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August 19th, 2015


  • TW/EU session: Shako, Kinder, Paul, Shing, Martijn, Johan
  • US/EU: John, Oliver, Peter, Nick, Naoki, Pallavi, Johan

Previous Action Items

  • You can use the link below to get more information about what TPE folks doing before end of next Friday (it require the registration on scrum desk)


Status Highlights / Agenda

    • MCTS - Mozilla Certification Test Suite [Walter]:
      • Repair broken tests (about 20% to be repaired)
  • MozIlluminate: Ready for Beta!! \o/
    • Supports cucumber syntax and matrices
    • Can be more fault-tolerant (e.g. allow empty line between WHEN/THENs, allow number in case ID, etc.)

https://github.com/MozIlluminate/mozilluminate-demo <= Please try it out

  • jenkins issue resolved \o/
    • The download jobs are back
    • The Bitbar issues have been identified and sent to Bitbar. We got an answer -- Has that resolved the issues? What are the pending issues you still have? Is it usable 100% now?
      • Trend to follow. The issues might have not been fixed. Sakari said he'll follow up.
      • Issue - Cannot flash few devices through automation, Solution - Fix plugin (no clear ownership on who will fix the plugin)
      • Issue - Time out - Need someone at Bitbar to look into this.
    • Brick test -

John, is this complete? Can it be done today? -- Completed

    • Preventing the job to be run on bitbar

Bitbar: Johan & Others who use bitbar: Question has been brought up if we even need them and can we do without them or can we bring it inhouse to MTV?

    • Can you list the exact advantages to having bitbar?
    • If we cannot do without them and have to renew contract, what additional items do we put in there?
        • Support outside of PST - incidental based

AI: Pallavi to start a document on bitbar support.

  • Acceptance tests not being executed on Treeherder. What's the status 2 months after?
    • MarionetteJS is not ready yet for automation on device. Re-enabling Gip on treeherder will put in the same state as before - it doesn't really scale.
  • jonas's proposal
    • One thing the QA team was bad at was the communication with MJS devs.
    • How can QA improve the MarionetteJS project?
      • Be the product owner of MJS and write down User Stories and drive bug resolution?
    • Good work, John on signing up to be the owner. Lets plan next steps. We need to make an action plan and execute and assign owners to task. Call for a meeting with Gareth/Aus.
    • Side note: Gareth is on PTO until next week.
  • LDAP credentials for the jenkins access
    • ETA: next Friday
    • jlorenzo to ping IT today.
- Decisions & Action Items ==
  • jlorenzo: Create charts to show the progess
  • jlorenzo: Contact bitbar about the device availability. Can it be fixed in the plugin (retrigger the job)?
  • pallavi: start out the bitbar conclusion document