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Create a test suite on top of Marionette JS that executes and controls a device with the level of care and confidence appropriate to acceptance testing, as established via Gaia UI Tests in Python.

Challenges Addressed

  • UI tests have had no developer support, largely because of Python implementation

The Problem

Acceptance tests are currently written in Python on top of the Gaia UI Test harness. While this has worked well for us, the organization in general is moving towards JavaScript.

This heavily limits our ability to get development to cooperate in reviewing or making changes to our acceptance automation. While QA does own these, some assistance is helpful and Python is a blocker.

In addition, Views (page object equivalents) will be created first in JavaScript to handle Gaia Integration testing. If we do not align, we will have to reimplement the same basic classes in Python. Further, by using common view objects, developers will effectively maintain the Gaia Acceptance tests on the way to keeping Gaia Integration tests green.

The Solution

Analyze Gaia UI Test on Python and implement any missing pieces on top of Marionette JS and Mocha, as appropriate. Port existing tests to the new harness.



  • [DONE] Transition schedule/gates [Geo]
  • [MISSED] Documentation of Gaia UI Test harness behavior [Geo]
  • [MISSED] Gaia Acceptance Proof of Concept implementation [Geo]
  • [MISSED] Review and improvement if necessary of View pattern [John]
    • Partial, view pattern PoC established and being used, but not finalized.
  • [DONE] Establish Gaia Acceptance backlog with existing Python UI tests to port [Johan][1]


  • Help fix Marionette JS on-device when available [Martijn]
  • Conduct Q1 Pilot Program (Gaia Integration runs gij on-device) [Martijn]
  • If viable in Q1, start porting smoketests to Gaia Acceptance


  • Port existing tests not addressed in Q1


  • Acceptance tests must be able to work on-device. Marionette JS is not currently stable on device.
  • The gap between Python Gaia UI Test and Marionette JS is not fully known yet.