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Lead Jason Smith (irc: jsmith)
Description Allows for viewing, modification, and importing of calendars on device
Project Page Calendar
Implementation Status Small chunk has landed, but most core pieces have not landed
Quality Status TBD


Note: Strategy currently only reflects what's currently implemented

  • Manual testing for anything that's implemented so far

Edge Cases

  • Month view - different numbers of columns for days needed to fit in a 7-day format
  • Month view - Year changes
  • Extra previous and future days for past and upcoming month
  • February - Leap vs. regular year

Signoff Criteria

  • All basecamp blockers are closed
  • All smoke tests and basic functional tests are ran without finding any basecamp blockers

Test Cases and Results

  • Test cases will be tracked in MozTrap under "gaia" and "calendar"

Test Coverage Needed

Basecamp-level - Currently Implemented, Ready for Test Cases

  • Importing caldav and google calendars

Basecamp-level - Not Implemented

  • Anything involving the week view
  • Anything involving the day view
  • Anything involving the agenda view
  • CRUD operations on events
  • Remaining implementation of Calendar importing
  • Full implementation of Calendar syncing
  • First run experience
  • Notifications

Not Basecamp-level

  • Creation/Editing of Reoccuring Events
  • Event-specific timezones
  • Connectivity state management
  • Notify other event participants on changed events
  • Repeat monthly and yearly