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There is a simple step for Gaia-Automation Test


Assume you have already built your own b2g system for mobile phone and the phone is connected to computer

Step1: go to gaia repo

cd B2G/gaia

Step2: Make sure gaia is up-to-date

git pull
git pull b2g master

Step3: Flash the up-to-date gaia

DEBUG=1 make install-gaia

If meet a "Unable to connect" page, try

make install-gaia

Step4: Forwad

adb forward tcp:2828 tcp:2828

Step5: Doing Test

make test-integration

All the test files are written in javascript and placed in the B2G/gaia/apps/system/test/integration
Only the file name in the *_test.js format will be execute

Just try it now!