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You are here to view up-to-date information on Firefox OS QA status.

Dogfood blockers

Severe issues that block dogfood OTA channels for Flame and Aries devices.

Full Query
ID Component Assigned to Summary Status Creation time Last change time
1250353 Gaia::Bluetooth [Aries] Unable to send Files via bluetooth NEW 2016-02-23T00:18:31Z 2016-02-23T18:01:05Z

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Smoketest Blockers

Smoke test blockers are a health check for stability, having greenness of 5+ days to achieve a release milestone. These bugs have high priority, and need to be worked out rapidly.

Full Query
ID Component Assigned to Summary Status Creation time Last change time
1251293 Gaia::System Phone will not progress past blue Firefox loading screen after OTA or reboot NEW 2016-02-25T17:24:54Z 2016-05-12T00:31:21Z

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Smoketest Severe Issues

Severe issues affecting smoketest.

Full Query
ID Component Assigned to Summary Status Creation time Last change time
1172163 DOM: Apps [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré [Aries][Homescreen][OTA] Uninstalled apps are added back to the homescreen during an OTA System Update. NEW 2015-06-05T22:21:39Z 2017-10-23T03:58:36Z
1205809 Gaia::System [System] After updating latest OTA , keyboard did not automatically show up on SIM Pin Screen NEW 2015-09-17T19:36:42Z 2015-12-16T03:24:50Z
1220812 Gaia::System::Lockscreen After unlocking the device from the lockscreen there is a long pause until reaching the home screen NEW 2015-11-02T20:08:37Z 2016-02-01T20:45:37Z
1221316 Gaia::Settings [Flame KK] The time is changed after OTA which causes multiple issues NEW 2015-11-03T22:48:22Z 2015-12-07T20:25:51Z
1222387 Gaia::Music [music] Fast-seeking to the end of the song doesn't correctly start next song REOPENED 2015-11-06T10:19:15Z 2016-06-09T12:29:20Z
1226307 Gaia::Music [music] Fast-seeking to the end of the song skips over a song (goes from track 1 directly to 3) NEW 2015-11-19T19:20:06Z 2015-12-07T20:26:12Z
1228513 Wifi Turn on wifi and when it is searching aps, turn on "Airplane mode", the wifi will be toggled on/off alternately NEW 2015-11-27T08:38:16Z 2016-04-29T03:22:54Z
1229321 Layout: Images [NFC]When using "NFC" to deliver files, the DUT's interface turns black with the prompt "swipe to share". NEW 2015-12-01T09:53:53Z 2016-01-31T23:45:51Z
1232857 Gaia::Settings Time remaining for battery is incorrect at times NEW 2015-12-16T00:53:16Z 2015-12-31T02:39:28Z
1233243 Gaia::Camera [Aries] Zooming performance is poor and unresponsive in Camera Preview NEW 2015-12-16T22:24:20Z 2016-01-20T23:13:17Z
1234694 AudioChannel Sound settings reset to default after OTA update NEW 2015-12-22T22:34:03Z 2016-01-19T03:08:28Z
1235533 Gaia::Dialer Voicemail, FDN and Call Forwarding is not available if user open call settings via dialer. NEW 2015-12-29T09:55:15Z 2016-01-14T18:23:49Z
1235751 Gaia::System::Window Mgmt APP interface does not appear after taping home button. NEW 2015-12-30T09:32:18Z 2016-01-23T12:56:40Z
1237784 Gaia::System::Window Mgmt [Aries] Exiting Full Screen in YouTube will not properly minimize the video in Portrait orientation. NEW 2016-01-07T22:39:43Z 2016-02-10T16:44:34Z
1243159 Gaia::First Time Experience [Aries] Start Tour button sometimes does not function to progress through tutorials after FTU. NEW 2016-01-26T21:42:28Z 2016-01-28T00:48:40Z
1243880 Gaia::System::Window Mgmt Opening multiple apps in a quick manner causes scroll and home button to break NEW 2016-01-28T21:23:46Z 2016-02-17T19:17:32Z
1245609 Gaia::System Blue Firefox splash screen is not appearing upon start up NEW 2016-02-03T20:02:16Z 2016-02-05T22:25:06Z
1245633 Gaia::System::Window Mgmt Locking the phone while going into card view causes the SHB and the lockscreen to not appear NEW 2016-02-03T21:23:26Z 2016-02-04T22:21:09Z
1247665 Gaia::Browser Unable to save an image from a webpage NEW 2016-02-11T17:45:40Z 2016-02-19T20:04:33Z
1250684 Gaia::Homescreen The homescreen freezes after flashing a phone NEW 2016-02-23T22:17:51Z 2016-02-29T19:57:06Z

20 Total; 20 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Smoketest Build Information and Results

  • Aries: Go to Spark Tab
  • Flame KK: Go to Master-Full Tab

QA Blockers

Severe issues currently blocking QA testing

Full Query
ID Component Assigned to Summary Status
1219450 Gaia::VoiceControl André Natal Vaani needs to be able to accept audio files NEW
1250804 Gaia::TV Dan Huang[:danhuang] The error string is wrong when launching Web Apps without network connection. NEW
1252139 General No new builds are available on taskcluster NEW
1306395 Build Config Target C compiler target CPU (x86_64) does not match: recipe for target 'configure' failed UNCONFIRMED
1307074 Audio/Video Switching tabs will stop the HLS player NEW
1308205 Audio/Video James Willcox (:snorp) (jwillcox@mozilla.com) While in landscape, HLS videos are played in FullScreen NEW
1338167 Password Manager: Site Compatibility Dropdown to select username not displayed if multiple sign-ins on imgur.com on Android NEW
1338473 Password Manager: Site Compatibility Dropdown to select username not displayed on signin.m.ebay.com on Android NEW

8 Total; 8 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

QA Tracking

Major platform-importing bugs that are being tracked by QA.

Full Query
ID Component Assigned to Summary Status
1155854 Gaia::System::Window Mgmt [Window Management][Edge Gesture] Edge gesturing quickly can cause icon screen to vertically draw and cause apps to force close NEW
1182154 NFC [Aries-L][NFC] Transfer is not initiated for any file types. NEW

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

OTA channel status

This is where you can find the current status of OTA for builds and devices.
If you did not receive an OTA update recently, please check here to see the status of your configuration.
Flame OTA Status
Aries OTA Status

If you have not received updates in quite some time, please check that you have the correct base image. You might have to re-flash your device in order to receive OTA updates.

Gaia UI Test failures

This query checks for the inclusion of the word 'failure' in open Gaia::UI Tests bug

Most number of commits by functional area in Aries/Flame

This spreadsheet shows the number of recent commits made per component.
Ones highlighted in red had the most commit recently, and should be checked first.

Mozilla Discourse

Mozilla Discourse is a forum styled page where you can ask questions and discuss topics.

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