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For developing Gaia Acceptance tests in MarionetteJS, we need to be aware what they are needed for and what the limitations are regarding MarionetteJS.

Challenges Addressed

  • Currently, no Gaia Acceptance tests in MarionetteJS, only Gaia UI Tests
  • No MarionetteJS tests on device

The Problem

Currently, no Gaia Acceptance tests exists for MarionetteJS. There are Gaia Integration tests that fulfill this role partly, but we need a better separation between UI testing and the functional testing of the various Gaia components. The Python UI tests currently fulfill the role as Acceptance tests, but developers don't want to write tests in Python and are already used to writing integration tests in MarionetteJS.

The Solution

Pick the existing Python UI tests to move those over to MarionetteJS, but be aware of the current limitations in the MarionetteJS framework.



  • [DONE] Gaia Python Acceptance confidence refactoring [Martijn] [1]


  • No MarionetteJS on device possible


  • [Integration_vs_Acceptance#The_Solution]
  • [2]