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August 5th, 2015


  • TW/EU session: Paul, Shing, Martijn, Johan
  • US/EU: Oliver, Peter, Martijn, John, Pallavi, Johan, Naoki

Previous Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER - pallavi to talk to al] [atsai] Find external resources to port Gip to Gij
  • [DONE - see below] jlorenzo: Action plan for aries migration

Status Highlights / Agenda

  • gaiatest. Release 2 versions: the latest stable version, and one version which will be release every X weeks.
    • Remember to branch out the gaiatest-2.5 package once 2.5 is branched out.
  • bitbar failures, the stack overflow is still here. Bitbar doesn't take that into account. From bitbar, it could be an issue with the plugin. jlorenzo will talk to dave hunt about how to proceed for the debugging.

  • Mozilluminate is mostly ready
    • Suite deletion is not handled.
    • git to moztrap => document the output. loosen the regex for id (they don't accept numbers at the moment)
  • Scrumdesk is in HTTP to access the TPE automation dashboard. Johan will put some dummy data to get the access to it.
  • Status of the stable/unstable job splitting
    • It's mostly stable for the stable job. Still issues with bitbar.
    • Brick tests: Still working on adding CI jobs. We need the bitbar job to show that they are failing. John will work on it.
  • Aries migration plan

1. Fix Bug 1182086 - [Aries] navigator.getDeviceStorage('sdCard') doesn't return the same sdCard we have in the Flame. This should be a small patch, that will enable 17 out of 178 of our tests. 2. Investigate Bug 1187330 - You can't have engineering apps with the spark distro. This will enable 17 more tests. There might need help from releng to do so 3. Do nothing more on Bug 1182111 - [Aries] No FM radio test can run, because FM radio doesn't work on Z3C && Bug 1182525 - The aries device doesn't support DSDS. 8 tests will remain failing. 4. Fix the single remaining aries specific failures (8 tests)

  • Interns
    • Could we have remote interns for the next year? Pallavi to follow up with the person in MTV
    • Could we ask Mermi if she has an internship to do next year? Yes, let's try it. jlorenzo to take it.
- Decisions & Action Items ==
  • pyang: Create a script to push the package to Pypi
  • jlorenzo: document the output of the paser. loosen the regex for id (they don't accept numbers at the moment)
  • Silne30: get the bitbar brick test up
  • Pallavi to follow up with the person in MTV for remote interns
  • jlorenzo to talk to mermi
  • jlorenzo to follow up on the bitbar plugin with dave hunt