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July 1st/2nd, 2015


  • TW/EU session: Johan, Shako, Walter , Askeing, Mike, Paul
  • US/EU: Geo, Johan, Pallavi, Martijn, John, Peter, Oliver

Previous Action Items

  • [mwarger] Forward Dave Hunt's email on the flashing issue to QAnalysts

Status Highlights / Agenda

// TW-EU discussion

    • For MTBF, MarionetteJS is also an issue, it misses some functionalities. Like for acceptance tests, if we decided to keep marionette python, we could continue to write more MTBF tests. It's also a pain to use MarionetteJS
    • MarionetteJS was more pushed by devs and not QAs
    • To sum up, we have a consensus about using Marionette Python \o/
    • RTL effort. No-Jun is using imagecompare to create a test which walks through the UI and checks that the layout is still present and the string are still translated. This is a next that needs to be run regularly.

As this test should be locale-agnostic, we could port that for l10n tests. We just need to run them during locruns though.

Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • Send details on gaia-ui-automation to qanalysts
    • [pbylenga] subscribed and confirmed, awaiting moderator approval