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Foxtrot Reference Phone Testing Program

Foxtrot is the program supporting the formal and ad-hoc testing of Firefox OS on our reference phones.

Foxtrotters are currently focused on the Flame reference phone which is in the hands of about 5,000 Mozillians today and can be purchased here.


The program will support three "channels", Nightly, Monthly, and Stable. Today, we only have one of those channels fully supported.

The Nightly channel provides testers with a daily snapshot of Firefox OS taken from the tip of Gecko and Gaia development, mozilla-central/master. This is the most unstable channel. Things may break here pretty regularly but it's also where you get to see the new features and fixes first. To get this channel on your Flame, follow the instructions for updating your Flame to "Latest master builds" as described at the MDN Flame page. Once flashed, you will start receiving over the air updates on a daily basis.

TODO The second channel will be called "Monthly". This channel will be updated once a month with a recent snapshot from mozilla-central/master that has been vetted by QA as basically functional. This channel will provide testers with access to new features and fixes without the risk of a broken phone and with enough lead time that feedback can still be incorporated before the features get locked down. We will soon publish the first Monthly Firefox OS image. Mozilla's Product and QA teams will work with folks on this channel to understand quality and usability of new features both qualitatively and quantitatively through formal testing programs and surveys. To participate fully in this channel, testers will register as a Foxtrot participant and receive monthly calls to action via email.

TODO The third channel will be called "Stable". This channel will keep testers up to date with nightly snapshots from our most recent stabilization branch. This channel will change slowly with only incremental stabilization and bugfixing happening. Testers will be automatically moved to the newest stabilization branch when its set up and ready. Though the channel isn't available today, you can flash the latest stable branch by following the instructions at the MDN Flame page for "Latest aurora builds". This will get you on the latest stabilization branch with daily over the air updates for that branch but until we get this channel set up fully, you will have to be manually re-flash when we create the next stable branch.


The easiest way to start contributing to the testing effort it to try some test cases in One and Done.

Information about the FX OS team is located here. On the manual side we are organized around functional areas of the device (Communications, Media, Productivity, System Front End, System Platform. l10n). Feel free to join one of our teams and help test with us on the channel of your choice!


FX OS bugs can be filed in Bugzilla. This page has some information which explains some general information about Bugzilla and the fields that are used. In addition, the following information is very helpful to include in every bug you file:

  • Version information from Check Version script
    • Gaia version
    • Gecko version
    • Build ID
    • Base image version
  • ADB logcat captured while the issue is reproducing
  • Screenshot or video of issue
  • Is it reproducible 100% or intermittently?