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Instructions on Flashing a Daily Build

Daily builds are created from a manifest file, that contains commits from different parts of the stack. (gaia, gonk, and gecko). Our Engineering team has set up a daily repository for daily builds being built against specific devices.

Downloading a build

  • The main builds are stored daily in the FTP directory. Note: These are proprietary and cannot be distributed.
    • For directory access, please see someone from the Mozilla QA team. (tchung@mozilla.com, jammink@mozilla.com)

Pre setup

  • NOTE: Make sure the debug settings on the phone are turned on.
    • Example for Inari: Settings > Device Information > More Information > Developer

Step 1

1. Download the latest build from the Daily FTP directory. It will look like <name_date.zip> format 2. Unzip it into a folder.

 $ cd b2g-distro

Step 2

1. Hook up a b2g phone to your computer via USB 2. in command line:

 $ ./flash.sh

3. Verify the device will begin flashing, and the phone starts up after it's completed.

 Rebooting into device bootloader...
 Flashing system images...
 < waiting for device >
 erasing 'cache'...
 OKAY [  0.237s]
 finished. total time: 0.237s
 erasing 'userdata'...
 OKAY [  0.006s]
 finished. total time: 0.006s
 sending 'boot' (8652 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.734s]
 writing 'boot'...
 OKAY [  2.058s]
 finished. total time: 2.792s
 sending 'userdata' (41776 KB)...
 OKAY [  3.525s]
 writing 'userdata'...
 OKAY [  7.854s]
 finished. total time: 11.380s
 sending 'system' (125990 KB)...
 OKAY [ 10.592s]
 writing 'system'...
 OKAY [ 28.491s]
 finished. total time: 39.084s
 finished. total time: 0.003s
 Setting system permissions...
 remount succeeded
 Attempting to set the time on the device...
 time 1354033296 -> 1354033296.0

That's it! Happy testing!