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Sprint 6 2014-12-08 -> 2014-12-19


  • Workweek



Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Resolution Priority Qa whiteboard
926881 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Write test to enable USB storage FIXED P2 [fxosqa-auto-s6+][fxosqa-auto-points=2]
1000863 Martijn Wargers (dead) Investigate test_fmradio_find_stations.py failure FIXED P2 [fxosqa-auto-from-s1] [fxosqa-auto-from-s2] [fxosqa-auto-from-s3] [fxosqa-auto-from-s4] [fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-from-s6][fxosqa-auto-s7]
1052267 [FxA] Create automated testcases to test username & password string validation for firefox accounts WONTFIX P3 [fxosqa-auto-from-s5] [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-s7]
1072225 [v2.1] Tests are failing with JavascriptException: AbortError when launching an app WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-s6][fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6]
1093608 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] [DSDS] Add test to check which SIM was involved in the call on the call log WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s3][fxosqa-auto-from-s4][fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1096325 Geo Mealer [:geo] -- This account is inactive after 2015-07-07 Intermittent test_launch_via_manifest.py TestLaunchViaManifest.test_launch_manifest | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Connection timed out WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s5] [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-s7]
1096385 Investigate failure in test_call_log_all_calls.py, call log is displayed erroneously FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s5] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6] [fxosqa-auto-backlog+]
1100411 lusob Create test to verify status bar icons appear when home screen is scrolled FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s4] [fxosqa-auto-from-s5] [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s7]
1101412 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Intermittent JavascriptException: JavascriptException: TypeError: window.wrappedJSObject.app.inputContext is null WORKSFORME -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s5][fxosqa-auto-s6]
1102330 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] [v2.2] Investigate test_set_up_conference_call intermittent failures WORKSFORME -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1102838 unlock tests should wake the screen before sliding to unlock. WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6]
1104645 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Update the conditions regarding the number of digits displayed on the callscreen. FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=1]
1107926 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Update cost_control app object to reflect changes in Bug 1089968 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1108534 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] test_delete_call_log should use a hard-coded phone, not remote_phone_number FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=1]
1109099 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Add test to check that calls are grouped by phone number and day FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1109586 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] Write test to check the Contacts App checks and notifies the user when no network is available during a import contacts app FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1109587 Florin Strugariu [:Bebe] New test that Import's a contact from SIM, edit it and export it again FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1109601 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Add a test to check contact's photo when having an active call and receiving a new incoming call WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1109606 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Add a test to check that a miss call notification is cleared even if a voicemail notification is present FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6][fxosqa-auto-points=3]
1110099 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Add a test to check the ability to return from the Camera App to the Gallery app after taking a photo DUPLICATE -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1110102 [v2.2] Add test to verify that the video recording stops immediately when going to homescreen WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s7] [fxosqa-auto-backlog+]
1110103 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Add a test to share a single photo from gallery, Multiple Selection Mode FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1110218 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Investigate intermittent failure in test_redial_last_number.py WORKSFORME -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1111519 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Update locators in Device info page FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1111637 No-Jun Park [:njpark] Create a new test case for the switching to camera from gallery and back FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1111981 Robert Chira [:RobertC] [v2.2] Investigate intermittent failure in test_sms_with_picture_attached.py and test_add_photo_to_contact.py FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-from-s8] [fxosqa-auto-s9]
1112227 No-Jun Park [:njpark] Create a new test case for the multi-file deletion in gallery app FIXED -- fxosqa-auto-s6
1112334 Martijn Wargers (dead) Write a test for basic Find My Device logging in existing account FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6][fxosqa-auto-s7][fxosqa-auto-points=4]
1112583 Viorela Ioia [:viorela] Add a test to verify that a received call notification is deleted when the SMS is deleted FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s6][fxosqa-auto-s9]
1112758 No-Jun Park [:njpark] Create a new test case for the switching to camera from gallery's list view FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1112824 No-Jun Park [:njpark] Create a new test case for the restricted access status of FM Radio under airplane mode FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s6]
1117804 Investigate test_call_log_groups failure WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s6] [fxosqa-auto-from-s7] [fxosqa-auto-from-s8] [fxosqa-auto-dropped-s9]

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