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Graphics Test Plan


Lead Martijn Wargers (irc: mwargers)
Contributors TBD
Developer Bas Schouten Kartikaya Gupta Chris Lord

Nicolas Silva Milan Sreckovic

Project Page
Graphics Tracking Bugs
API Status Delivered and ready for test


This test plan covers functional testing for Graphics testing on the B2G platform. Work on graphics related to b2g 1.3 and 14 is gralloc (Chris Lord), AZPC, scrolling, tiling, panning, zooming.


The strategy behind this test plan will be to test all aspects that are involved with the graphics code.

There are several aspects involved with graphics testing

  1. 1) Painting
  2. 2) Performance
  3. 3) Correctness

The whole Gaia system is influenced by graphics, so all the apps can and should be tested.


Browser tests are here: http://people.mozilla.org/~mwargers/tests/