsDB -- DUPLICATE
750589 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] Update default MobileConnection permissions after Gaia refactoring (#1277) -- FIXED
751052 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Contacts: Support SIM contacts synchronization P2 FIXED
751145 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Silent extensions update mechanism -- FIXED
751146 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Fire a contextmenu event on a long-press -- FIXED
751147 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Remove touch.js from b2g/ -- FIXED
751423 StevenLee[:slee] GetCurrentSwitchState is racy -- FIXED
751460 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Support WiFi Tethering -- DUPLICATE
751957 Leak in dom/system/gonk/RadioInterfaceLayer.js -- INVALID
752649 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) ICS gps support -- FIXED
752683 Doug Turner (:dougt) device proximity events aren't broadcast on Gonk -- FIXED
752748 OMX Video decode on Akami ICS -- WORKSFORME
753393 David Flanagan [:djf] add device-storage permission to b2g/chrome/content/shell.js -- FIXED
753592 Need to be able to make clean builds without pulling all the "repo" repos at head -- FIXED
753842 Marco Chen [:mchen] SetScreenEnabled suspends the device preventing proximity events from firing -- FIXED
753928 Move B2G CI to x86 emulator --
754083 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Implement mozKeyboard.onfocuschange -- FIXED
754152 Vincent Liu[:vliu] [b2g] if 3G is enabled at startup, it should be registered by the NetworkManager -- WORKSFORME
755161 Benchmark html5test.com on B2G and Gecko -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] WONTFIX
755357 Add a LockScreen API -- WONTFIX
755402 William Chen [:wchen] Desktop notification callback never gets called after small delay P1 [WebAPI:P0] [perf-reviewed]
755405 B2G Telephony: mic is not working on ICS SGS2 -- WONTFIX
755568 Random degradation of system causes Gaia to not to update the screen as expected on SGS2 ICS --
755648 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Fix the key event dance between system app and apps -- FIXED
756036 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Race condition in Ril.cpp -- FIXED
756379 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Performance / Memory profiling -- DUPLICATE
756691 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Use a non-linear volume change scale -- FIXED
756700 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Use the power.screen.timeout pref value as a default for the power.screen.timeout setting -- FIXED
756886 Gaia PIN code interface -- INVALID
757040 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Pref off OOP tabs on Windows -- FIXED
757137 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Gaia system app is not a app for the purposes of mozLockOrientation() -- FIXED
757235 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] [meta] B2G Voicemail -- FIXED
757341 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Hardware accelerated camera preview P1 FIXED
757496 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Support mozKeyboard.setSelectedOption[s] -- FIXED
758093 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Fix b2g debug build -- FIXED
758129 David Flanagan [:djf] Add screen size option to the b2g desktop client -- FIXED
758142 [Request] SMS PDU samples -- INVALID
758672 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Support mozKeyboard.setValue -- FIXED
758692 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Performance: Nexus S has performance issues (build from 5/24) -- WORKSFORME
758718 Move default.xml generation into b2g build system -- FIXED
759126 Have a setting to enable/disable auto updates for Gaia (Gaia Issue #1493) -- DUPLICATE
759234 cajbir (:cajbir) HTML video and audio elements don't have controls on B2G -- FIXED
759238 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Prevent Virtual Keyboard from covering the textboxes -- FIXED
759383 Day 1 - New Hire Training -- INVALID
759385 GonkSwitch.cpp should silently ignore non-switch events -- DUPLICATE
759511 Implement <select> popups for mozbrowser P2 WORKSFORME
759512 Implement <select> popups for mozapp -- WORKSFORME
759533 WebTelephony: add tests for holding/held/waiting calls -- FIXED
759539 B2G SMS tests: write Marionette tests for Unicode subsets --
759549 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] WebMobileConnection: write tests for voice and data status -- DUPLICATE
759910 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time provide human readable buildID for b2g builds P1 [WebAPI:P0] DUPLICATE
759911 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) include human readable build ID, version, and channel in device info P1 [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] FIXED Array
760138 need to build redit.exe as part of a b2g windows desktop -- FIXED
760329 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Starting Cut the Rope brings up Amazon Linux AMI Test Page --
760402 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Map debugger preference to mozSettings -- FIXED
760732 Remove all gaiamobile.org prefs from b2g.js -- FIXED
761060 Sometimes key events is still trapped in frames and never received by the parent frame -- INVALID
761067 Key events is being mistakenly sent twice with nested <iframe mozbrowser> -- INVALID
761095 nsPlacesDBFlush.js is stale in the manifest --
761265 Default mount hardening -- INVALID
761384 gecko crashes during Marionette tests on x86 emulator -- [b2g-crash]
761438 Guillaume Destuynder [:kang] (NEEDINFO to ensure replies) B2G filesystem permissions -- [WebAPI:P0][LOE:S] FIXED
761514 Smattering of "Exposing chrome JS objects to content without __exposedProps__ is insecure and deprecated." errors -- FIXED
761515 [JavaScript Error: "NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMWindowUtils.setApp]" {file: "chrome://global/content/BrowserElementChild.js" line: 75}] -- INVALID
761521 ICS camera lag on Nexus S on high luminosity -- FIXED
761873 Need a way to identify metrics/marketshare for b2g phones using Fennec UA string P2 fixed by bug 777710 FIXED
761924 B2G panning code doesn't work in out-of-process browser content -- DUPLICATE
761934 Popcap games don't work out-of-process in gaia -- [games:p?] DUPLICATE
761939 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Don't force-disable remote content on Windows -- FIXED
761953 Prevent the b2g vkd from being hidden when browsing Google.com -- INVALID
761962 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Mediate omtc and out-of-process content -- FIXED
761992 Hardware key is not responsive before touching the screen -- INVALID
762049 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Run <iframe mozbrowser> tests in- and out-of-process on all platforms except Windows -- FIXED
762153 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Force input devices to not report hovering key -- FIXED
762240 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Make console.{log, etc.} work from content processes -- FIXED
762329 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Add an additional check to test_browserElement_{oop,inproc}_LoadEvents -- FIXED Array
762362 David Flanagan [:djf] Block hardware key events to content in shell.js, send mozChromeEvent instead -- FIXED
762630 We need a feedback app, separate from bugzilla -- WONTFIX
762782 See if dom.ipc.content.nice makes a difference for content processes in gonk -- DUPLICATE
762939 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) [BrowserAPI] Correctly propagate setVisibile changes across <iframe mozbrowser> -- FIXED
763045 B2G Enhancement request: pref to have the vibrate sequence spell out the caller name in morse code. -- INVALID
763061 [Otoro] no audio out when connected to a call -- FIXED
763063 [Otoro] unable to scan any wifi networks -- FIXED
763081 OOP <iframe mozbrowser> tests crash on Windows -- FIXED
763132 Enable content/canvas and content/media tests on B2G --
763198 Thinker Li [:sinker] B2G push notification P1 [soft][tech-p1] WONTFIX
763280 Cannot access settings manager from chrome code -- INVALID
763430 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Smooth orientation transition for B2G devices -- UX-P2, polish FIXED
763590 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) B2G desktop build resolution should be HVGA by default -- FIXED
763639 B2G desktop build shutdown crash in GC without --enable-b2g-ril -- b2g-desktop-builds, [b2g-crash] INVALID
763694 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Add <iframe mozbrowser> securitychange event -- FIXED
763846 Need way to detect input capabilities of device --
764189 [meta] B2G Security Model for Basecamp --
764194 [meta] Master tracking bug for B2G & app updates --
764201 Need the ability to remap assets that are stored in the appcache -- WONTFIX
764228 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] USB Mass Storage needs to be able to notify DeviceStorage -- FIXED
764232 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Disable oop browser element tests on Windows in a smarter way -- FIXED
764248 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Rework BrowserElementParent.js so that each frame element gets its own BrowserElementParent object -- FIXED
764414 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Let <iframe mozapp> content open popups even when it's in the background -- FIXED
764614 David Flanagan [:djf] add b2g shell.js code to take and save system screenshots -- FIXED
764615 Have some possibility for testers to opt into sending email with B2G crashes -- DUPLICATE
764683 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Remount system partition rw while updating gecko, then remount back to ro P1 [LOE:S] FIXED
764684 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Deal with app.update.stage.enabled P1 [LOE:S] FIXED
764707 Open target=blank links in <iframe mozapp> in the browser app -- DUPLICATE
764718 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Calling close() on a window opened by an <iframe mozbrowser> doesn't work (no effect in process, crash out of process) -- [qa+] FIXED
764780 mozKeyboard.onfocuschange /showIME event dispatched when an input[type=submit] selected -- interaction, UX-P2 WORKSFORME
764829 Emulator should support input from host's physical keyboard. --
765075 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Calling close() immediately after window.open() on a window opened OOP by <iframe mozbrowser> happens before BrowserElementChild is loaded -- FIXED
765242 Intermittent test_browserElement_oop_PromptConfirm.html, test_browserElement_oop_ContextmenuEvents.html | uncaught JS exception - Script error. at resource:///components/BrowserElementParent.js:0 -- FIXED
765470 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Add settings for fps monitor and paint-flashing -- FIXED
766066 Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] mozKeyboard.onfocuschange shouldn't be raised when you are scrolling P1 [awaiting bug 823619] interaction [target:12/21], UX-P1 FIXED
766207 Unable to launch Persona to log into Marketplace app -- INVALID
766296 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] USB Mass Storage AutoMounter doesn't deal with card insertion/removal properly -- FIXED
766324 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Add a volume IDL to make volumes scriptable -- FIXED
766375 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Move idb databases to /data/local -- FIXED
766545 B2G Crash ABORT: X_GLXQueryServerString: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation) -- b2g-desktop-builds WORKSFORME
766549 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Keyboard appear when pressing buttons -- FIXED
766574 B2G desktop crash after click button in marketplace -- b2g-desktop-builds INVALID
766586 securitychange in <iframe mozbrowser> doesn't work on native android --
766837 [Otoro]: Wifi fails after toggling off->on -- FIXED
766873 Unable to return existing frame as window reference for window.open requests P1 DUPLICATE
766878 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) IME prototype doesn't work with <iframe mozbrowser remote> -- FIXED
767053 Proximity sensor not working on Otoro -- FIXED
767061 Doug Turner (:dougt) [Browser App] 'Vid.ly video service' sample crashes and restarts phone P1 WORKSFORME
767189 Notify of unresponsive scripts -- [tech-p2]
767191 Add about:memory to B2G -- [MemShrink:P2] WONTFIX
767288 Andreas Gal :gal support 32-bit color depth in gonk widget backend -- FIXED
767311 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] Migrate volume change to mozSettings -- FIXED
767946 The font appear latter then the background and everything else when the screen is turned back on --
767978 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Create an shistory object for top-level b2g <iframe mozbrowser>. -- FIXED
768001 Intermittent test_browserElement_oop_SecurityChange.html | uncaught JS exception - Script error. at resource:///components/BrowserElementParent.js:0 -- WORKSFORME
768057 David Flanagan [:djf] b2g desktop client default size not exposed by CSS media queries -- FIXED
768238 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Fixing the mozContentEvent listening in B2G -- FIXED
768272 Video and Audio do not stop playing when browser is closed -- DUPLICATE
768394 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) B2G: Uninitialised value uses after "ifconfig wlan0 down ; ifconfig wlan0 up" P1 [LOE:S] FIXED
768441 Bevis Tseng[:bevistseng][:btseng] B2G SMS: Support Stored Message Waiting Indicators -- FIXED Array
768445 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Add GC and CC log to logcat -- FIXED
768558 Remove top-level b2g shistory (back out bug 767978) -- WONTFIX
768561 Prevent windows opened by <iframe mozapp>'s window.open from going full-screen P2 WONTFIX
768690 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] Fix B2G debugger server script -- FIXED
768696 David Flanagan [:djf] b2g/chrome/content/shell.js does not receive mozContentEvents -- DUPLICATE
768697 Loading the Mail app is slow -- UX-P2 DUPLICATE
768701 David Flanagan [:djf] take screenshot in chrome but don't save it from chrome -- FIXED
768794 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] GC and CC performance measurements for B2G -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] WORKSFORME
768804 Cross-Origin XHR fails with HTTPs -- INVALID
768905 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) [Akami] Wifi signal will intermittently drop -- FIXED
768939 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [settings][l10n]Setting locale in gaia settings app should set LOCALE or general.useragent.locale in all e10s process P1 [LOE:M][qa+] FIXED
768943 Trustworthy UI -- [LOE:M] WONTFIX
768946 Make marketplace app available offline -- INVALID
769037 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Loading Contacts app is slow -- [c= p= s=2013.09.06 u=] [sps] DUPLICATE
769091 [Akami] Screen timeout still shows a hint of mild glow on the screen --
769172 iframe isn't repainting properly when it becomes visible again -- WORKSFORME
769178 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) Proper invalid certificate errors on HTTPS -- Poland, IOT, Buri FIXED Array
769182 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Cross-origin window.open calls in <iframe mozbrowser> don't load the src -- FIXED
769183 There is no way to add new CA certificates to the cert store --
769206 [Akami] System clock is not updated with machine that flashed it from -- DUPLICATE
769220 [Akami] Power button does not always wake the device up from sleep -- DUPLICATE
769225 Occasionally, placing a call doesn't work -- INVALID
769227 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Wifi: Make wifi work consistently on the otoro -- FIXED
769248 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Wifi: Solve the case of the missing bssid -- FIXED
769279 [Akami] Redialing a call takes around 3-5 seconds before the screen shows its dialing -- INVALID
769315 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time figure out how to create B2G-build-on-arm-emulator-without-codecs builds manually -- WONTFIX
769574 Panos Astithas [:past] (please needinfo?) Update the settings file with the new debugger preferences -- FIXED
769584 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Disable hardware back button -- FIXED
769648 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Wifi: Use __exposedProps__ in wifi -- FIXED
769662 redit.exe doesn't build before b2g/app -- DUPLICATE
769811 B2G; boot error message -- INVALID
770203 No ringback tone when using mozTelephony -- DUPLICATE
770239 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Re-enable X-Frame-Options in b2g -- FIXED
770440 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) Automated builds broken for SGS2 -- FIXED
770515 fail boot to b2g -- INVALID
770628 Hernán Rodriguez Colmeiro (:peregrino) mac and windows b2g desktop builds don't run because of missing library -- FIXED
770646 desktop b2g gecko builds should be able to start by double clicking 'b2g' P1 b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
770698 b2g does not compile with --disable-b2g-ril -- DUPLICATE
770869 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Ignore input type='image' in the IME API -- FIXED
770884 Virtual Keyboard displayed on image inputs -- DUPLICATE
770973 No dialog for entering PIN for SIM card on Samsung Galaxy S2 -- DUPLICATE
771095 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time Windows b2g desktop builds don't run because gkmedias.dll is missing -- FIXED
771298 Contacts app uses hyphenation -- INVALID
771366 console.info (from JS) doesn't seem to work in B2G desktop -- WORKSFORME
771518 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) ContentPermissionPrompt.js is broken since Bug 757137 landed -- FIXED
771684 Phone doesn't find service provider or SIM card -- WORKSFORME
771922 Otoro builds are failing - error: ‘ALOGD’ was not declared in this scope -- FIXED
771945 system hanged when start a video --
772167 IndexedDB failures seen while running Gallery app in b2g desktop -- b2g-desktop-builds
772237 the B2G emulator works only the first time after building it -- WORKSFORME
772348 Screenshot events aren't named consistently -- FIXED
772734 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] LaunchApp may hang -- FIXED
772747 Shian-Yow Wu [:swu] B2G RIL: Add method to connect to different APN type -- [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] [mno11] QARegressExclude FIXED
772748 B2G AGPS: handle data call failed case --
772750 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) B2G AGPS: get mobile connection technology from rilcontext -- FIXED
773055 Don't allow silent access to appcache for non-app content -- WORKSFORME
773060 Don't allow top window to navigate away from app:// scheme -- WONTFIX
773117 Blocklisting for apps -- [WebAPI:P3][LOE:S]
773356 [browser] Cannot scroll enabled textareas -- FIXED
773577 Cannot call numbers containing # or * (operator numbers) -- DUPLICATE
773892 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Implement minimal (headless) crash submitter for gonk -- FIXED
773899 Redirect to a link that results in a cert error leaves the redirecting URL in the address bar P2 c=browser u=user WORKSFORME Array
774000 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Volume is always set to 0 on the device -- FIXED
774026 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Enable async video for b2g -- FIXED
774190 element.setCapture cease to work on device -- WORKSFORME
774215 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time b2g desktop on mac has a problem with multi-process due to a missing library (libplugin_child_interpose.dylib) -- b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
774235 Intermittent test_browserElement_oop_XFrameOptionsDeny.html | an unexpected uncaught JS exception reported through window.onerror - Script error. at resource:///components/BrowserElementParent.js:0 -- WORKSFORME
774284 Ted Mielczarek [:ted.mielczarek] Add a way to dump symbols for Gonk libraries -- FIXED
774580 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Send the Geolocation status to web content -- FIXED
774582 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Unable to know if there is a user connected to Wifi tethering network -- [LOE:M] FIXED
774583 B2G: Wifi only works the first time on otoro-ics -- DUPLICATE
774599 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Crash when content of unknown MIME type is encountered -- [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] FIXED
774807 Intermittent test_browserElement_inproc_SecurityChange.html | Test timed out. -- WORKSFORME
774876 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Toggling off and on the Wifi Checkbox will not scan wifi networks anymore -- FIXED
775028 B2G-3G: RIL Data Call errors returned as positive values instead negative ones -- INVALID
775051 dclarke@mozilla.com [:onecyrenus] B2g pref loading / parsing causing mochitests to not load -- FIXED
775052 Build system uses incorrect path for adb when flashing Gaia on Galaxy S II; flashing fails -- WORKSFORME
775060 Frédéric Wang (:fredw) Bundle fonts to enable MathML rendering without site-supplied fonts -- [see comment 43]
775265 Ben Turner (not reading bugmail, use the needinfo flag!) B2G Settings App dies in IndexedDb when run OOP -- WORKSFORME
775281 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Add xpcshell tests to test.sh -- FIXED
775293 [meta] B2G security model - future --
775464 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) HTTP authentication causes b2g/gecko crash -- [mentor=jlebar][lang=js][LOE:M][qa-][WebAPI:P2] FIXED
775499 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] [Wifi] Support subject_match to WPA-EAP Enterprise networks -- [LOE:M][WebAPI:P2] [sec-high when feature enabled] FIXED
775576 Clock app crashes when run OOP -- DUPLICATE
775591 Gallery crashes when run OOP -- WORKSFORME
775638 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Removing old MozAfterPaint pref now part of the gaia profile -- FIXED
775792 Need to switch CI to desktop VMs -- FIXED
775814 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] B2G 3G: ril.data.* preferences have string value "false" with fresh profile -- FIXED
775822 Mounir Lamouri (:mounir) B2G shell.js and CameraContent.js should use the new permission manager api -- [qa-] FIXED
775833 VolumeService doesn't work when called OOP -- [blocked-on-input] WONTFIX
776062 Inder Camera - video recording support -- [WebAPI:P0][caf:helping] FIXED
776069 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Audio played from content process (main thread) causing dialer to hang -- FIXED
776086 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Marketplace app doesn't seem to work when run OOP -- WORKSFORME
776118 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Keyboard always shows up alpha when app using keyboard is run OOP -- [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] WORKSFORME
776128 UI Test app - Insert Fake Contacts hangs when run OOP (or not OOP) -- WORKSFORME
776129 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) When mozbrowser does window.open, the opened window should be OOP iff the opener is OOP -- [LOE:S] FIXED
776132 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) UI Test app - window.close test causes seg fault when run OOP (Otoro, debug-build only) -- [LOE:S] FIXED
776134 William Chen [:wchen] UI Test App - Notifications don't work properly when run OOP -- FIXED
776146 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Turn off VolumeService Test by default -- FIXED
776212 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Get usb rndis interface's name automatically -- FIXED Array
776232 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [b2g] Correct the scroll bar width detected by content -- DUPLICATE
776311 WifiWorker.js shouldn't use 'otoro' device name -- DUPLICATE
776755 [Desktop Build]B2G Desktop Builds: ESC does not exit browser app -- b2g-desktop-builds
776783 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time B2G Desktop Builds: Package profile into the build process P1 b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
776789 B2G Updates: Ensure updates work for Desktop P1 b2g-desktop-builds WORKSFORME
776792 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Fire an Activity for application/pdf document -- FIXED
776808 B2G Desktop Builds: Cannot wake up build after timing out -- b2g-desktop-builds
776845 B2G Desktop Builds: Please provide 64-bit (x86_64) Linux builds -- b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
777043 Disabling USB Mass Storage fails to unshare on otoro -- WONTFIX
777046 /mnt/sdcard permissions on otoro don't look correct -- INVALID
777080 Data flow diagrams for Firefox OS -- [WebAPI:P0][LOE:S]
777092 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Make sure final privacy policy makes it into the build P3 [WebAPI:P0][LOE:S] WONTFIX
777179 Wifi: Investigate "W/wpa_supplicant( 1537): wlan0: Failed to initiate AP scan" --
777185 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Hook up content process crash reporting for B2G -- [WebAPI:P0][LOE:S] FIXED
777187 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Implement a useful set of crash report annotations for B2G -- [WebAPI:P0][LOE:S] FIXED
777195 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré AppsService is not e10s ready -- FIXED
777197 certain -moz-transform CSS change (without transition) causes the b2g process to crash -- DUPLICATE
777214 Home button doesn't exit apps -- WORKSFORME
777300 B2G MMS: support hex escape in addressing model --
777384 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) Non-certified apps should not be able to frame other apps -- [LOE:S][WebAPI:P1][mentor=jlebar][qa-] FIXED
777429 Cannot install apps that preload the appcache on Firefox OS -- WORKSFORME
777447 While painting the progress bar we spend an appreciable amount of time running JS -- [sps]
777486 B2G Desktop: Initial window isn't top most on OS X -- b2g-desktop-builds
777594 Doug Turner (:dougt) cannot turn off/on Geolocation -- FIXED
777633 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Cannot view a video on mobile youtube on Firefox OS - vnd.youtube is not a registered protocol -- [LOE:S] FIXED
777704 Showing popup (overlay) for <select> may cause UI freeze -- WORKSFORME
777753 Jeff Muizelaar [:jrmuizel] Occasional slow repaint on scrolling fast around on Facebook news feed on FxOS -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] [LOE:M] WORKSFORME
777831 Eric Shepherd [:sheppy] bootstrap-mac.sh needs to be smarter if /Developer exists but isn't really an Xcode directory --
777890 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Tremendous amount of time spent in GetCurrentScreenConfiguration on cnn.com -- [sps] FIXED
777892 Mike Hommey [:glandium] Build broken with --disable-optimize: undefined reference to 'MOZ_Z_deflate' -- FIXED
777893 b2g desktop builds have no network access P1 b2g-desktop-builds WORKSFORME
777917 Implement Full Disk Encryption (FDE) --
777939 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] onStopListening is not implemented in the shell.js REPL -- FIXED
777948 Jed Davis [:jld] (hit by car on 02-14; will be *very* slow for a while) Consider implementing address space layout randomization (ASLR) for B2G -- [tech-p2] FIXED
777958 NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER when calling removeMessageListener in forms.js handler for xpcom-shutdown --
778187 [Desktop Build]b2g-desktop homescreen app crashes -- b2g-desktop-builds, [b2g-crash]
778281 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Add a dummy data volume to the VolumeManager -- INVALID
778332 Test users should be able to flash their devices without losing personal data -- [B2GTest:Blocker] DUPLICATE
778335 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Ensure B2G devices can poll for and download FOTA updates P1 [B2GTest:Blocker][LOE:M][qa+][fota][dogfooding-blocker] FIXED
778336 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Ensure FOTA updates do not erase user data prior to Nightly testing -- [B2GTest:Blocker][WebAPI:P1][LOE:S] INVALID
778343 Change the OTA update channel to RelEng channel name -- [B2GTest:Blocker]
778346 David Flanagan [:djf] Use End key as a sleep button for b2g desktop -- FIXED
778349 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Ensure B2G devices can apply FOTA updates -- [B2GTest:Blocker][WebAPI:P1][LOE:M] FIXED
778350 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Ensure B2G devices can discern when to download a OTA or FOTA update P1 [B2GTest:Blocker][LOE:S][qa+] WORKSFORME
778668 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Bubble the application name/origin/manifest in the desktop-notification mozChromeEvent -- [qa-] FIXED
778758 Don't build and use the search service on b2g -- FIXED
779036 (b2g-stk) B2G RIL: RIL_UNSOL_STK_EVENT_NOTIFY cannot work on Galaxy-S2 --
779068 String normalisation (accents, special chars) for searching contacts P3 Interaction design WORKSFORME
779079 window.open has stopped working -- WORKSFORME
779138 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - generate shutter events -- [LOE:S] DUPLICATE
779139 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - make cycle collection participants -- FIXED
779142 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [b2g] Camera - add camera use permissions check -- DUPLICATE
779143 Camera - add proper handling of 'extra' cameras --
779144 Camera - add support for non-JPEG mime types --
779145 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - need to handle OnNavigation events to prevent stale callback invocations -- [LOE:S] FIXED
779149 StevenLee[:slee] [Dialer] Audio does not go through headset -- FIXED
779209 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Add support for 3GPP media files -- FIXED
779213 William Chen [:wchen] Implement the .close() function an a mozNotification -- u=user c=system s=ux-most-wanted DUPLICATE
779282 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) ###!!! ASSERTION: CameraPreview not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread()', file /Volumes/b2g/B2G/gecko/dom/camera/CameraPreview.cpp, line 12 -- DUPLICATE
779283 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - ###!!! ASSERTION: Invalid image dimensions!: 'data.mCbCrStride & 0x7 == 0', file /Volumes/b2g/B2G/gecko/dom/camera/GonkCameraPreview.cpp, line 143 -- FIXED
779323 Email app should resolve DNS MX records on-device --
779334 Cannot import contacts from SIM card -- WORKSFORME
779350 Camera app break the display. Force b2g to be restarted -- DUPLICATE
779351 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - need to get/configure the SourceMediaStream on the main thread -- FIXED
779358 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Panning is too fast for in-process content -- [LOE:M] FIXED
779510 Geolocation on device doesn't respond -- DUPLICATE
779515 Geolocation fails to access location sources -- DUPLICATE
779548 Upgrade gonk to android 4.1 -- DUPLICATE
779794 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] navigator.mozContacts.getSimContacts() should return an array of mozContact elements -- FIXED
779866 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Support for App icons to be able to display number of associated pending notifications P5 v2, interaction
779891 B2G Desktop Builds: Browser App locks up build on Mac, must force kill -- b2g-desktop-builds DUPLICATE
779915 Static ticking sounds occur when device is asleep and headphones are plugged in. -- INVALID
779919 Disable Marionette via pref prior to "gecko freeze" -- WORKSFORME
780042 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] nsVolumeService should use nsCOMPtr instead of nsRefPtr for nsIObserverService -- FIXED
780066 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) The wifi function doesn't work if the wifi setttings is disabled after rebooting the device. -- FIXED
780080 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) The type returned is always 'text' for input type='date'/time element in the mozKeyboard.onfocuschange -- FIXED
780174 [browser] Cannot scroll disabled textareas -- DUPLICATE
780177 [meta] B2G Privacy Reviews --
780336 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) BrowserElementScrolling cosumes 7% of profile time on gaia homescreen, but isn't used -- FIXED
780352 Try to make sense of SPS profile running CrystallSkull (WebGL demo) --
780437 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) Apparent child-process OOMs can kill the parent process, despite oom_adj scores which should preclude this P1 [see comment 33] WORKSFORME
780465 Masashi Honma Add support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup functionality -- FIXED
780487 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) All |overflow:hidden| became scrollable -- [qa!] FIXED
780662 [meta] Tracking bug for basecamp updates --
780670 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Improve some VolumeService logs and assertions -- FIXED
780709 b2g fails to restart -- DUPLICATE
780769 [Otoro] WiFi shows as disabled and cannot be enabled on GB --
780793 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) Wifi modification for captive portal detection -- [mno11][triaged:1/18] QARegressExclude FIXED
780857 Raphael Catolino (:raphc) Enable the dom.experimental forms by default in B2G -- FIXED
780905 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - remove excess logging from DOMCameraManager -- FIXED
780909 Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) Stop generating daily *._trunk.zip builds on the FTP server -- FIXED
781011 Update system app "permission-prompt" to take nsIPrincipal instead of nsIURI --
781067 Remove CameraContent.js related code --
781076 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré System app cannot access Idle API (Because it is not considered certified?) -- [fixed by bug 781620] FIXED
781208 Phone number matching support for b2g -- DUPLICATE
781233 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] B2G Updates: Expose Gecko update detailsURL -- FIXED
781297 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Remove addPermissions from shell.js -- FIXED
781322 B2G Desktop Builds: Unable to activate any app when clicking on it -- b2g-desktop-builds WORKSFORME
781358 Doug Turner (:dougt) Default directories should be created on SD card -- INVALID
781438 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) Cannot change the value of the currently selected <select> field in a mozbrowser iframe -- FIXED
781452 when window.open is called mozbrowserloadstart and mozbrowserloadend are fired two times -- INVALID
781562 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time Linux and OS X B2G builds are not available on nightly latest-mozilla-central P1 b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
781606 Cannot set screen.timeout from settings.js -- WORKSFORME
781688 Blair McBride [:Unfocused] (UNAVAILABLE) Remove usage of nsIDOMWindowUtils.goOnline() in B2G's netError.xhtml -- FIXED
781691 Camera app doesn't like being closed on Otoro -- WORKSFORME
781696 [Tracking bug] B2G mochitest failures -- INCOMPLETE
781768 Element with scroll, makes sometimes invisible the content -- WORKSFORME
781969 B2G Desktop : Mac, sound does not play. -- b2g-desktop-builds
781970 Non-deterministic failure in trying to install a packaged app onto the device fails with a JavaScript error -- WORKSFORME
781978 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] AutoMounter should initialize ums.mode to 0 -- FIXED
781980 StevenLee[:slee] No audio through headphones when call is connected -- DUPLICATE
781981 Audio sounds distorted with static -- WORKSFORME
782084 B2G Desktop Builds: linux builds are 4 days older than mac/window desktop builds -- b2g-desktop-builds DUPLICATE
782125 Viewport meta tag not supported -- DUPLICATE
782126 devicepixelratio -- DUPLICATE
782200 B2G Desktop Builds: Please provide Ubuntu-compatible .deb packages -- b2g-desktop-builds WONTFIX
782289 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax Headphones status notification -- FIXED
782314 Opening or closing the notification bar can't be reversed -- INVALID
782321 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Multitouch zoom in browser should not activate links -- [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] DUPLICATE
782400 Crash when trying to login on Marketplace with BrowserID/Persona -- WORKSFORME
782448 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Camera photos are rotated 180 degrees -- [WebAPI:P0] INVALID
782456 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Camera - Can't initialize HAL from content process -- [LOE:S] FIXED
782458 David Flanagan [:djf] Music app doesn't work properly when launched OOP -- WORKSFORME
782472 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Contacts app doesn't work when OOP -- FIXED
782477 Cut-the-Rope subprocess is OOM'ing -- FIXED
782492 Accuweather - confirming selection of an item on the menu does nothing -- DUPLICATE
782567 Cannot send Key event for single quote and slash to the embedded iFrame in Browser App. -- DUPLICATE
782694 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Set GC parameters for otoro -- FIXED
782708 Otoro device takes a long time to get started when coming from a dead charge to being charged, plugged into a charger --
782720 [B2G] test_MochiKit-DOM-Safari.html takes longer than 330s and times out -- WONTFIX
782760 DOMCameraManager.cpp:10:0: warning: "DOM_CAMERA_LOG_LEVEL" redefined [enabled by default] -- FIXED
782814 B2G Desktop Build : UI disappears after minimizing -- b2g-desktop-builds
782841 James Lal [:lightsofapollo] (inactive) Gaia unit test errors on CI -- INCOMPLETE
782859 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Add e10s support the ContentHandler component -- FIXED
782862 Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] Add a --runapp command to b2g-desktop to automatically start an app -- FIXED
782865 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Keyboard simple quote character does not work in OOP applications -- [LOE:S] [WebAPI:P0] FIXED
782971 Problems culminating in "ABORT: unknown union type: file PLayersParent.cpp" when running B2G UI tests app OOP -- FIXED
782973 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) <select> elements in-content looks as a textfield -- FIXED
783062 If b2g dies due to OOM, it doesn't get restarted -- WORKSFORME
783076 [Desktop Build]Panning is broken when running the homescreen OOP. -- b2g-desktop-builds DUPLICATE
783077 Eitan Isaacson [:eeejay] Add AccessFu to shell.js -- FIXED
783080 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Enable WebRTC by default in B2G builds --
783106 OOP + specific set of CSS properties causes text to be invisible -- WORKSFORME
783163 B2G startup crashes in nsWebShellWindow::WindowResized -- DUPLICATE
783183 [meta] Overscroll and scroll indicator support -- DUPLICATE
783276 Touchend doesn't return an event object -- WONTFIX
783323 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Send the message name to content for System Messages -- FIXED
783337 Incoming call screen does not show up in full screen video -- INVALID
783398 Doug Turner (:dougt) DeviceStorage makes calls to nsVolumeService from the IOThread -- FIXED
783406 Building B2G for Galaxy S2 on Mac OS X erroneously claims invalid Perl version -- INVALID
783512 Event "ended" does not fire when audio tag uses a MP3 as src P1 [LOE:S][qa+]
783592 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Wait for returnValue when an activity with href is launched -- INVALID
783610 build failure for Linux B2G Desktop builds -- FIXED
783630 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] console.info output shows up twice in logcat when done from OOP apps -- FIXED
783638 [tracking] B2G Updates: Enable MAR security (signing / verification) P1 [LOE:M][tech-p3] FIXED
783642 Need JSON or xUnit output for Gaia integration tests --
783644 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) window.open(..., ..., "dialog=1") breaks on b2g. Preventing us from logging in to Marketplace app when run in-process -- [qa!] FIXED
783682 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - always assume the camera gives us yuv420sp -- FIXED
783717 remove offline-apps.allow_by_default pref P4
783720 OOM when loading 19 .mp3 files in gaia music app -- INCOMPLETE
783742 Masashi Honma Add support for WPS PIN method -- FIXED
783825 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Fix b2g breakage after bug 553102 -- FIXED
783828 Navigating to an audio resource (maybe video too) doesn't allow playback -- FIXED
783878 Josh Matthews [:jdm] Uploading File with FormData result in no data sent at all when running OOP -- [LOE:S][WebAPI:P2] FIXED
783903 OOP application gets multiple (two) activities request -- INVALID
783958 Frederik Braun [:freddyb] b2g email client needs its HTML security implementation reviewed -- FIXED
783966 Albert [:albert] process netd's InterfaceChange(600) and BandwidthControl(601) message -- FIXED
783976 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] WiFi list can't displayed after enabling/disabling WiFi repeatedly -- FIXED
784085 run-gdb: attaching to child process doesn't find symbols --
784099 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Contacts API is not saving contacts -- FIXED
784184 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [Dialer] DTMF tone volume is not regulated by the volume button P1 UX-P1, BerlinWW, sound, interaction FIXED
784205 David Flanagan [:djf] On-device screenshots don't work (Failure arg 0 [nsIDOMDeviceStorage.addNamed]") -- FIXED
784227 JB Gonk Support (Android 4.3) -- FIXED
784234 libxul.so gets loaded at different addresses for each copy of plugin-container -- INVALID
784240 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Wifi won't scan after ./flash.sh until rebooting after enabling wifi -- FIXED
784249 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - preview can't start reliably -- [WebAPI:P0][LOE:M] WORKSFORME
784284 UI Test "Save bookmark" fails when OOP -- WORKSFORME
784298 ContentPanning should not handle the mousemove event if handled by target --
784415 Add b2g manifest for nexus-7 JB --
784429 Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] (inactive) [WebAPI] WebTelephony: Hang-up while connecting, call is not terminated -- [p=2] INVALID
784435 Image animation performance drops dramatically when Gallery app is OOP -- WORKSFORME
784511 ContentStart event never fires because reportCrash() throws an exception -- FIXED
784520 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me [browser] going to http://last.fm/music/Rasputina crashes b2g P1 [LOE:S] WORKSFORME
784524 Can't get wifi to work on self-built Otoro -- INVALID
784562 Requesting to install a web app in the browser, quickly switching to a different web app, will have the pop-up appear in the different web app -- INVALID
784590 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) No onchange event after seleted options by value selector(mozbrowser <select>) -- [qa-] FIXED
784596 login is not functioning -- INVALID
784646 Yoshi Huang[:allstars.chh] B2G: Cannot import SIM contacts -- FIXED
784678 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Error when calling postCancel and postSuccess in an activity -- FIXED
784684 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax Sending event for volume state changed -- FIXED
784709 Make sure interfaces implemented only for b2g don't show up in normal Firefox builds --
784733 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Otoro device drains overnight when left untethered with wifi enabled -- FIXED
784743 Screen rotation in browser app gives broken rendering before it eventually corrects --
784805 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] plugin-container should update name that shows up in ps -- FIXED
784816 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) Implement startTLS for MozTCPSocket P1 [sec-assigned:ptheriault] [WebAPI:P0] [LOE:M] [tech-p1] FIXED
784830 Gaia integration tests cause B2G to reset on CI -- INVALID
785005 Prevent B2G from calling into the default prompt service -- DUPLICATE
785064 pick content processes to kill based on API use --
785171 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] Update GonkHal.cpp to use oom_score_adj rather than oom_adj -- FIXED
785237 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me pre-allocated plugin-container process is not killed when memory is tight -- FIXED
785386 B2G Desktop: -help option doesn't list all options --
785391 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Activities 'data' content cannot be accessed -- FIXED
785475 b2g's libxul.so cannot find a symbol in libgdk -- DUPLICATE
785647 Andreas Gal :gal revert UA regression (OS agnostic UA) -- FIXED
785663 Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] [keyboard]When IME appears, focused input element should not be hidden by keyboard P1 [LOE:S][WebAPI:P1][qa+] FIXED
786018 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Hook up dom.mozApps.dev_mode pref to the debug.dev-mode setting. -- FIXED
786025 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré fix typo from Bug 776825 -- DUPLICATE
786203 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Permission Prompt should tell which app it comes from instead only gives the url -- [WebAPI:P2], [LOE:S] FIXED
786284 Doug Sherk (:drs) (inactive) news.bbc.co.uk is unscrollable/unusuable P1 [LOE:S] WORKSFORME
786341 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Click on a newly-installed app prevents launching of any apps for several minutes P1 [WebAPI:P0][LOE:M] WORKSFORME
786361 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Prevent a startup race waiting for the DOM application registry to load -- [WebAPI:P1], [qa-] FIXED
786405 window.onbeforeunload support -- WONTFIX
786438 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] Wifi: fire events to DOM when entering wrong password for WEP -- FIXED
786448 John Ford [:jhford] CET/CEST Berlin Time Update B2G Toolchain to include bluetooth headers -- FIXED
786730 Small 'red squares' during 'Flashing repainted area' in SMS App without animation P1 FIXED
786741 Wifi: Investigate not using wpa_supplicant.conf for configuration P1
786746 Jed Parsons (use needinfo, please) [:jedp, :jparsons] Typing my email into a persona pop-up on Marketplace is slow to get text to appear P1 WORKSFORME
786756 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Expose exposure controls through camera API --
786764 navigator.onLine always returns true -- DUPLICATE
786766 Cannot scroll an app in fullscreen -- DUPLICATE
786780 In B2G browser, window.scroll causes the scrolled area to go blank and doesn't actually scroll anything -- DUPLICATE
786870 Gaia integration tests failing on CI --
786890 No plugin support error does not appear on Dinopanic application P2
786921 Christoph Kerschbaumer [:ckerschb] candidate ranking for predictive text -- INVALID
786945 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) Cannot set value to <select> element -- FIXED
786950 B2G emulator build 08/29/12 error -- INVALID
787051 B2G: Remote JS Shell broken -- WORKSFORME
787054 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Make the UA string OS agnostic again, use UserAgentOverrides.jsm to white-list sites that need "Android" -- FIXED
787055 Contacts APP crashes when it gets killed -- UX-P? WORKSFORME
787069 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] B2G desktop build broken -- FIXED
787096 B2G demo tracker --
787264 Cannot select "Ok" in a select pop-up in the browser iframe -- DUPLICATE
787295 Shian-Yow Wu [:swu] Can't get cellular data to work on otoro -- [LOE:M] [WebAPI:P0] WORKSFORME
787415 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Activities pointing to same URL in entry points send several messages to the app -- [WebAPI:P3][LOE:M] WONTFIX
787421 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Dealing with the interaction between wifi and wifi tethering settings -- [LOE:S] FIXED
787435 Improve wording on B2G offline mode page -- [LOE:S] DUPLICATE
787439 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Ensure applications permissions are updated when doing a system update -- [WebAPI:P1][LOE:S] FIXED
787442 Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] Turn on wifi/usb tethering simultaneously -- [caf:needs input] FIXED
787456 Sam Foster [:sfoster] Activity picker shows app name instead entry point -- [systemsfe] WONTFIX
787476 b2g process using ~90% CPU on lock screen even screen pixels don't change -- DUPLICATE
787533 Selecting dock in the chess free game results in a massive z-indexing mess for the dialogs -- INVALID
787564 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Today repository cause a black display on SGS2/Otoro due to regression from bug 778079 -- FIXED
787578 Andrew Halberstadt [:ahal] [PTO until late May] B2G Updates: Get updater automated tests running for B2G P1 FIXED
787812 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax Unable to copy video frames from Camera to Canvas -- FIXED Array
787889 Make the UA string OS agnostic again, use UserAgentOverrides.jsm to deal with sites expecting "Android" -- DUPLICATE
787928 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] Be able to play with Firefox OS on Desktop with no other dependency than Desktop build and Gaia. -- b2g-desktop-builds FIXED
787936 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax RIL is broken, not working anymore -- FIXED
787976 Changing the opacity of a div repaints the whole parent P1
787995 Yoshi Huang[:allstars.chh] RIL requests fails with error 1 or error 7 after b2g restart on nexus S -- WORKSFORME
788101 Doug Turner (:dougt) [Music] Can't load music file from /Music -- DUPLICATE
788122 Doug Turner (:dougt) API to get the available space and total space for app. installation -- [LOE:S] FIXED
788263 Since Friday repository: black display on SGS2 -- [startupcrash] FIXED
788339 DeviceStorageFile::IsType misclassifies audio files on otoro -- [WebAPI:P0] FIXED
788406 [Otoro] Phone should boot up with highest brightness -- INVALID
788408 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) [Otoro] Lock screen unlock handle flashes with graphics defect -- [LOE:M] FIXED
788409 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Lock screen can be seen briefly when it is being faded out -- [LOE:S] [soft] FIXED
788412 Lock screen arrow animation is mistakenly drawn on top of the handle P3
788751 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Bubbling the manifestURL in the webapps-launch mozChromeEvent -- [qa-] FIXED
788834 Upstream uses invalid C++ which newer compilers cannot deal with P5 DUPLICATE
788884 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] nsBrowserApp.cpp: Compiler warning about different signs in comparison -- FIXED
788894 Implement ADU ping P1 WONTFIX
788928 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] B2G SMS: add test cases for nsIDOMSmsManager.ondelivered and nsIDOMSmsRequest.onerror events --
789040 No busybox on the b2g otoro device (again) -- INCOMPLETE
789049 Firefox OS doesn't boot on Galaxy S2 -- DUPLICATE
789067 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - clean up code and remove ICameraControl.h --
789126 Stream Data for Web Activity Content Handlers --
789217 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] [Wifi] Support keystore protocol for wpa_supplicant to read CA from NSS -- [ft:ril] FIXED
789269 Mochitest chunk 1 dies, apparently due to out-of-memory problem -- INCOMPLETE
789290 Persona signup on Marketplace hides the on-screen keyboard -- INVALID
789307 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - must Unlock() graphics buffer if we're not consuming it -- FIXED
789385 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) B2G: Use AGPS_TYPE_SUPL instead of AGPS_TYPE_ANY to make AGPS work -- FIXED
789392 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) window.close() failed to trigger mozbrowserclose event on the parent frame if the child frame is not created with window.open -- FIXED
789399 Josh Matthews [:jdm] [Desktop Build]Crash on linux desktop since the homescreen app runs oop -- [qa+], b2g-desktop-builds, development-blocker WORKSFORME
789435 window.open is not rendered when alarm goes off in OOP mode -- INVALID
789466 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Report crashes with prerelease.dogfood.id if available -- [LOE:S] FIXED
789513 Firefox OS should attempt to ensure 3G Radio on first run -- INVALID
789564 modify b2g to remove the need for desktop b2g wrapper P5
789579 [LG] Camera doesn't work -- INVALID
789581 [LG] Wifi doesn't work -- INVALID
789702 Make SMS recognize phones correctly -- DUPLICATE
789721 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) Check dom.mozBrowserFramesEnabled before BrowserElementPromptService initialized -- FIXED
789739 segmentation fault occurs at random interval and crashes b2g desktop build -- b2g-desktop-builds, b2g-crash
789807 Gecko crashes with Siyah kernel in SGS2 -- FIXED
790054 Blake Kaplan (:mrbkap) Disable WPA Enterprise support P2 [LOE:S] FIXED
790056 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] Enable WPA Enterprise -- [p=2] FIXED
790130 [Otoro][FM radio app] The dial between 87.5MHz and 88MHz is not shown when scrolling -- FIXED
790158 Shelly Lin [:shelly] APIs to get OS version, firmware version, and hardware version for device information -- [LOE:S] FIXED
790231 [Wifi] Expand scan result flag -- DUPLICATE
790330 Include picotts in gonk layer --
790350 Chris AtLee [:catlee] B2G builds & crash reporting, step 2: upload symbols P1 FIXED
790351 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] B2G builds & crash reporting, step 3: set "correct" channel P1 [LOE:S] FIXED
790429 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] B2G content.css warning for background-size -- FIXED
790480 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - in getListOfCameras(), don't delete partial result objects on error -- [sg:dupe 790746] DUPLICATE
790490 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - Launching from Gallery App does not display camera screen P1 [LOE:M] WORKSFORME
790570 Marco Chen [:mchen] Enabling Mute will reduce the speakerphone volume on a connected call -- [LOE:S] FIXED
790665 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - possible object leak when camera app cycles camera while reporting no space to take photos -- WORKSFORME
790723 Zooming/panning on simple HTML page makes it turn black/green and messed up -- DUPLICATE
790728 nsDOMCameraManager::GetListOfCameras doesn't root a -- WORKSFORME
790746 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Manully deleting JSObject* is not allowed -- FIXED
790768 Andreas Gal :gal MOZ_DUMP_PAINT_TO_FILE does not work on B2G phone --
790849 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Don't store information in /data about built-in apps before first startup -- [LOE:M] FIXED
790866 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Implement DNT for b2g -- [LOE:S] FIXED
790906 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) b2g RIL: The network keeps in "Emergency Calls Only" after reboot the device. -- INVALID
790958 Provide initial list of sites which require UA spoofing in B2G in order to function -- WONTFIX
791036 Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] Intermittent failure to change the value of the currently selected <select> field in a mozbrowser frame -- [LOE:M] FIXED
791039 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] Add support for 3rd party preinstalled apps to build system P1 FIXED Array
791049 Camera - sometimes force-closing the OOP camera causes SIGSEGV -- INVALID
791148 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Remove the deprecated camera support -- FIXED
791161 [meta] B2G SIM Toolkit --
791164 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me Hardware video decoding requires IPC privileges -- [LOE:S] FIXED
791193 [Screen Rotation] If next rotation degree is on 180 then screen didn't rotation until touching screen. -- DUPLICATE
791261 Justin Lebar (not reading bugmail) navigator.vibrate not working from a window opened by an OOP app -- [LOE:S] FIXED
791268 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [b2g-bluetooth] No attempt made to enable/disable firmware if bt_is_enabled returns -1 P3 [LOE:S] FIXED Array
791329 Marco Chen [:mchen] No microphone output through headphones when connected to a call -- [LOE:M] FIXED
791380 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Need on-phone equivalent of about:crashes P4 [LOE:S] FIXED
791390 (Intermittent) Cannot load DOMApplicationRegistry, homescreen apps won't load after installing, launching, and uninstalling an untrusted packaged app and restarting the phone -- WORKSFORME
791395 James Lal [:lightsofapollo] (inactive) Vertical scrolling doesn't want to work -- FIXED
791506 Masashi Honma [Wifi] Enable BSSID for WPS PIN -- FIXED
791523 Phone not booting after cold boot -- WORKSFORME Array
791642 Marco Chen [:mchen] nsIAudioManager: support voice volume P1 [LOE:S] FIXED Array
791816 Doug Turner (:dougt) [DeviceStorage] File overwrite on b2g device P3 FIXED
791829 Brian R. Bondy [:bbondy] [OTA update] No way of resuming a stopped/partial update P1 [ota update] FIXED Array
791830 [ota update] Homescreen is empty after the update is applied -- DUPLICATE
791836 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] [OTA update] Updates can just stall without uninterrupted reasons P1 [ota update] DUPLICATE
791902 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me [OTA update] After restart, update shows a busted homescreen with no apps -- [ota update] FIXED
791912 cajbir (:cajbir) Video app crashes when generating thumbnails for h.264 videos -- [LOE:S] FIXED
791920 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) Keyboard does not always show up in inline disposition window P1 FIXED
792015 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré B2G desktop build does not have a homescreen -- FIXED
792178 Genti Tola [:d0kt0r1] TestPermissionFromPrincipal() usage problems -- [lang=C++][LOE:S]
792319 [meta] B2G MMS: Mandatory conformance items --
792327 Steve Chung [:steveck] B2G MMS: MMSCONF-CMO-C-002: Support for creation mode RESTRICTED as current creation mode -- [LOE:M] DUPLICATE
792351 Robert O'Callahan (:roc) (email my personal email if necessary) OOP frame is drawn mispositioned if both |transfrom: translateY()| and |top| CSS properties are set -- FIXED
792504 Launching desktop build shows directory listing -- desktop-build
792506 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] AutoMounter should not allow UMS to be disabled while USB cable is plugged in -- FIXED
792529 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] ASSERTION: VibratorRunnable not thread-safe -- FIXED
792567 Remove text selection when moving cursor within text input boxes. -- BerlinWW, interaction, visual design FIXED
792577 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Crash when two activities have the same href in manifest.webapp P2 FIXED
792660 B2G RIL: develop test cases for setting preferred network type -- DUPLICATE
792682 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] GonkHal vibrator code incorrectly uses a weak reference -- FIXED
792684 Add a mechanism to do a proper shutdown of b2g on the phone --
792695 Mounir Lamouri (:mounir) Second inline activity of same kind fails to occur -- WORKSFORME
792798 Bevis Tseng[:bevistseng][:btseng] B2G SMS: develop test cases for Message Class 2 -- FIXED Array
792879 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] AT&T Microsim: APN isn't automatically selected, preventing data connection -- FIXED
792891 Add way to detect from parent process whether a TabParent is visible, and use that for backstop permissions checks --
792896 Fixing the permission check in PermissionSettings.js -- DUPLICATE
792982 inline activities stop working after a few times -- DUPLICATE
793001 B2G Desktop Build: Crash when trying to install a packaged/web app -- [b2g desktop build], b2g-desktop-builds
793019 ActivityRequestHandler.postResult() fails for string arguments --
793066 [OTA update] Detected updater fires: UpdateManager:_loadXMLFileIntoArray: XML file does not exist -- [ota update] INVALID
793067 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me [OTA update] Selecting "Later" will not bring the updater back within the time frame -- [ota update] WORKSFORME
793070 Chris Jones [:cjones] inactive; ni?/f?/r? if you need me [OTA update] Update fails to apply: errorCode 7 -- [ota update] FIXED
793072 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] [OTA update] Updater progress bar never advances in the Notifications bar -- [ota update] WORKSFORME
793081 feedback -- INVALID
793082 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Allow sendChromeEvent to queue the events until window.onload fires -- FIXED
793102 [Music] Can't play the music on mix page -- INVALID
793103 [Music] Not all music files will be loaded into mix page -- INVALID
793108 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) value selection popup will show up again while re-entering app P3 FIXED
793198 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED when using the PermissionManager in B2G -- FIXED
793213 Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) Mochitests broken on B2G -- FIXED
793240 Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) Disable profiling on TBPL opt gecko builds -- FIXED
793243 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Eng builds (VARIANT=) fail to show homescreen on otoro -- FIXED
793289 desktop b2g crash when scrolling in settings -- [b2g-desktop-builds], [b2g-crash]
793306 Simulate low memory conditions P1
793310 Andrea Marchesini [:baku] Support sms:, tel: and mailto: URI schemes -- FIXED Array
793329 Not reading bugmail [:ferjm] If the trusted UI is closed on device, fire an onerror callback in mozPay indicating as such P2 FIXED
793349 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Youtube activity should include video title -- FIXED
793401 Drawing errors on SGS2 --
793420 Sean Lin [:seanlin] (inactive from Mar 2016) Remove the waiting timer for the 'open-app' mozChromeEvents requested by System Message -- FIXED
793423 B2G RIL: Remove 'system-app-ready' mozContentEvent dependency -- dupme FIXED
793450 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] RadioInterfaceLayer broken after commit of bug 787420 -- FIXED
793453 Radio not starting anymore -- FIXED
793553 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [b2g] oninput is not fired when the content of an input field is changed -- [WebAPI:P3] FIXED
793557 Fire a system message for the firstrun on the device --
793644 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) Browser API - Fire an event on mozbrowser iframes to confirm reload of a POST request P1 FIXED Array
793770 A hidden <option> still shows up in <select> --
793837 Drawing artifact on otoro when settings app run in-process --
793840 Joe Drew (not getting mail) Drawing artifact on otoro in settings app P1 [gfx] DUPLICATE
793845 RIL: doesn't connect to 3G until restart -- WORKSFORME
793973 [Camera] camera is broken -- FIXED
794051 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] Invalid use of fscanf in GonkHal.cpp -- FIXED
794055 Video app fails to start if thumbnail fails to generate -- FIXED
794092 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Implement RecoveryService: an XPCOM service wrapper for librecovery -- FIXED
794108 [browser] stop throbber when page loading stopped even if platform still working P4 WONTFIX
794211 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] [OTA update] Check for updates when online if the network is offline during a check P1 ota update FIXED
794228 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré addon-manager services are running in B2G P1 [MemShrink][slim:1MB] FIXED
794397 API to get the total capacity of the SD card P4
794422 Component interface 'nsISettingsServiceCallback' not found -- DUPLICATE
794424 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax No headphones status notification on boot -- FIXED
794530 [meta] Implement new client side payment provider flow -- FIXED
794552 [meta] Implement new identity flow to support new payment provider model -- FIXED
794564 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Camera application violate DCF standard P3 QARegressExclude FIXED
794662 Benjamin Smedberg [:bsmedberg] B2G Desktop crashes on startup -- FIXED
794681 Zachary Carter [:zaach] Invisible IFRAME for navigator.id.watch() on B2G -- [qa-][feature-complete] FIXED
794706 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Write a symbolication script to streamline using the profiler -- WORKSFORME
794878 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) Keyboard API should pass initial values for input[type="date|time"] etc.. -- FIXED
794881 Marco Chen [:mchen] Phone state to dialing or connected will clear ForceForUse to None -- FIXED
794922 Chris Peterson [:cpeterson] Cant select input field after scrolling if window is launched by window.open P1 WORKSFORME
794976 SMS app resets Otoro with 2012-09-26 build -- DUPLICATE
794994 [homescreen] All the icons will gather into upper-left corner in edit mode -- DUPLICATE
794999 Not reading bugmail [:ferjm] [Trustworthy UI] Create an abstract trusted UI component -- WONTFIX
795023 Zachary Carter [:zaach] Use the TrustedUIManager from navigator.id Gaia implementation instead of the PopupManager to trigger a trusted dialog P1 [LOE:S] [system/trusted_dialog] DUPLICATE
795051 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] provide buildID, version, and dogfooding_prerelease_id in URL for b2g update requests P1 FIXED
795090 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Camera - Add limit on video recorded file size and the recording duration P1 QARegressExclude FIXED
795179 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Web Activities intermittently cause segfault P1 DUPLICATE
795197 Michael Wu [:mwu] Additional files required to enable video recording -- FIXED
795198 B2G RIL: Quickly tapping 2G/3G preferred network and voice network stays unregistered --
795201 Doug Turner (:dougt) nsIDOMDeviceStorage needs to expose real paths to gecko -- FIXED
795202 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Camera - video file doesn't have correct extension? P2 FIXED
795242 isdn-subaddress and post-dial are ignored for tel: protocol handler. --
795245 When using 'translateX' of a div that is higher than the screen size it makes a 'jumping' effect -- DUPLICATE
795317 Patrick Wang (Chih-Kai Wang) (:kk1fff) wyciwyg:// URLs being passed via mozbrowserlocationchange events -- FIXED
795330 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - video recording - configure recording with parameters passed from JS P3 DUPLICATE
795332 Camera - video recording - is "record-size" deprecated, does it need to be changed to "video-size"? --
795369 Use hardware composer to render gecko layers -- INCOMPLETE
795379 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera - video recording - expose recording profile configurations P2 FIXED Array
795415 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] mobile data no longer works in 9/28 build -- INVALID
795424 [b2g-bluetooth] Wrap bluetooth RIL interaction in MOZ_B2G_RIL defines -- DUPLICATE
795450 Rotated browser rotates all layer visible rects except for Thebes layer -- INVALID
795479 Marshall Culpepper [:marshall_law] Allow B2G update channel to be passed in at build time -- FIXED
795480 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Make b2g app ensure that it's the process group controller -- FIXED
795508 [b2g-ril] RIL does not degrade gracefully on losing socket connection to rilproxyd --
795512 RecoveryService: Make APIs asynchronous --
795530 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Poor performance with app switching and exiting P1 DUPLICATE
795854 Not reading bugmail [:ferjm] [System app][Trustworthy UI][Refactor] Take trusted UI out of PopupManager -- [LOE:M][feature-complete] FIXED
795860 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) [Otoro] System Message API attempts to launch Settings app before Homescreen P1 FIXED
795936 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [Dialer App] Don't enable screen timeout when connected to a call -- FIXED
795992 On a slow network connection, loading certain pages (e.g. mozqa.com/data) renders the page pixelated for either a period of time or until you start scrolling P1 DUPLICATE
796004 [dialer][lockscreen] Hang off the coming call by sliding left will launch camera -- WORKSFORME
796008 Jeff Muizelaar [:jrmuizel] Cannot load the Octane Bench in the FF OS browser - page not responding P3 WORKSFORME
796010 Cannot stop loading of a page not responding in the FF OS browser -- DUPLICATE
796041 [Dialer App] Don't enable screen timeout when connected to a call -- DUPLICATE
796051 Axel Hecht [:Pike] Generate make target to package needed l10n files in gecko P1 FIXED
796060 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [camera] - not possible to record video from camera P1 FIXED
796074 Scrolling up and down on the transition panel on abril.com starts layering the same image multiple times --
796079 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) language.current should map to general.useragent.locale instead of intl.accept_languages P1 FIXED Array
796080 David Flanagan [:djf] MozKeyboard must send notification when user moves cursor -- FIXED
796082 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [Music] Music player crashes when scrolling mix screen P1 FIXED
796110 Tracking: Clear private data -- FIXED
796137 Jim Porter (:squib) [email] Fix ActiveSync authentication -- FIXED
796142 bhavana bajaj [:bajaj] Github issue tracking needs more process/functionality P2 INVALID
796143 Lukas Blakk [:lsblakk] use ?needinfo Here's something that should become a bugzilla bug -- [question] [polish] INVALID
796144 Alex Keybl [:akeybl] test transition -- INVALID
796145 Unassigned bug P1 INVALID
796147 Unassigned bug P1 INVALID
796149 bhavana bajaj [:bajaj] Github issue tracking needs more process/functionality P2 [duplicate] INVALID
796154 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [Settings] Widgets on set pass code panel loses keyboard focus, if field is tapped P3 FIXED
796157 Axel Hecht [:Pike] Review b2g/locales/en-US for string freeze P1 FIXED
796160 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [Settings] Wifi shows "Identifier" field for WPA-PSK wireless networks P2 [bug] FIXED
796163 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] [Contacts] Import contacts from SIM - no error message on failure P3 interaction, UX-P2 FIXED
796166 [Dialer] Long delay until calls appear in call log P1 [bug], interaction WORKSFORME
796169 alberto.pastor [Contacts] Contact detail persists on screen after being dismissed -- [bug] WORKSFORME
796172 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] [Homescreen] Long load delays in the homescreen when app switching, after pressing the homescreen, etc -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] UX-P1, PRODUCT-VERIFY WORKSFORME
796173 [SMS] Not receiving any text messages -- [bug] WORKSFORME
796181 Radio: localize frequency scales --
796186 Ben Francis [:benfrancis] [Browser] Grey bar appears above keyboard P1 [LOE:S] FIXED
796189 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [Homescreen] Can't edit the text fields on the Add to Home Screen UI -- [bug] FIXED
796191 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Web Activities intermittently firing twice or not at all -- [bug] WORKSFORME
796194 [Calendar] Swiping does not escape from tray. --
796195 test transition -- INVALID
796199 bhavana bajaj [:bajaj] Github issue tracking needs more process/functionality P2 [label:duplicate] INVALID
796201 Lukas Blakk [:lsblakk] use ?needinfo Here's something that should become a bugzilla bug -- [label:question][label:polish] INVALID
796202 test transition -- INVALID
796203 Unassigned bug P1 INVALID
796209 see what happens when we don't know the user P3 INVALID
796210 see what happens when we don't know the user P3 INVALID
796211 see what happens when we don't know the user P3 INVALID
796220 Pavel Ivanov [:ivanovpavel][:pivanov] UX Use the "X" + Action button pattern for Settings Panels in the Settings App -- BerlinWW WORKSFORME
796221 [homescreen] dock is cropped at the bottom -- [label:duplicate][label:system][LOE:S] FIXED
796223 Eric Chou [:ericchou] [:echou] Need to change the way enabling/disabling Bluetooth -- [label:bluetooth] FIXED
796224 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [Bluetooth] Needs Dailer app to observe a system message sent from Bluetooth -- [label:bluetooth][LOE:S] FIXED
796225 Eric Chou [:ericchou] [:echou] [settings][bluetooth] turn on bluetooth, and watch it turn back off again -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:bluetooth] DUPLICATE
796228 Yuren [:yurenju] (AFK ~ Oct. 12) (volunteer mode) B2G Test Drivers feedback app bugs -- FIXED
796230 [Accessibility] Enabling Invert Colors will cause janky performance -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] [label:Accessibility] WONTFIX
796231 [System] One activity couldn't happen twice -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:Accessibility][label:system/window_management][LOE:0] DUPLICATE
796233 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) repeatedly switching between homescreen and gallery crashes one or both of them P3 [label:Accessibility] WORKSFORME
796237 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Cards view needs better instructions on how to Close a running App -- interaction, UX-P2, BerlinWW FIXED
796238 Michał Budzyński (:michalbe) [system] understanding the difference between a swipe and a touch P1 [label:Enhancement][label:system/window_management][label:system/card_view][LOE:S] FIXED
796239 [Task Manager] Should use transform instead of scrollLeft -- UX-P5 INVALID
796241 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] [homescreen][card view] long home button press should not open card view if there are no running apps -- [label:system/card_view][label:polish][label:mentored][label:functional-polish]UX-P2 FIXED
796242 Michael Wu [:mwu] Homescreen doesn't start dragging until movement exceeds tap threshold -- interaction, UX-P1 FIXED
796243 [lockscreen] wallpaper display/paint lag when wake from sleep -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:system/lockscreen][label:perf][label:polish] WORKSFORME
796244 :Margaret Leibovic [lockscreen] poor UX after multiple failed attempts P2 [label:UX][label:needsUXinput][label:system/lockscreen][label:polish][label:mentored][LOE:S] FIXED
796245 [lockscreen] Moving the slider repaints a zone in the top left corner -- [label:settings][label:system/lockscreen] FIXED
796246 Les Orchard [:lorchard] it should not be possible to enable passcode lock while lock screen not enabled -- [label:system/lockscreen][label:polish][label:functional-polish] FIXED
796247 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [lockscreen] showing sms message content is privacy exposure P1 [label:needsUXinput][label:system/lockscreen][label:needsSecurityInput] WORKSFORME
796248 Thinker Li [:sinker] [lockscreen][homescreen] It takes too long to awake the phone when disable the phone lock(when wifi is turn on) -- WORKSFORME
796249 [dialer][lockscreen] Hang off the coming call by sliding left will launch camera -- [label:dialer][label:blocked][label:system/lockscreen] DUPLICATE
796250 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com Clock APP needs the ringtone media. -- [label:blocked][label:needsVISUALinput][label:clock][LOE:M] FIXED
796251 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com [clock] AM/PM Dial is hard to scroll -- [label:clock][label:softBlocker][LOE:M] WORKSFORME
796252 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com [clock] Edit Alarm title should be centered -- [label:clock][LOE:S] FIXED
796253 Patryk Adamczyk [:patryk] UX [clock] Alarm does not graudually fade up in 10 ~ 30 secs -- [label:clock][label:softBlocker] FIXED
796254 launching apps on Otoro is very slow -- UX-P1 WONTFIX
796255 Gene Lian (I already quit Mozilla) Alarm doesn’t ring on time if the app is killed and phone is allowed to suspend P1 [label:clock] FIXED Array
796256 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com [clock] The Repeat choose page will show up unexpectly -- [label:clock] DUPLICATE
796258 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com Clock transition does not match other applications -- [label:clock][label:polish] WORKSFORME
796259 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [clock] Mute the phone also mute the alarm P1 [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:clock] FIXED
796260 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com [clock] Double press on different alarms' on/off button, the on/off status of second button will change unexpectedly -- [label:clock][LOE:S][polish] FIXED
796261 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com Odd behavior of clock, only even -- [label:clock] FIXED
796262 iliu@mozilla.com, ianliu.moz@gmail.com [Alarm App] alarm filenames exceed screen width -- [label:clock] FIXED
796263 [BB][Clock] Use settings' style checkboxes for alarms [switches] P3 [label:l10n][label:clock] FIXED
796264 Alarm sound does not play -- [label:clock] DUPLICATE
796265 Date & Time "Set Automatically" not working OR time zone not working -- [label:settings][label:clock] DUPLICATE
796266 Alarm notification doesn't go away when I delete the last alarm -- [label:clock] WORKSFORME
796267 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) Blue rectangles in alarm day selection screen -- [label:system][label:clock] FIXED
796268 Alarm sets itself to "off" after being closed. -- [label:clock] INVALID
796269 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] [settings] set time manually once, cannot do again P1 [label:clock] FIXED
796270 [settings] set time manually, make changes, does not take effect P1 [label:clock] DUPLICATE
796272 [settings] Data Connection is not working -- [label:settings][label:blocked] INVALID
796273 [settings] Wifi scans but does not present list of SSIDs -- [label:settings][label:blocked] WORKSFORME
796274 [email] New Account setup does not setup an account P1 [label:email] FIXED
796275 Andrea Marchesini [:baku] Context menu fires on wrong target out of process P2 [LOE:S] FIXED Array
796276 in homescreen editing mode, cannot remove icons from the dock -- WORKSFORME
796278 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] Offline cache not pre-populated for hosted apps with an appcache_path P2 [label:mozapps][label:blocked][LOE:M] DUPLICATE
796280 [Homescreen] change wallpaper from homescreen will cause crash -- [label:homescreen][label:blocked][label:FM Radio] DUPLICATE
796281 [SmokeTest][dialer] Receive a call with no sound (vibration only) -- [label:dialer][label:blocked][label:smoke test bustage] DUPLICATE
796282 The option to delete a photo is not displayed in edit mode P2 Interaction design [label:contacts][label:blocked][label:resolved][label:feature][gh-assignee:jmcanterafonseca] FIXED
796283 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [Video App] Can't play Youtube videos P1 [label:video][label:blocked] FIXED
796284 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [Video] - launching youtube video causes video app to launch, but not play video -- [label:browser][label:video][label:blocked] DUPLICATE
796285 [Camera App] Taking a picture will slightly shrink the image before saving P3 [label:camera] DUPLICATE
796286 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [Camera] No shutter sound P2 [label:camera][label:needsVISUALinput] FIXED
796287 Camera takes portrait inverted -- [label:camera] WORKSFORME
796288 Homescreen ~20px to long after launching the camera -- [label:camera][label:homescreen] WORKSFORME
796289 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Pick activity in camera should return data url -- [label:camera][LOE:S] FIXED
796290 [CONTACTS] Add photo from contact details is rebooting the phone -- [label:gallery][label:camera] DUPLICATE
796291 Every app startup requires access to camera and deprecated-hwvideo permission -- [label:camera][label:video] WORKSFORME
796292 [camera] get rid of geolocation permission prompt -- [label:camera] WORKSFORME
796293 Gene Lian (I already quit Mozilla) [camera] Picking camera after long press causes app crash and phone reboot -- [label:camera] FIXED
796294 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC-4, EDT) [camera][gallery] continual switching between gallery and camera will crash the camera app and cause a grey screen to appear; pipe error (162): Connection reset by peer P3 [label:gallery][label:camera][label:system] WORKSFORME
796295 Transition between gallery and camera is very slow -- WORKSFORME
796296 Camera image compresses along horizontal axis while saving a photo -- [label:camera] DUPLICATE
796297 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [settings] Camera app fails to launch after using it to set the wallpaper in settings. P1 [label:camera][label:settings] DUPLICATE
796298 [Camera] cannot create more than 1 video -- [label:camera] FIXED
796299 [Camera] Counter for the timing of the video is not updating -- [label:camera] FIXED
796301 Patryk Adamczyk [:patryk] UX [music] nav bar in album view has transparent background P3 visual design, incorrect implementation WORKSFORME
796302 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [media] [music] App does not display audio files with no manifest data P1 [label:music][LOE:M] FIXED
796303 statusbar should include a status for music playing -- v2 DUPLICATE
796304 Eric Pang [:epang] UX [Music] Generic Album Art needs to be Created P3 visual design, uxbranch, landed in uxbranch, v1.1 (sort by song), qa-verified FIXED
796305 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Music app should order songs by track number -- [label:music] FIXED Array
796306 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] Always show "No Song" when launch the music app first time (even there is music file in SD card) -- [label:music][label:polish] FIXED
796307 Trying to load videos from the sdcard with the sdcard already plugged after initially flashing the device - videos are not found -- [label:music] WORKSFORME
796308 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] List DIviding Line Length - Music App P3 visual design, incorrect implementation FIXED
796310 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] nav bar is completely transparent for the selected item -- [label:music] FIXED
796311 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] music scans every time the app becomes visible. P3 [label:music] FIXED
796312 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] make overlay block touch events -- [label:music] FIXED
796313 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The more button in the music app does not do anything -- [label:music] FIXED
796314 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The |<< button does nothing with only one mp3 song added to the music app -- [label:music] [caf:blocking] FIXED
796315 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The |>> button does nothing with only one mp3 song added to the music app P3 visual design FIXED
796316 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The seek button in the music is hard to click and change locations within a song -- [label:music][label:needsUXinput] FIXED
796317 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The shuffle button does nothing at all (even with one artist) P3 QARegressExclude FIXED
796318 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] The stars UI in the music player does nothing when playing a mp3 song -- [label:music] WORKSFORME
796319 [music] When selecting a song already playing, don't restart the song, just go to viewing the song -- [label:music], mozweekend
796325 [lock screen] unlock vibration occurs even when vibration are turned off -- INVALID
796326 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [STK] needs Dialer app to observe an outgoing call placed by STK P2 FIXED
796330 AppManager.launch(url) should take a name as argument instead of the an url P2 DUPLICATE
796331 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré AppManager.launch(url) should take a name as argument instead of the an url -- WONTFIX
796332 A key combination that do location.reload() ? -- WONTFIX
796333 Matthew Gregan [:kinetik] Audio should be stopped if the device goes to suspend P1 [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:system][LOE:M] WORKSFORME
796334 Philipp von Weitershausen [:philikon] Gaia system app: don't short-sell the signal strength when computing bars P1 [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:system][label:networking][LOE:S] FIXED
796335 UILocale argument problem -- [label:l10n] WONTFIX
796336 Dialer should have an option to disable dial tones on keypad -- WORKSFORME
796337 [Messages] Hide bottom bar when keyboard appears -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:needsUXinput] INVALID
796338 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Captive portal pop up dialog is not automatically triggered on connect -- [label:browser][label:networking][LOE:M] DUPLICATE
796340 proxy settings -- [label:networking] DUPLICATE
796341 [gaia] Blank screen (after timeout) on Nexus S when on modal dialog -- [label:system] INVALID
796342 Wifi doesn't work after reboot -- [label:networking][label:devices/SG2] WORKSFORME
796343 [dialer] call in progress dialog should not support landscape mode, or rotation; dialog texts truncated/controls malformed/misplaced in landscape mode P2 [label:dialer], interaction WORKSFORME
796344 [marketplace] - marketplace apps fail to install, go into endless loop -- [label:homescreen][label:market] WORKSFORME
796345 [calc] - in landscape mode, tip screen overshadows number field, other buttons truncated P2 [label:calculator] INVALID
796347 Have a setting to enable/disable auto updates for Gaia -- [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][label:system], ux-tracking Array
796348 [task switcher] Some Apps are missing thumbnails in Task Switcher -- [label:system] WORKSFORME
796349 [dialer] mute control mutes both incoming (and outgoing) audio P1 [label:settings][label:system] interaction WORKSFORME
796350 volume control autorepeat does not work correctly -- [label:system] FIXED
796351 Performance slows considerably very quickly after turn on the phone -- [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=] WORKSFORME
796352 [Volume] The volume status showed doesn't reflect the current volume -- [label:system][label:devices/SG2] FIXED
796353 If the phone is turned on with the headphones plugged in, the sound is played by the phone speaker and not by the headphones -- [label:system] Array
796355 [Dialer App] Keypad is missing when making a call from History & Contacts Tab -- [label:dialer] FIXED
796356 [Homescreen] Task manager doesn't show images of apps -- [label:homescreen] WORKSFORME
796357 [Test Agent App] Remove or fix it from gaia builds -- [label:mozapps][label:system] INVALID
796358 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Unchecking USB mass storage while mounted doesn't unmount on Nexus S -- [label:system] DUPLICATE
796359 app launch animation is super janky on nexus s -- [label:homescreen][label:system][label:perf] DUPLICATE
796361 [windowManager] Task switcher does not show correct orientation of app -- WORKSFORME
796362 Handling SSL cert errors and self-signed certs within the browser and apps -- [label:browser][label:needsUXinput][label:needsSecurityInput][label:v2], testrun 2 DUPLICATE
796363 Larissa Co [:lco] Deleting webapp-specific cookies -- [label:settings][label:needsUXinput]
796364 make screenshot (gaia target) busted, shows multiple duplicate screens -- [label:system]
796365 Yuan Xulei [:yxl] (Leave from May 18) Contenteditable doesn't bring up keyboard P1 [label:Keyboard & IME] FIXED
796366 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Wifi App doesn't refresh available network list -- [label:system][label:networking] WORKSFORME
796367 [power] power off button appears to accept no haptic input (tap) but does, in fact, actually work -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:system] FIXED
796368 [Browser App] Planet Mozilla renders unreadable -- [label:browser][label:needsGeckoSupport] DUPLICATE
796369 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] Galaxy Nexus: No back/Home softkeys -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:UX] FIXED
796370 Marketplace assertion when clicking on any app [nsIDOMHistory.replaceState] -- [label:market] FIXED
796371 Patryk Adamczyk [:patryk] UX Font rendering does not look good in HVGA -- [label:system][label:needsVISUALinput][LOE:S] INVALID
796372 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] build/offline-cache.js:364: TypeError: applicationCache is null -- [label:system], QARegressExclude FIXED
796373 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [browser] scrolling form fields into view closes the keyboard P3 [label:browser][label:Keyboard & IME][label:needsGeckoSupport][LOE:S] FIXED
796374 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Support HTTP proxy configuration in settings -- [label:UX][label:needsUXinput][label:networking][label:needsProductDecision] FIXED
796375 show-pwd and identity in settingsDB? -- [label:settings] WONTFIX
796376 Don't set .src on iframes created by window.open. -- [label:system] FIXED
796377 Tapping "enter" in keyboard while accepting wireless key gives 404 in settings -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:networking] INVALID
796378 Contacts app uses hyphenation -- [label:contacts][label:perf] INCOMPLETE
796379 Keyboard does not show in fullscreen applications -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:system/window_management] INVALID
796380 UI stays at connecting after authentication failed when trying to connect to a WPA network -- [label:networking]
796381 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] About should expose the some hardware address of the device such as NIC, Bluetooth, IMEI, ICCID -- [label:settings][label:UX][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:needsUXinput] FIXED
796382 [browser] panning back and forth may leave graphic defect (redraw issue) -- [label:browser][label:needsGeckoSupport] WORKSFORME
796384 [system] Upload a file -- [label:story][label:system] DUPLICATE
796385 [Browser] Input tags wrapped in table are unusable -- [label:browser][label:Keyboard & IME]
796387 [System] shell.js error -- [label:system] FIXED
796388 [Keyboard] Content JS Warning when bringing up the Japanese VKB. -- [label:Keyboard & IME] dupme FIXED
796390 keyboard doesn't capture mouse events outside the main area -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:system] INVALID
796391 transitioning between apps shows close-app animation and homescreen -- [label:system] WONTFIX
796392 Jose Manuel Cantera [Contacts] Performance when entering in search mode should be better P3 [label:contacts][label:perf] FIXED
796393 Jim Porter (:squib) [email] duplicate accounts can be created P3 interaction, UX-P3, [TD-9473] FIXED Array
796394 [video] Parse video name from metadata -- [label:video][label:v2] DUPLICATE
796395 Using a SIM card that does not have a data plan redirects to a server that gives malformed syntax -- [label:browser][label:needsGeckoSupport]
796396 [browser] Cannot pan up and down on etherpad.mozilla.com -- [label:browser]
796397 Homescreen displays no app icons under Firefox Nightly -- [label:homescreen] INVALID
796398 [settings] press on wifi network overlays "connecting to null" -- [label:settings][label:networking] WORKSFORME
796399 Build system uses incorrect path for adb when flashing Gaia on Galaxy S II; flashing fails -- [label:Makefile] WONTFIX
796400 Going to testmanifest.com on the browser slows down interactions in Gaia overall by a lot -- [label:system][label:perf] DUPLICATE
796402 Going to testmanifest.com on the browser slows down interactions in Gaia overall by a lot -- [label:system][label:perf] WORKSFORME
796403 Crash while logging into the marketplace app -- [label:market] WORKSFORME
796404 scrolling does not lock content to finger -- WORKSFORME
796405 Settings check the English layout but never trigger enableSetting from keyboard -- [label:settings][label:Keyboard & IME] WORKSFORME
796407 [Marketplace] Marketplace flickers logon button after login processed -- [label:market][label:polish] FIXED
796408 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) Display key pop-ups within 140ms of touch start P3 c= s=2013.05.17 , TEF_REQ, PRODUCT-VERIFY, ux-tracking FIXED
796409 Keyboard doesn't show up correctly when app run OOP -- [label:Keyboard & IME] DUPLICATE
796411 [settings] RIL doesn't retrieve APN settings after submiting APN settings dialog. -- [label:settings][label:telephony] FIXED
796412 Match labels and input ids -- [label:settings][label:UX][label:system] FIXED
796413 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) Keyboard layout doesn't match specs -- [label:Keyboard & IME][label:needsUXinput][LOE:S][label:feature] FIXED
796414 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Harmonize Gaia App Manifests Against the App Manifest Spec - Messages -- [label:system][LOE:S] WONTFIX
796415 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Harmonize Gaia App Manifests Against the App Manifest Spec - Activities -- [label:system][LOE:S] WONTFIX
796416 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Harmonize Gaia App Manifests Against the App Manifest Spec - Background Page -- [label:system][LOE:S] WONTFIX
796419 [Calendar] Year is missing from the requirement -- [label:needsUXinput][label:calendar], QARegressExclude FIXED
796420 [Quick Settings] The "Data" icon is not clear it's tied to a data plan P3 visual design DUPLICATE
796423 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [settings] No scrollbar for Arabic settings; Spacing for scrollbar is on the right -- [label:settings][label:l10n][label:needsGeckoSupport] FIXED
796424 [meta] Network error messages should be localized P1 [label:l10n][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:networking][LOE:S][label:feature]
796426 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [browser] responsiveness of stopping a web page from loading is slow -- [label:browser][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:perf][LOE:M] DUPLICATE
796427 [botio] botio test is currently broken -- [label:mozapps] FIXED
796428 Manuel Casas Barrado [:mancas] [Quick Settings] Toggling Mobile data while roaming and Data Roaming turned Off -- [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][label:system/quick_settings] FIXED
796429 [settings] tapping the home button after scrolling down will auto pan to the top -- [label:settings][label:polish] WORKSFORME
796430 Send Performance Data (Telemetry) P2 [label:needsPrivacyReview] [c= p= s= u=]
796431 [test-agent] Dies on b2g desktop now its under OOP -- FIXED
796432 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [contacts] hitting return in the Name field will delete/add a phone number P3 [label:contacts][label:Keyboard & IME][label:polish][gh-assignee:albertopq] FIXED
796433 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] Show the origin of the page if you are within a web app, but not on the app origin -- [label:mozapps][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:needsUXinput][label:needsVISUALinput][LOE:S] FIXED
796434 Audio is garbled when launching and running the CubeVid application -- [label:mozapps][label:needsGeckoSupport] DUPLICATE
796435 Yuren [:yurenju] (AFK ~ Oct. 12) (volunteer mode) Installing a web app from Marketplace uses incorrect icon size P1 [label:needsVISUALinput][label:polish][gh-assignee:crdlc] FIXED
796436 Chris Lee [:clee] [contacts] tie contacts to Persona -- v2 INVALID
796437 Errors / hang launching apps on desktop b2g -- [label:mozapps][label:Desktop_Build/Mac] FIXED
796438 [contacts] no way to rearrange the favorites in contacts P5 Interaction
796439 [Homescreen] Browser doorhanger lingers on homescreen when closing App -- [label:homescreen] FIXED
796440 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Text rendering in settings tray is atrocious (HVGA) -- [label:system] INVALID
796441 b2g-desktop crashes -- [label:system] DUPLICATE
796442 [system/popup]: click link on dialog cause crash -- [label:market][label:needsGeckoSupport] DUPLICATE
796443 Wallpaper changing in Settings app is buggy -- [label:settings] WORKSFORME
796444 [email/activesync] ActiveSync does not automatically retry or report account problems. P4 [label:task][label:email][mentor wanted][label:email-ui][LOE:S][qa+] interaction [UX-P2] WORKSFORME
796445 screen is not switch on when install-gaia or install-settingsdb -- [label:system] WORKSFORME
796446 [Settings] Keyboard is still up after return when confirming the password P3 UX_QA, interaction FIXED
796447 Andrea Marchesini [:baku] [Settings] Mobile Data settings should never be on in Airplane Mode. P3 [LOE:S] FIXED
796448 Do not show progress of when an app is loading something -- [label:mozapps][label:needsUXinput] INVALID
796449 Disconnected battery shows as very low/charging -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:statusbar]
796451 [clock] Shows 12:07pm as 12:07am P3 FIXED
796452 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) #1931 forces excessive invalidation, causes bad perf with keyboard P3 [label:Keyboard & IME][LOE:L] FIXED Array
796453 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [keyboard] dragging the finger upward across a couple of keys will leave the top number displayed P3 [label:Keyboard & IME] DUPLICATE
796454 [market] scrollbar indicators disappear after scrolling and reappear after scrolling has finished and time elapses. -- [label:market][label:polish] INVALID
796455 Call log transitioning on left property P2 [label:dialer], interaction FIXED
796456 James Lal [:lightsofapollo] (inactive) [Calendar App] Need better error messaging on incorrect user/pass credentials P1 [label:task][label:calendar][label:Enhancement][LOE:S] DUPLICATE
796458 Screen turns off while ringing P1 [label:dialer], interaction WORKSFORME
796459 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré References to packaged apps use app://{hex address} as the location -- [label:mozapps][label:system][label:feature] WONTFIX
796460 Cannot take on-device screenshot for Apps running in OOP (calculator, browser, Calendar) -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:system] DUPLICATE
796461 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] Connecting to wifi with one router, going out of range, and going to the wifi page still indicates the phone is still connected to the router P1 [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][label:mentored][LOE:S] FIXED
796462 after plugging into power, battery icon took too long to change -- [label:system][label:perf] WORKSFORME
796464 [sms] if there's more than 4 lines typed in the sms sending message, the context of the text field will disappear temporarily -- [label:sms] WORKSFORME
796465 James Lal [:lightsofapollo] (inactive) [calendar] ICAL parser correctly handle timezones P1 [label:calendar][label:feature][interaction][LOE:S][target:12/21] FIXED
796466 [system] permission dialogs need localization -- [label:l10n][label:system] FIXED
796467 Startup time for Calendar app is high (~4-5sec) -- UX-P3 INVALID
796468 [browser] going to : app://system.thisdomaindoesnotexist.org/camera/js/camera.js show the camera code -- [label:browser] WORKSFORME
796469 [system] Data icon shows in the shortcut even though there's no SIM -- [label:system/utlity_tray]
796470 Rewrite CubeVid to use animated 3d transforms -- [label:mozapps]
796471 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Installing a Web App, Updating the Manifest, Install App Again - App Does Not Update -- [label:mozapps]
796472 [build] Build failed when setting profile permissions -- [label:Makefile]
796473 [Gallery App] Performance crawls and scans endlessly with large dataset -- [c=progress p= s=2013.10.25 u=] [label:gallery] WORKSFORME
796474 James Burke [:jrburke] [email] quasi-infinite scroll may hitch under OMTC; consider using absolute positioning with virtual coordinate space P1 [c=handeye p= s=2014.05.09.t u=1.4] [label:email] [UX-?][p=13] FIXED
796476 [marketplace] Apps fail to install from b2g browser -- [label:mozapps][label:devices/SG2] INVALID
796477 Steve Chung [:steveck] [SMS] Live search does not take into account "+" character -- [label:sms], interaction, UX-P2, TEF_REQ WORKSFORME
796478 [browser] urlbar curve is pixelated P4 visual design INVALID
796479 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [settings][wifi] "search again" button looks like a bit... IE5 -- [label:settings][label:needsVISUALinput] FIXED
796480 [setting] Data connection is not working (testing in Taiwan by using Chunghwa Telecom) -- [label:networking] WORKSFORME Array
796481 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [setting] Fail on responding to weak WiFi signal P1 [label:settings][label:mentored][LOE:S] WORKSFORME
796482 Opening or closing the notification bar can't be reversed -- [label:system/utlity_tray][label:polish][label:v2] FIXED
796483 [browser] The "hardware" buttons don't work when tap back button and go at the homescreen -- WONTFIX
796484 Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [keyboard] switching to a double byte keyboard will cause the phone to reboot. P3 [label:Keyboard & IME][LOE:S] FIXED
796485 [keyboard] typing past the field length in hebrew will wipe the field white. -- [label:browser][label:v2]
796486 Anindya-Pandey Clicking on the number in hebrew, russian or any other language that uses nonabc characters to show letters shows abc -- [good first bug][mentor-lang=zh][lang=js][label:Keyboard & IME][label:l10n][label:polish] FIXED
796487 Selecting to restart the phone creates a not-so-nice static look on the button -- [label:system] WORKSFORME
796488 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] [Contacts] The selection list won't show up after press Add Picture field in the first time -- FIXED
796489 Fernando Campo (:fcampo) SMS text field is way too small P3 [label:sms][label:UX] [UR] UX_QA FIXED
796490 B2G interprets POINT (PT) sizes incorrectly P5 visual design, flexible ui
796491 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] Hard to activate "show password" checkbox -- [label:settings][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:polish][label:softBlocker] FIXED
796492 Volume can be changed while phone screen is off. -- [label:system][label:softBlocker] FIXED
796493 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Missed call notifications does not take user to call history P2 interaction, testrun 2 FIXED Array
796494 "hardware keys" integration test times out on CI -- [label:Keyboard & IME] FIXED
796495 Phone shows signal strength with no sim card inside -- [label:system/statusbar]
796496 [Dialer] sometimes 'timer' isn't smoothly updated every second -- interaction, UX-P4 DUPLICATE
796497 [Homescreen] Grey background with active icons -- [label:homescreen][label:UX] WORKSFORME
796498 Naoki Hirata :nhirata (please use needinfo instead of cc) [browser] going to http://last.fm/music/Rasputina crashes b2g -- [label:system][LOE:0] DUPLICATE
796499 FirefoxOS UX Team :fxosux [settings] apn and mms settings have both "Back" and "OK" buttons -- [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][priority], ux-tracking
796500 [settings] carrier field in Cellular & Data section should indicate correct status -- [label:settings][label:polish]inarirun1
796501 [settings] back button is invisible on Otoro past ~30 degree angle -- [label:settings][label:needsVISUALinput] WONTFIX
796502 Swiping right and left on homescreen to different screens - icons are getting highlighted on a light touch -- [label:homescreen][label:polish] WORKSFORME
796503 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Opening task switcher when keyboard is open results in badly rendered app snapshots -- [label:contacts][label:polish] WORKSFORME
796504 David Flanagan [:djf] [gallery] pinch-to-zoom is broken OOP -- [label:gallery] INVALID
796505 Vid.ly video service sample doesn't play -- [label:browser]
796506 Installing a Web App with a weak connection - empty space appears with a small doc icon -- [label:homescreen][label:polish] WONTFIX
796507 [dialer] There should be a way to add unknown number in Call log into contact P2 interaction WORKSFORME
796508 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Requesting to install a web app in the browser, quickly switching to a different web app, will have the pop-up appear in the different web app -- [label:needsUXinput][label:system/window_management]
796509 Germán Toro del Valle (:gtorodelvalle) [phone] Need an asset for 'Airplane Mode' dialog when emiting a call while the phone is in airplane mode P2 Interaction design [label:dialer][label:needsVISUALinput][label:polish][gh-assignee:authoritaire] FIXED
796510 Patryk Adamczyk [:patryk] UX [Email] Unify Icon Metaphors -- [label:needsVISUALinput][label:email][label:polish][gh-assignee:authoritaire] DUPLICATE
796511 David Flanagan [:djf] [gallery] exposure compensation UX needs work -- [label:gallery] INVALID
796512 David Flanagan [:djf] [gallery] landscape mode needs work -- [label:gallery] INVALID
796514 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [Dialer] Other Audio other than from dialer should stop when dialer audio is running. -- [label:dialer] WORKSFORME
796515 Fernando Campo (:fcampo) [BB][SMS] Apply [input_areas] fixes => Text field to type SMS message is too narrow -- [label:sms][label:UX][label:polish] FIXED
796516 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] "Import SIM contacts" shows up even if there is no SIM card P1 Interaction FIXED
796517 [test ui] Entering text is difficult for the keyboard test -- [label:Keyboard & IME] INVALID
796518 Installing a Packaged App, Updating the App Contents, Reinstalling the App - Contents of Packaged App Does Not Change -- [label:mozapps][label:system] INVALID
796519 Fred Lin [:gasolin] Nit - When accessing a network on the wifi page that requires a username/password, use username, not identifier -- [label:settings][label:polish] FIXED
796520 [Dialer] Console reports [JavaScript Warning: "Error in parsing value for 'background-size'. Declaration dropped." {file: "chrome://browser/content/content.css" line: 188}] -- [label:dialer] DUPLICATE
796521 Brendan McLoughlin [:bmac] [keyboard] Proper names are not auto capitalized -- [label:Keyboard & IME] WORKSFORME
796522 [homescreen] I can slide icons on the fast dial even if I'm not in "moving icon mode" -- [label:homescreen][label:needsUXinput] INVALID
796525 [homescreen] Moving mode should be left when clicking on an empty space -- [label:homescreen][label:needsUXinput] FIXED
796527 "Restart" option should be removed -- [label:needsUXinput][label:system/list_menu]
796528 Gordon Brander :gordonb [Statusbar] Make roaming triangle icon standalone -- [label:needsUXinput][label:system/statusbar][label:needsVISUALinput][label:polish][LOE:S] INVALID
796529 [browser] Can't scroll in twitter.com -- [label:browser] WORKSFORME
796530 [keyboard] No Keyboard support for Spanish Latin America -- [label:Keyboard & IME] FIXED Array
796531 [contacts] loading 1000 contacts will cause no entry content for about ~15 seconds P1 [label:contacts][label:perf][gh-assignee:albertopq] FIXED
796532 [browser] panning while the page is loading can leave graphic glitches -- [label:browser][label:needsGeckoSupport][LOE:0] DUPLICATE
796533 David Flanagan [:djf] [gallery] ignore images that are too big to display within device memory limits -- [label:gallery] DUPLICATE
796534 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) Fast panning don't move to next screen -- [label:homescreen] FIXED
796535 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [l10n] dock icons are misaligned when using Arabic -- [label:homescreen][label:l10n] FIXED
796536 [l10n] swipe actions for the homescreen are going the wrong way for RTL languages -- [label:homescreen][label:l10n] WONTFIX
796537 Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] Problems with compilling b2g on fedora -- [label:Makefile] INVALID
796538 Language selection menu does not scroll when several languages are available -- [label:Keyboard & IME] DUPLICATE
796539 navigator.mozConnection does not provide the correct network information -- DUPLICATE
796540 [task] Put more marging on the right -- [label:Tasks] WONTFIX
796541 [settings] Button style for PSK (wifi password entry) are not usual P3 visual design, usability FIXED
796543 David Flanagan [:djf] [vkb] Uppercase appears whenever a text field is focused P3 [label:Keyboard & IME][label:mentored][LOE:M] FIXED
796544 Mounir Lamouri (:mounir) [vkb] use x-inputmode P1 [label:Keyboard & IME][label:mentored][LOE:S] QARegressExclude FIXED
796545 RTL language support for browser UI P4 [rtl-meta][label:browser][label:l10n] c=browser u=user, LocRun1.4 WONTFIX
796546 RTL is not supported -- [rtl-meta]UX-P2 DUPLICATE
796547 [dialer] add contacts button should be disabled when the number is empty -- interaction, UX-P2 DUPLICATE
796550 [system][performance] Powering off takes ~8 seconds P4 [c=progress p= s= u=] [label:system][label:perf] WORKSFORME
796551 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] System app is always boot up into English -- [label:l10n][label:system][LOE:M][qa+] DUPLICATE
796552 Nobody; OK to take it and work on it [Notifications] Notifications should be able to be grouped by App, Time, and/or Priority (Does not currently) -- [label:system/notification][label:v2]
796553 [notifications] Requirement : Time stamps can be relative instead of absolute -- [label:system/notification][label:v2][LOE:M]
796554 Evelyn Hung [:evelyn] [settings] Needs a way to display the text when it's too long -- [label:settings][label:needsUXinput][label:needsVISUALinput] FIXED
796555 [camera] press video button only show 00:00 in a short time and won't start recording -- WORKSFORME
796556 [settings] subtitle can overflow into checkbox area -- [label:settings][label:polish] FIXED
796557 [Wifi] Re-initiate scans all the time when getNetworks fails -- [label:system][label:networking] FIXED
796558 PDFJS - ReferenceError: info is not defined -- [label:mozapps] WORKSFORME
796559 Wifi: Handle broken wifi configurations more gracefully -- [label:system][label:networking]
796560 [system] If airplane mode is on or wifi and data is turned off, browser does not give a better message than "Server not found" -- [label:system][label:polish]
796562 [homescreen] dock has no indications of how far you can scroll forward/backwards. -- [label:homescreen][label:polish] FIXED
796563 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Add animation when going into and out of browser settings P3 [label:browser][label:needsUXinput][label:polish][sprintready] c=browser u=user, test-wanted FIXED
796564 :Margaret Leibovic [Homescreen] Removing a bookmark added to the homescreen throws up the application uninstall dialog P3 [label:homescreen][label:mentored][LOE:S] FIXED
796565 Ben Francis [:benfrancis] Share URL of web page P1 [label:browser][label:v2][sprintready][AC=11], testrun 4 c=browser u=user, ux-tracking, test-wanted [UCID: Browser3, FT:Browser, KOI:P2] FIXED
796566 In some builds (Otoro), when panning the dialer, the frequency selector disppeared, and it comes back when the animation stopped. -- [label:needsGeckoSupport][label:FM Radio] DUPLICATE
796567 [gallery][edit] Allow rotating the image -- [label:gallery][label:softBlocker] DUPLICATE
796570 [Wifi] Ability to set a static ip/routing info -- [label:networking] DUPLICATE
796571 [notifications] Remove notification when the notifying app is opened P3 interaction
796572 FB Contact cannot be deleted -- [label:contacts][label:UX][label:softBlocker] FIXED
796573 Installing a Web App and Trying to Launch Apps from Homescreen Occasionally Has a Very Large Delay Before the App Launches -- [label:homescreen][label:needsGeckoSupport][label:perf][label:smoke test bustage][LOE:0] DUPLICATE
796574 [task] Optimize task app to not invalidate too much -- [label:mentored][label:Tasks] INVALID
796575 Steve Chung [:steveck] [email] move the multi-edit button from the header to the toolbar -- [label:task][label:needsVISUALinput][label:email][label:mentored][LOE:S][label:feature] FIXED
796576 SMS notification should go to *that* SMS -- [label:sms] FIXED
796577 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [music] SD card scanning dialog shouldn't block UI -- [label:needsUXinput][label:system][label:polish] FIXED
796578 [System][Popup Manager] PopupManager should allow embeding something different than an iframe mozbrowser -- [label:system][label:system/window_management] INVALID
796579 the logic in webapp-zip makefile target should be put into a script -- [label:Makefile], QARegressExclude FIXED
796580 webapps-zip broken on windows -- cannot build profile on windows -- [label:Makefile] FIXED
796581 Need ability to set a custom pref in phone settings for dogfooding program -- [label:dialer] FIXED
796582 Don't use localStorage in the dialer -- [label:dialer][label:perf][label:mentored], QARegressExclude FIXED
796583 Don't use localStorage in fm.js -- [label:perf][label:FM Radio][label:mentored], QARegressExclude FIXED
796584 Tim Taubert [:ttaubert] Don't use localStorage in pdfjs -- [label:perf][label:mentored][label:pdf.js] QARegressExclude FIXED
796585 Aus Lacroix [:aus] Offline mode error page references B2G in the error page, should be referencing Firefox OS -- [label:polish] INVALID
796586 Michał Budzyński (:michalbe) [calendar] incorrect username/password for adding a google calendar results in a "Cannot resolve principal url" error message P3 [label:calendar] [qa verification blocked] FIXED
796587 Cannot drag and drop a homescreen icon with 15 icons on screen to the top row, 3rd column from the left -- [label:homescreen] WORKSFORME
796588 Leo [calendar] Can add multiple of the same calendar -- [label:calendar], [TD-9757] FIXED Array
796589 Apps are referring to shared js files that aren't in shared/js and also interpreting things incorrectly -- [label:system] FIXED
796590 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] [contacts] importing from SIM card when there's no contacts will stay at "reading from SIM card"