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Run tests at

You will need

  • A SIM card - ability to make conference call for some cases.
  • A bluetooth headset

Driver installation for PTS dongle

  • Disable bluetooth on your laptop to avoid confusion.
  • How to stop Windows 7 automatically installing drivers | MS KB2500967
  • Specify driver for the unknown device in C:\Program Files(x86)\Bluetooth SIG\Bluetooth PTS\PTS Driver, DO NOT let Windows install driver by itself.
  • If CSR BlueCoreBluetooth shown, you are good to go.


Setup before testing

  • Create a new Workspace
  • Add mac address of testing device(IUT) to workspace, you can turn on bluetooth and let PTS find it.


  • Select the profiles you need to test to the right column, then save the workspace and quit if you have specific .PICSX to use for testing.


  • (optional) Put specific <profile>.PICSX files to correspong C:\Program Files(x86)\Bluetooth SIG\Bluetooth PTS\My Workspace\<workspace name>\<profile>\, then launch the PTS and open your workspace.
  • Set the profile active and modify PIXIT as needed, for HFP, we need 3 phones for testing, PIXIT needs to have the other 2 extra phones' number in it. Your testing device is IUT(Implementation Under Test).


  • NEW in PTS 6.3.0
  • There are 3 areas to update
    1. Replace A2DP.ets file with new file from https://www.bluetooth.org/pts/issues/view_issue.cfm?id=14189.
       Download 14189a.zip file and replace C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluetooth SIG\Bluetooth PTS\bin\Bluetooth\Ets\A2DP.ets
    2. Enter value for A2DP profile IXIT: TSPX_SRC_sdp_supported_features -> 0001
    3. Enter value for A2DP profile IXIT: TSPX_SRC_sdp_service_name -> Advanced Audio

PTS 6.3 update.png

  • In PTS 6.0.1
  • If you copy workspace file to replace the existing one, you need to update bluetooth mac address to your IUT again for each profile.



  • You need to follow direction shown on the pop up exactly in order to pass a test.
  • Choose a small set to run it.




  • TG: Target
  • CT: Controller
  • AG: Audio Gateway
  • SCO: Synchronous Connection Oriented Link (For audio transfer, disconnect/connect to bluetooth headset)
  • ACL: Asynchronous Connectionless Link (For data transfer)
  • IUT: Implementation Under Test
  • SLC: Service Link Connection

PTS Test Cases

N.B. You can search through bugzilla to see test case related bugs.

    • TC_TG_MDI_BV_02_C - Try to pause the music, rewind it and ff it.
    • TC_TG_MDI_BV_04_C - ??
    • TC_TG_NFY_BV_02_C - ??
    • TC_TG_NFY_BV_04_C - Stop the music, not just pause it. (bug 924775, bug 953034)
    • TC_TG_RCR_BV_02_C - Playing music with >512kb metadata
    • TC_TG_RCR_BV_04_C - Playing music with >512kb metadata
  • HFP
    • TC_AG_TRS_BV_01_I - The test case requires to turn off cellular network but keeps BT on. Our current UI doesn't support such action so this case is unable to test.
    • TC_AG_PSI_BV_01_I - Impair cellular signal but keep the BT connected.
    • 800px-P5252789.JPG
    • TC_AG_PSI_BV_03_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_TWC_BV_04_I - SIM of IUT should have 3 way calling enabled.
    • TC_AG_TWC_BV_05_I - 主動連線的TWC
    • TC_AG_RSV_BV_01_I - Set volume greater then default, set it >= 12. Set to default, set it to 7, 8 or 9.
    • TC_AG_IIA_BV_01_I - Currently no way to de-register a phone from cell network.
    • TC_AG_IIA_BV_02_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_IIA_BV_05_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_IID_BV_03_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_IID_BV_04_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_IIC_BV_02_I - Unable to change battery level - skipping.
    • TC_AG_IIC_BV_03_I - Currently no way to de-register a phone from cell network.
  • HSP
  • Screenshot-hsp.PNG
    • HSP TC_AG_IAC_BV_01_I
      • 1. Connect BT
      • 2. Click OK
      • 3. Make a call to device
      • 4. Disconnect headset - receiver
      • 5. Disconnect BT
    • HSP TC_AG_OAC_BV_01_I - Disregard note in the picture below, and click OK, have an entry in outgoing call log, let PTS do the redial.
    • Screenshot-hsp1.png
  • OPP
    • OPP TC_CLIENT_OPH_BV_01_I - Turn on Bluetooth, send a photo from Gallery.
    • OPP TC_CLIENT_OPH_BV_02_I - Turn on Bluetooth, send a photo from Gallery.
    • OPP TC_CLIENT_OPH_BV_34_I - Turn on Bluetooth, send a photo from Gallery.