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September 2nd, 2015


  • TW/EU session: Paul, Shako, Walter, Martijn, Johan
  • US/EU: Kevin, Nicholas, John, NoJun, Matijn, Pallavi, P

Previous Action Items

  • [IN PROGRESS] jlorenzo: Contact bitbar about the device availability. Can it be fixed in the plugin (retrigger the job)?
    • The Jenkins issues made that hard to debug. Same thing regarding Marionette
  • [DONE - after tw/eu session] jlorenzo: Release a new version of gaiatest, for MCTS
    • Bug 1201056 - Bump gaiatest version to 0.33 and release to PyPI

Status Highlights / Agenda

  • QAnalyst LDAP credentials for the jenkins access. What is the current status?
    • Works perfectly, need a Jenkins account for NicholasN q1

  • Bug 1197148 - importing gaiatest package is throwing AttributeError => Let's use == in the requirements.txt, from now on
  • mtbf
  • moztrap - nothing to update, skip today.
  • MJS
  • Made a small breakthrough on MJS debugging
    • Mozrunner has an issue finding a path which causes Mozrunner to crash
    • I hardcoded a value for that path and tried it again. This time, the device responds.
      • It restarts but the tests still fail to run.
    • Still having a hard time debugging because mocha-marionette handles all logging but when I add logging in different parts of the application, it doesn't bubble up to the mocha-marionette level.
  • State of the MTV Jenkins, vs using Treeherder
  • gij support? => John is now dedicated to MarionetteJS (on b2g-desktop and on device)

Decisions & Action Items