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Sprint 3 2014-11-03 -> 2014-11-07


  • Cleanup of carryover tasks
  • New scrum tracking format



Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Resolution Priority Qa whiteboard
982839 Martijn Wargers (dead) Write a test to protect against the regression seen in bug 981804 (navigate out of fullscreen video) FIXED P1 fxosqa-auto-s5, fxosqa-auto-points=8, fxosqa-auto-from-s2, fxosqa-auto-from-s3, fxosqa-auto-from-s4,fxosqa-auto-from-s1
986431 Geo Mealer [:geo] -- This account is inactive after 2015-07-07 Investigate why tests are failing with "Keyboard not interpreted as displayed. Debug is_displayed(): False" WORKSFORME P1 [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-s4]
1000863 Martijn Wargers (dead) Investigate test_fmradio_find_stations.py failure FIXED P2 [fxosqa-auto-from-s1] [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-from-s4] [fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-from-s6][fxosqa-auto-s7]
1047168 Martijn Wargers (dead) Modify test_play_youtube to play a video file locally FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-s4, fxosqa-auto-points=8, fxosqa-auto-from-s3, fxosqa-auto-from-s2, fxosqa-auto-from-s1
1080169 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Add a test that sends an sms with picture from Gallery attached FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s1] [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1083126 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Update test_sms_with_attachments.py to match the manual smoketest FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s1] [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1086563 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Write test to verify offline behaviour of the RocketBar FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1086662 Martijn Wargers (dead) Add a test that ensures test_camera_capture_video.py saves a video file of a minimum size FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-s4, fxosqa-auto-points=8, fxosqa-auto-from-s3, fxosqa-auto-from-s2
1086680 Martijn Wargers (dead) Write an automated test for "Verify the user can import Facebook contacts from contacts app settings" moztrap smoketest FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-from-s2, fxosqa-auto-dropped-s3, fxosqa-auto-points=8, [fxosqa-auto-s7]
1086687 Martijn Wargers (dead) Write an automated test for "Unlink a previously linked Facebook contact from contact details" moztrap smoketest FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-from-s2, fxosqa-auto-dropped-s3, fxosqa-auto-points=8, [fxosqa-auto-s7][fxosqa-auto-points=2]
1087383 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Add a test that sets the wallpaper from Gallery, by long press on the screen FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1087926 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Add a test to check that a Contact's photo appears when receiving a call. FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-s4]
1090087 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Add test for saving an image from a webpage FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1090281 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Investigate failure in test_setup_and_send_imap_email.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s4][fxosqa-auto-from-s3]
1091676 Robert Chira [:RobertC] Investigate intermittent failure in test_cost_control_reset_wifi.py WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-s4]
1091679 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Update tests to wait for the plivo call to end FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1092195 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Investigate failure in test_cost_control_ftu.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-s4][fxosqa-auto-from-s3]
1093036 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Update locators in email setup tests FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1093131 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Add a test that delete browser's history FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-s4]
1093503 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Update locator in conference call test FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1093505 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Xfail test_dialer_airplane_mode.py because of Bug 1084252 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1093583 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Add test to make a phone call with default SIM FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s3][fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-s5][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1093585 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Add test to make a phone call with "Always ask" setting WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s3][fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-dropped-s5][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1093589 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Add test to receive phone call on both SIMs FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s3][fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-s5][fxosqa-auto-points=2]
1093608 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Add test to check which SIM was involved in the call on the call log WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s3][fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1094073 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Update locator for device info test FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s3]
1094185 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Make testvars.json handle 2 SIMs FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s3][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1094647 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Intermittent test_a11y_calendar_settings_view.py TestCalendarSettingsViewAccessibility.test_a11y_calendar_settings_view | StaleElementException: StaleElementException: The element reference is stale. Either the element is no longer attached to the DOM or FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-s3+

28 Total; 28 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • PARTIAL, CARRY: Fix queries for Scrum wiki pages [geo]
  • CARRY: Fill out rest of info for team wiki pages [geo]
  • CARRY: Create legacy pages for and tag Sprint 2 and Sprint 1 tasks [geo]
  • DONE: Create performance acceptance report for 10/31 builds [geo]
  • DONE: Package performance comparison code onto Github [geo]

Sprint Planning

Sprint Meetings

  • TBD


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