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Nightly Build Status

Dogfood Build Status

Processes for Smoke and Dogfood

Smoke Test Process

Smoke Test

Smoke Test Results

Dogfood Test Process

Dogfood Test

Dogfood Test Results

Process in event of failure

  • Bugs that are smoke test failures should be investigated for regression ranges
    • If a regression window is found :
      • Dev is notified and discussion occurs
      • If a dev cannot be notified in time, process will occur
  • Dogfood failures may end up having the similar process. Smoke test failures is higher priority.
  • If a patch is made for an issue the following day and a new failure occurs, the tested build is patched with the new patch and a new build is kicked off and tested with the dogfood test suite.


  • backouts/patching needs to occur faster
    • Gecko often may have a regression that cannot necessarily be backed out easily
      • This is the main reason why there are delays in a dogfood build beyond any new bug failures.
  • more often than not, there can be multiple dogfood and smoke test failures that occur.
  • Close monitoring of smoke test failures and pushing of backouts has not occurred since Bhavana (release manager) left; QA voice is not enough to convince a developer to back out faster. We need a manager to fill this role.

T2M Base Builds

  • The occurrence of needing a new T2M Base build is when there has been a new gonk level change, that a new build is considered.
  • T2M base builds follows a similar path as dogfood.
  • When making a build, the img files are written over top of the original 18D base build
  • The build is sent to the TAM for T2M and they are asked to hosts the files
  • Balrog will need to point to the FOTA build accordingly.