B2G/QA/Sessions/Gaming Apps - Root Cause Analysis (08/29/2012)

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  • Root cause analysis into why certain marketplace apps are having performance problems

Good News

  • Vexed/HTML 5 didn't have any real issues


  • Drop shadow on persona pop-up on marketplace
  • Giant error page appears when trying to sign in with persona on marketplace. Reloading fixes the issue.
  • Garbled static of loading on marketplace when viewing an app detail page
  • Pixelated icons for apps installed from marketplace
  • Long time before I can launch an app I just installed
  • App icons don't show in drag and drop mode
  • Cannot drag an app icon into the row 1, column 3 area
  • Static garbleness shown in select pop-up in Chess Free
  • Cannot select item from the pop-up in Chess Free
  • Selecting Doc in the option menu of Chess Free causes z-indexing problem, leading the pop-up to not be entirely readable
  • Notifications bar has an updating spinner - doing what?
  • Settings rendering issues - took longer to load full UI than initially expected
  • After installing a couple of apps from marketplace, launching it again goes into a whitescreen
  • Launching pokemon showdown results in a whitescreen
  • Scrolling in the Cardview UI is too sensitive too touch, making it hard to scroll through
  • Cannot install FootPoll - can't install apps without icons
  • Restart phone - app icon is lost on restart from a previously installed app
  • Loading Dinopanic - throws an error saying the app had problems (not loading properly)

New Bugs Documented

Not Tested, But Needs to Be in the Future

  • Sinuous
  • qb
  • Galactians
  • Biolab Disaster
  • BreakIt
  • Minute Manner
  • Slime Volley
  • Cubugs
  • Hypno
  • Solitaire
  • Galactians2
  • Trolololo
  • Distant Orbit
  • ConverterFox
  • Penso TI
  • Folha
  • Grubster