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August 12th, 2015


  • TW/EU session: Shako, Walter, Martijn, Johan
  • US/EU: John, Martijn, Johan, PBylenga, oliverthor

Previous Action Items

  • [IN PROGRESS] [atsai] Find external resources to port Gip to Gij
  • [Nearly done - just a one-liner :) ] pyang: Create a script to push the package to Pypi
  • [] jlorenzo: document the output of the parser. loosen the regex for id (they don't accept numbers at the moment)
  • [IN REVIEW] Silne30: get the bitbar brick test up Do you mean https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1156332 here? That one https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1188473
  • [DONE] Pallavi to follow up with the person in MTV for remote interns
  • [DONE] jlorenzo to talk to mermi
    • She is highly motivated
  • [DONE] jlorenzo to follow up on the bitbar plugin with dave hunt
    • The new version of the plugin has been shipped
  • You can use the link below to get more information about what TPE folks doing before end of next Friday (it require the registration on scrum desk)


Status Highlights / Agenda

  • Gip to Gij
    • Gip was hidden on treeherder in order to make the suite an end-to-end suite (not an integration suite anymore). b2g-desktop doesn't have all the features it has on device. Hence, we can't run end-to-end tests perfectly there. The emulator might be a good place to run end-to-end tests, if we could make actual phone calls for instance.
    • The other reason was that Gip was often broken by devs and the QA team was ping'd to help developer to fix their own PR.
    • Gij was too flaky to run on device, that's why we decided to keep using Python to perform end-to-end testing. Geo was handling that part. Nobody exactly knows what are the details.
  • Jenkins issue
  • Automation in TW http://app.scrumdesk.com/#/projects/5615/plan Sprint 3 (Aug. 11-21)
    • MTBF [Shako, Paul]:
      • Collecting and pushing results to raptor
      • Setup aries test run
      • Let runner's logging module work when runner hang
    • MCTS - Mozilla Certification Test Suite [Walter]:
      • Repair broken tests
    • Moztrap - Mozilluminate [shing/kinder]: Continue on it
    • Flash tool [Askeing]: Refactor to have a better adb driver.
  • Heads up about the dogfood suite
    • It has more breadth than a regular user would do on a daily basis. Peter will work out with Doug Sherk to get a new smaller suite for dogfood. At the moment, the automation team will work with the current list (see above). This might be a good goal for Q4.
- Decisions & Action Items ==
  • No AI.