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Nightly Build Status

Dogfood Build Status

Processes for Smoke and Dogfood

Smoke Test Process

Smoke Test

Smoke Test Results

Dogfood Test

Dogfood Test Results

Process in event of failure

  • Bugs that are smoke test failures should be investigated for regression ranges
    • If a regression window is found :
      • Dev is notified and discussion occurs
      • If a dev cannot be notified in time, process will occur
  • Dogfood failures may end up having the similar process. Smoke test failures is higher priority.
  • If a patch is made for an issue the following day and a new failure occurs, the tested build is patched with the new patch and a new build is kicked off and tested with the dogfood test suite.


  • backouts/patching needs to occur faster
    • Gecko often may have a regression that cannot necessarily be backed out easily
      • This is the main reason why there are delays in a dogfood build beyond any new bug failures.
  • more often than not, there can be multiple dogfood and smoke test failures that occur.
  • Close monitoring of smoke test failures and pushing of backouts has not occurred since Bhavana (release manager) left