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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.


Previous Action Items

DONE * [Geo] organize a sprint invite for MW and Bebe In Progress: hosted done, packaged app in progress (MW) * [Bebe] have some testcases for installing different types of apps like packaged apps, hosted apps

CARRY OVER * [Peter, Bebe] continue to identify the smoke tests and label the moztrap tests with "automated" tag, and cross post links to where the tests are located. FOLLOW UP: * [Geo] email dave/zac about a better way for jenkins to check for commit hashes from sources.xml CARRY OVER: * [Tony] send out v184 to team, and [Bebe] to have someone try running a local testrun against it

Status Highlights


[Bebe] Work on 2.0 fix failing tests and uplifts are done by Tw team?

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

[Peter] gather all the current sets of smoketests (and those already marked automated), and send out another writeup on the status