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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality.

Please use wiki style.

April 02, 2015


  • PBylenga, Geo, bhavana, oliverthor, Johan, John

Previous Action Items

  • None

Status Highlights / Agenda

  • [PBylenga] What do we need to run python suite of smoke tests on a new non-flame device? Just an engineering build with marionette?
    • [Geo] Yeah. No clue if Marionette's enabled in the builds being qualified though. Dave Hunt might be a good person to check with in terms of pre-requisites there. The other issue is there are a couple of entries for "fail-if device = flame" in settings' manifests. Those will run without xfail on any other device, so be aware there may be some "known" failures. Otherwise, think things are relatively portable.
  • Reminder to use template for bug filing at https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Automation/UI/Filing_Bugs_Against_Automation_Errors

[Martijn] I saw some message about Marionette-client was updated. So I guess we need to update our Marionett-client builds? Although gaia UI running seems to work just fine, still

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Martijn] Run Gaia Integration on device, report back (quick email) how far it gets