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Community Plan for Firefox OS QA Automation

This is the plan for the enhancement of the Firefox OS QA Community

Community Member Recruiting/Engagement

Educational Resources

Central Florida

  • [DONE] Reach out to Dr. Colin Archibald about the engagement of UCF Students (Particularly the students who are in the A.S to B.A.S in Software Development)
  • Check with UCF to see what it would take to actually create an alliance between Mozilla and UCF (Doesn’t necessarily have to be for an internship per se, there are also externships and mentoring opportunities)
Seminole State College
  • Reach out to Professor Dick Grant about the engagement for SSC students.


Central Florida

Firefox OS Meetup Group
  • Check into feasibility of Meetup Group for Firefox OS
    • Check as to what kind of resources would be needed.
    • If we could pre-package different presentations
    • See what would be required to get devices for meetup attendees.


One and Done


  • Download Firefox Nightly
  • Set Up Python and Node.js
  • If they don’t have a Unix machine, set up Virtualbox with a unix guest system.
  • Download Marionette clients
  • Download b2g Desktop
  • *Recommend/update documentation
  • *Verify bugzilla bugs (Get a list of good first bugs together)
  • Build gaia from source
    • Check out gaia
  • Set up Web IDE
    • Use a custom runtime
  • Run gaia-test suite (JavaScript)
    • Set up Node.js
    • Download Marionette Clients
    • Set Up Web IDE
  • Run gaia-test suite (Python)
    • Set up Python
    • Download Marionette Clients
    • Set Up Web IDE

Development/Task Automation

  • Aid in the development of a sandbox/tutorial
Core Apps
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Clock
MarketPlace Apps
  • Calculator
    • Help build out page objects and app flows
    • Automate multiplication functionality
    • Automate division functionality
  • Notes
    • Help build out page objects and app flows
    • Help with evernote integration